Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Yo! Tomorrow is my blog's 4th Anniversary! I better announce it today otherwise no one will send flowers & wish me tomorrow cos many bloggers will not log in on Saturdays! It has been a 1460 days since my blog was born BUT I have only posted 218 times! This is a big shame compared to blogger Thambee SK. He is a world class blogger who never fails to blog in 2 languages to please his thousands of humans & 1 pussy cat - readers from Malaysia, Hong Kong & India. His great effort has paid off as so many readers have inhaled his SK-Blogvirus and have to spam comments daily until it went haywire. Now his revolutionary blog has become a Chat-Room instead!

How did I know about Blogs?
It was my former office colleague Blogger Lifebook who introduced me. From him, I went on to read the other interesting blogs belonging to SK-0617, Medie007, Five Elements Of My Life, Will I Am and many others. The 4 are still actively around whilst the others have evaporated into thin air. I have found many more new blogs to read and made many new friends. Hello!

What did I benefit from Blogging?
I learnt many new ideas, useful knowledge and good news from other bloggers. The whole blogsphere is like an illusion. Some were real facts and some were fictious. I had seen many blog wars amongst bloggers in KL and got myself embroiled into one nonsense between 2 childish bloggers & 1 busy body who tried to be a peacemaker. We should refrain ourselves from getting involved with other people's lives. Blogging should be treated as a Happy & Fun activity, no less....

The Feng Shui Savy Investor - I am most honoured to become friends with Singapore's Number 1 Feng Shui Queen who listed my blogpost as the only 2 which she reads! She is the most well known celebrity in Singapore who shares very good feng shui tips with her readers worldwide! Just follow her blog posting daily and your fate will change for the better. I am talking from my honest experience!

In My Blog Statistics, it showed these results:
I Am Who I Am - Highest daily traffic source of silent readers generated from the blog of this World famous PLU Blogger who writes his very honest torrid views!

Raped @ Ampang Waterfront - My old post in April 2008 that has the HIGHEST 9809 hits and still being read daily worldwide.

Japanese Public Bath House - Just posted in June 2012 & generated 1819 hits and still running high daily. Still very HOT with readers who wanna take HOT nude baths!

More Haste Less Speed - This is the MOST GRUESOME posting of mine which had the highest links to so many other internet sites later on by the readers worldwide! Goodness, they made me more famous!

My TOP 10 DAILY readership are from:
1. Malaysia     2. United States    3. United Kingdom     4. Singapore     5. Germany   6. India
7. Australia   8. Canada    9. Philippines    10. Indonesia

I am thankful that I was being given 6 Blog Awards by other appreciative bloggers since 2008. I never posted them onto my blog as I am too shy to brag. 2 of them gave me the titles of 'THE BEST GRANDMA BLOG AWARDS'.....(Kaneeneh!!)

The latest award was recently given by Bluedreamer. I say a Big Thank You to him!

It all started with Blogger SK Thambee that gifts have been flowing and exchanged amongst bloggers who have yet to meet each other. This is a very good connection and start to have long lasting friendships. I joked and laughed with them until I forgot myself that I am no longer a kid. Well, age is just a number okay!

I received my first TOP SPAMMER prize above from SK0617 and I love the Mahjong Cards from Wenn. How did she know that I am a 'Tin Wong Chi Wong'? This is useful for my traveling trips overseas!!!

I received 2 bottles of 5-Star Dusit Thani Hotel's toiletries from Blogger Panda FPC for guessing the correct hotel which he stayed in Bangkok. That was a tough guess as there are thousands of hotels in Bangkok!!!! Wenn gave me a VERY LUCKY Silver Spoon from her Europe travels! SK0617 gave me a beautiful Paris luggage tag.... (I left that luggage with SK's tag in my brother's house, so this is a beautiful replica only)

I am so blessed again! Wenn gave me a luggage combination-lock which is so useful. Now Simple Person Ahem gave me a very cute Kung-Fu Panda key chain..!!! I look like a Panda.......which part? Ahem...Ahem...

Wenn again, sent me a beautiful postcard recently which I promised myself that I must visit all those exotic places someday! I won the CD-Prize from SK0617 who took all the trouble to record all my favourite oldies together. I still listen to them almost everyday and that makes me very happy!

