Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Am Moving House

I have been living in in this area for over 10 years and I want a change so badly! I have both good and very weird neighbours who love to gossip. When one neighbour heard that I was going to climb Mount Kinabalu 2 years ago, news spread like wildfire till the houses on my right and back rows knew about it. Further up behind, you will find a big round and nice auspicious Feng-Shui enhanced house of Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin (SP Setia Group) and next 2 roads away is Dato Seri Chan Kong Choy's house! Sounds so glam??? No, my house is just a miserable old one that measures only 24' X 100' and has inner courtyard! Those are very old antique houses that have courtyards where you could dry your laundry or create indoor gardens. My house is a multi leveled 2 1/2 storey type with high extremely high ceilings! My bedroom's attached bathroom has a ceiling that measures up to 20 feet! 

Recently, I had a shock of my life when aliens started attacking my house. My tummy turned upside down and puked when I saw mushrooms growing for the 3rd time by the cracks on the 3rd level of my house!!


 In the morning, it was like ahem ahem....yiaks!

 OMG!!! It greeted me Good Afternoon!
They can grow so fast within hours and overnight. The house is so damp and full of moisture! The ventilation is too good and airy. Does that means mushrooms must grow indoors?? I think I should consider opening a Twilight's Mushroom Farm!

Thank goodness, I am moving next month! Good bye Mushrooms!!
I want to be nearer to my parents and my office. Guess where I will be moving to?

I will be living close by to Ahem Simple Prince! He should open his Ahem-Burger stall by then!

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