Friday, January 16, 2015

Enjoy My Own Salsa Sauce & Tortilla Chips

I am an addict for junk food when I watch movies or TV soap dramas! I learnt to eat these American habits while I was a student at the boarding school there. It was an eye opener for me to see how the Americans & foreign Asians from Japan and Korea enjoyed the food while I watched on like an alien from other planets. Soon I became hooked to eating celery dipped into tartar/mayonnaise or tortilla chips dipped into flaming hot salsa sauce!

Over here in our country, I could not afford to buy those imported salsa sauce often as they are too costly unless I could grab any clearance sales! Finally, I decided to try to make my own after hibernating for so long. My classmate once made his own salsa sauce dips during our pot luck dinner and I was so impressed.

I have made my own recently and I am extremely pleased until I must share this simple recipe. Men are Men and we hardly make records for the quantity, so just make your own estimates! I have googled hundreds of recipes and decided these ingredients on my own instincts.

My ingredients - Tomato Paste, Diced Tomatoes, Lemon, Big Onion, Garlic and Green Pepper.
I bought these brands as they are cheapest available. The whole ingredients are less than RM10 and I could easily make 3 big jars like the ones sold in the supermarket.

We are supposed to use fresh Mexican Jalapenos in the original salsa sauce but we don't have fresh ones here and the imported pickled ones are over priced. What the heck! I used our flaming hot chilly sauce instead of red chillies substitute. I prefer the bottled chilly sauce as they have added some vinegar, sugar, salt and whatever which are essential. Just keep pouring the chilly sauce until your lips are burnt with smoke coming out of your mouths!

 My wife who is a strict vegan and small eater could not stop munching all my tortilla chips. She swore that it was the best salsa sauce she had eaten after trying over 5 brands I have purchased. Ahem!


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