Thank you very much to all bloggers and silent readers for supporting me.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Am Moving House

I have been living in in this area for over 10 years and I want a change so badly! I have both good and very weird neighbours who love to gossip. When one neighbour heard that I was going to climb Mount Kinabalu 2 years ago, news spread like wildfire till the houses on my right and back rows knew about it. Further up behind, you will find a big round and nice auspicious Feng-Shui enhanced house of Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin (SP Setia Group) and next 2 roads away is Dato Seri Chan Kong Choy's house! Sounds so glam??? No, my house is just a miserable old one that measures only 24' X 100' and has inner courtyard! Those are very old antique houses that have courtyards where you could dry your laundry or create indoor gardens. My house is a multi leveled 2 1/2 storey type with high extremely high ceilings! My bedroom's attached bathroom has a ceiling that measures up to 20 feet! 

Recently, I had a shock of my life when aliens started attacking my house. My tummy turned upside down and puked when I saw mushrooms growing for the 3rd time by the cracks on the 3rd level of my house!!


 In the morning, it was like ahem ahem....yiaks!

 OMG!!! It greeted me Good Afternoon!
They can grow so fast within hours and overnight. The house is so damp and full of moisture! The ventilation is too good and airy. Does that means mushrooms must grow indoors?? I think I should consider opening a Twilight's Mushroom Farm!

Thank goodness, I am moving next month! Good bye Mushrooms!!
I want to be nearer to my parents and my office. Guess where I will be moving to?

I will be living close by to Ahem Simple Prince! He should open his Ahem-Burger stall by then!

We definitely need good and professional movers who know how to love and respect all our precious furniture and household items. You should trust this well known company in Melbourne ~ MAN WITH A VAN

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are Malaysians Really Rude?

Horrors!! I read the front page of The Star newspaper and had a big shock that Reader's Digest rated our country at the lowest level AGAIN! 6 years ago we ranked 33 out of 35 major cities in the world for being 'Ugly Behaved'. NOW we are worst off and dropped to 34 out of 36. Something is seriously wrong and I cannot deny this that I do see ill mannered and weird people everywhere. Some are locals and many are FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS too! Could the Reader's Digest simply conduct the survey by pin pointing the nasty people and assume that they are all Malaysians? I doubt about its accuracy somewhere.

I do know that Mat Rempits are new horrible road menace that endanger other lives on the road!! There are plenty in our capital city and the police have been arresting them to no end. They breed and grow by the numbers so fast.

I get stucked in traffic jams everyday and I do see reckless drivers who cut in & out of the lanes. My colleagues do that all the time and laughed at me. They joked with my wife that I love traffic jams and could obediently follow the traffic jam for an hour while playing word puzzles on my mobile phone. They would drive past me and honked at me like morons. They also smoke everywhere inside the factory except for my department. Even my bosses smoke inside meeting rooms! Their crystal ashtray is huge with hundreds of stubbed cigarettes on it. The also bosses love to swear and use vulgar words - NiaaMaaaaHaiiii all the time! This is real.

Later in the evening, I went to IKEA to check out some prices. I had a wonderful surprise to see an idiot Ah Beng sleeping on the display sofa with his filthy legs up. His wife was yakking on her mobile on another sofa beside! This is so Malaysian!


 20 minutes later, I came back and Mr.Idiot was still sleeping ZZZzzzzz!

The future generations is our last hope to get better ratings.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Osaka Bay Area - Tempozan

We had so much fun visiting Tempozan area which is a newly redeveloped part of the Osaka Bay. It has much tourist attractions being located next to each other by the sea. We used our 2-Day Unlimited Pass and enjoyed all the attractions for FREE. They have the world's largest Osaka Ferris Wheel, Suntori Museum, Osaka Aquarium and Boat Cruise on board the ancient "Santa Maria" ship. The weather was perfectly cool and cloudy that afternoon. I loved it.

We rode the Ferris Wheel first, to enjoy the spectacular view and breathe the cool Spring's air. The higher we went, the tighter we squeezed! We could see the entire view of the Osaka's Bay Area with bridges across. It was quiet as we chose to visit on a weekday. The weekends are still packed with local tourists instead from neighboring cities. The foreign tourist arrivals have dropped significantly since the big earthquake and nuclear leakage. Some souvenir shops there hung the signs - "OSAKA 100% RADIATION FREE!!"...

