Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Plight Of The Homeless

I am sure you have seen a poor homeless person lying by the pavements or corridors at night. Did you feel sorry, sad or guilty of your own bedroom's luxury & comfort after seeing them? I often felt very uneasy and such thoughts provoked my senses that there is little care or help being given to them. While most candidates will scream their lungs out pledging funds, relief and development if they get voted at the elections, have you heard them say they will feed and clothe all the poor and hungry?

One thing surprised me was that, the bigger the city, the more homeless people will appear at nightfall. If you have the chance to visit Manhattan in NYC, you will drop your jaws while making your way at the dark alleys and boulevards at near midnight. It was a shock beyond beliefs seeing them unfold card boxes to lie down and cover with paper materials. Now that pitiful sight is common in KL too. Who says NO?

What should we do to help? Many are very old and sick ones who could someday be ourselves, loved ones or friends too.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Caring For My Aged Parents

Ever since my aged parents migrated to KL city, they have been living comfortably in my brother's home. They do miss leaving all their social friends behind to spend their remaining years being around us. They have to visit doctors in various hospitals on weekly basis and that's where I have my duty as a son to fetch them around. My older siblings are in overseas. They often felt very lonely with the new environment here but that's part and parcel of life. Many of their friends and relatives of their age are no longer around too. I started to rekindle my relationship as a son with them after the gap when I went overseas. I treasure these moments and opportunity to pamper them as much as I could.

I have changed a lot after so many hospital visits with my parents. I got to see so many helpless, sickly patients including traumatic ones besides occasional prisoners being brought in too. They came in handcuffs feeling down and embarrassed in public view. I do feel sorry for them.

My mother has knee problems which weakens her mobility. She receives her weekly injections from the surgeon which is followed up by proper exercise immediately. The injections cost RM800 each time and the physiotherapy sessions cost RM149 per hour! That costs a bomb on monthly totals but it has helped her and improved her mobility. I am happy for that no matter how small improvements shown.

I realized the great importance for us to keep our bodies healthy. We need to eat well, sleep well and indulge in proper exercises everyday. Being sickly and helpless is a very sad matter for older patients. Not every aged parents will be able to have their loved ones to tend and care for their needs during their final journey in life.

Spare some thoughts today and listen to your body.
We must love ourselves always!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Love Mini Cooper

The first car I had ever driven was a Mini Cooper when I was barely 12 years old! It belonged to a family friend who lived in a huge house with large rolling compound in Jesselton Heights in Penang. That small fart son was 10 years old and invited me to take a ride. He raced around the compound and I screamed in terror.

It was my turn to drive and instantly fell in love with that toy car. Years later, Mr Bean shared the same taste too.

I was strolling inside a hypermarket recently and stumbled upon this exhibition of modified Mini Minors and Coopers! They were re-sprayed and fitted with spoilers, lamps & nice rims making them cute and alive again!

It only costs RM38,000 each! Whoever that bought them over 2 decades ago could see the price being appreciated many folds! I think not many cars could see prices being appreciated like this!

At what age did you first got your hands on the wheels and drove a car?

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