My wife was wearing fresh flowers! Isn't she cute in this Spring Collection of Eco-Dress?... Some cubicles provided Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse inside for the visitors to hug in case they got frightened of the height. When our Ferris Wheel stopped at the top, I wanted to vomit as it was rocking because my friends and I shook it violently. What a bunch of idiots!

 Who is adorable and cuter? Mickey or Twilight Man?

We got off from the Ferris Wheel and proceeded over to the harbour to wait for the arrival of the ancient Portugese ship named "Santa Maria". It was really a huge ship with a big restaurant inside complete with a spacious comfortable conference room. There was a deck outside for the passengers to sit and view the scenery. It was my first experience taking a short cruise on board a ship!

Ahoy! Meet the ship's "Captain Twilight Man" from Selangor Darul Ehsan!.... Kekekeke

We under passed the same bridges twice and the entire port city looked boring and grey! Somehow it was relaxing and I enjoyed the cool breeze. The whole cruise lasted less than an hour. We headed to the Osaka Aquarium next.....
I must say that this Osaka Aquarium is bigger than the ones in Langkawi Island or Hong Kong's Ocean Park. It was an eye opener for me to see so many exotic & very weird creatures living deep in the ocean's bed where it is completely dark without sunlight reaching beneath! The fishes and other urchins could glow by itself. Isn't that very amazing??? No need batteries to light the fishes and squids up!

There is a huge indoor rain forests complete with beautiful landscaped waterfalls and rapids. It was an awesome and nice sight to see the animals like sea lions enjoying themselves inside! The Japanese Mandarin Ducks are so beautiful and colorful like faked ones! Muahahaha.....

Their penguins sanctuary was the biggest I had ever seen with so many species of penguins huddled together. Before this, I didn't know that Penguins have so many species and races! They probably had inter marriages and more exotic species were born.

They also kept a wide variety of lizards including several Chameleons and some even flashed their wings out like a Batman! I had instant goose bumps seeing that! Blergh!

There was a fish that glued itself atop the giant Stingray fish which acted like a taxi. The bottom right was a weird looking crab with long tentacles. You could see the darkness of that photo which meant it lived deep on the Ocean's floor bed.....thousands of feet below!

Aha! These are the luminous Squids that lighted themselves in darkness. They looked so long & wavy and moved gracefully as if they were under water dancers from Leningrad's Ballet! Beautiful!

Here they explained to the visitors how thick the acrylic glass were used in the aquariums that contain 5,400 tons of water!

This right squid looked like old priceless Ginseng roots! The Buddhists believe in 'reincarnation of lives' and I kept thinking what karmic effects could produce such ocean beings? I really felt very sad for them.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to Universal Studios - Osaka, Japan

 The Universal Studios (Universal Pictures) was founded in the year 1912 by Carl Laemmie and is the second oldest movie studios in the world. I visited the Universal Studios Hollywood during the 90s as a student and the fondest memories there has lived vividly in my head till now. I truly enjoyed that place more than any Disneyland or Amusement Parks as that place is very entertaining for both the young and adults. Overall, I also enjoyed the Universal Studios the most, amongst all the lovely and exciting attractions in Japan. So please do not miss it when you visit Osaka.

The weather that morning was lovely and cool in Spring. We forced ourselves to reach JR Universal City station before the opening hours at 9:00am as we had checked out from the hotel enroute to Kyoto, so we carted along so many big luggages! We wanted to be early to grab their lockers to keep our luggage so that we could just collect them at night and head to Kyoto easily. Goodness, many people were even earlier than us but we managed to get hold of the last few lockers safely.

Many visitors had arrived early and there was a long queue to enter. The minute we stepped in, the atmosphere was suddenly alive and happy!! The cartoon characters danced their way to greet and welcome everybody! So jovial mood and nice, all ladies started to camwhore while the guys were busy clicking photos. I had none as I felt too old to hug the Snoopy!

There was a Wall Of Fame with the hand prints of many movie stars who were mostly Japanese and many unknown to me except for few and Cameron Diaz. There I stood outside the home of the movie - "Rocky's" Sylvester Stallone.

There was Spiderman climbing the walls and tossing upside down by the back lane. Instead, I went to pose with the old vintage Yellow Cab! This TM so gaya kan?

There were many many attractions and movies to watch but no one was allowed to snap photos! I loved their SHREK 4-D and TERMINATOR! Damn cool and shiok to watch, hear, smell and get tossed in your seat with sprays of smoke and water! There was a lunatic Japanese woman who sat in front and screamed all the way until we threw pop corns on her head!! Bwahahahaha! She continued to scream. Kaneeneh..!

My planking wife could do jumping too! She leaped up amazingly at 4 feet while her anay TM posed lazily by the roadside longkang with an old Fire Brigade! If got fire, call me at 999! I work for Balai Bomba Osaka.

Believe it or not, we went to play and ride on every single thing including the Merry Go Round Horses, Hello Kitty Tea Cups and Flying Snoopy!!! My heart felt so young again and my face looked 5 years younger after that! Kakakakaka....

OMG! They still had the old shark "JAWS" hanging there! I saw that movie when I was a small kid and had a loud scream when the bus took us right into the lake in Hollywood, USA. The big shark sprang up once and swept water at us. In Osaka, it was different, we took a long boat ride to cruise the lovely lake with scenes of New England and their toothsome sharks attacked us so many times! Finally the boat captain set the BOMBS OFF! The sharks ended up inside our Shark's Fin soup on the table.... Muahahahaha! I am just kidding! SAY NO TO SHARK'S FIN!...

This lovely harbour is so big and nice with boats that never sail. So I posed and took one more romantic photo for the album. When reached old age, we may not have anymore teeth except for sweet old memories to accompany us. Do take more photos for yourself too!

Their "WATERWORLD" attractions was the BEST and GREATEST inside Universal Studios! We loved every minute inside the arena watching the excitement of Speed Boats and world class acrobatic stunts! The above Japanese hero greeted the huge crowd before the show started. The gals screamed their lungs out at that Leng Zhai!

At the end of the show, so many pretty bimbos crowded around the hero for photos!

We were all dead tired and exhausted with aching toes and legs! We had to wait for their nightly Float Processions on the street. It was so damn cold with blowing winds. I kept munching very hot fries to keep myself warm and alive!

 It was really a beautiful sight to see many colourful lights and songs being played in the long parade!

There were too many floats and attractions but I am posting just 30% of the photos. I wish that you will visit the Universal Studios in Osaka to see and enjoy everything.

Life is really short and time flies very fast. I hope that you and I will always stay healthy and live longer so that we can still blog till 90 years old. Have a good week ahead my dear friends!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Am Going To Watch Drum Tao!!!

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I have rounded my Gang Of 10 who visited Japan to watch the Drum Tao together on 25th August 2012.

When fellow bloggers posted about DRUM TAO's performance coming to Malaysia, my heart sprang up with joy. I screamed that I MUST GO & WATCH IT no matter how much it costs! Dang!... We have got our tickets and now I will also share this fantastic show, okay!

During my recent trip to Japan, we were trying hard to watch this world famous DRUM TAO performance which has received highest audience support in 17 countries to date but there was no such performance available in Osaka! Even their popular Kabuki Dance Drama was also not in season and we watched nothing!

So hope you won't miss this chance to watch it in Kuala Lumpur!

Mark your calendar and bring your family to watch the most innovative and exciting Japanese performers beat their Wadaiko Drums that will thrill you non stop. There will be 2 days for this performance - Friday 24th August 2012 (8.00pm) and Saturday 25th August 2012 (3.00pm & 8.00pm) You can buy your tickets HERE and HERE .

They will present an unprecedented and timeless drumming performance, bringing a brand new genre to the stage!

They are very innovative and dynamic!

Performance from the Land Of The Rising Sun and Rousing Drums!

Drum Tao is world class entertainment at the highest level. It is an innovative contemporary Japanese production that has thrilled audiences with this ground-breaking presentation and one-of-a-kind show.

The performers then switch to creating complex rhythms on smaller drums, complemented by the delicacy of bamboo flutes and a horizontal harp. Drum Tao will transport its audience to an unforgettable artistic universe with their breath-taking and stunning performances.

Each Wadaiko Drum used in the performance weighs a massive 400kg with a 1.7metre circumference.

HURRY!!!! HURRY! HURRY!!! There's a 15% early bird promotion if purchased before 20 July.

Drum Tao’s Art of Drum 2012 can be seen from August 24 – 25, 2012 at the KLCC Plenary Hall. Tickets will be available through or 03 7880 7999