Sunday, May 19, 2019

Andong Attractions - Okyeon Jongsa Residence & Hahoe Ancient Village

The best place of my recent 8 days trip to South Korea was the visit to Andong's ancient village. My Korean buddy suggested that I should visit and stay a night there since I love historical places very much.

 1. We wasted no time and booked for a night's stay at Okyeon Jeongsa through site. This marvelous jewel with colourful and rich history sits on the cliff which overlooks the Nakdong River.

2. I was very impressed by the whole place which was the private residence built over 430 years ago for the Ryu Sung Ryong who was the Prime Minister of Joseon Dynasty during the 16th century.

3. Everything here has been well preserved and kept in its original state since the 16th century! There are 4 bedrooms that comes with own private sitting area with writing table.

4. This young and handsome Ryu Seung Hwan is the 16th generation's descendant of the famous Prime Minister Ryu Sung Ryong. Seung Hwan who studied in US, speaks very fluent English and provides very attentive and helpful services towards all his staying guests. As seen in many reviews online, they appreciated his effort to go all out to make them very comfortable and happy. The above photo was the actual location where the famous Korean TV Drama "Jingbirok" was filmed about the life of Joseon Dynasty's Prime Minister who was highly commended by the Emperor of Ming Dynasty in China. It is unbelievable that I came to stay at this actual former Prime Minister's residence after watching his life story drama over the television.

 5. The long corridor of the 2 bedrooms with the original wooden floors dated over 430 years ago. They are still solid and strong till today.

6. My buddy sitting by the opened wooden & paper windows to admire the peaceful view outside.

7. This is the cozy sitting area with full windows that faced behind towards the hill slopes of lush greenery and pine trees planted over hundreds of years ago.

 8. My buddy lies comfortably like a slut on the comfortable soft mattress.

9. This pine tree is as old as the Prime Minister's residence which dated over 430 years ago.

 10. It was a real eye opener to see how this Ryu family is feeding the pine tree with syringed bottles of different plant food. The tree really drinks the liquid from all bottles like a baby.

11. This is the morning's breakfast spread being served for each room's 2 guests. The delicious food is freshly cooked daily and served with high quality Korean tea.

 12. My Korean buddy taught me how to eat and behave like a typical Korean. Use the chopstick to pick up the rice and stick to a piece of seaweed paper. Just eat the whole wrap! Bingo!

 13. Seung Hwan showed me where the chopped pine firewood would be placed inside the hole to heat up beneath the wooden floor during the cold seasons. This "On-Dol" method of heating is definitely the best and only being practiced in Korea since ancient times.

 14. The serene panoramic view of the Nakdong River from the Okyeon Jeongsa residence. I will make a trip back to stay at Okyeon Jeongsa again someday. You should also stay at this historical place to enjoy a piece of Korea's famous history and landmark.

15. The 4 bathrooms are not attached to the bedrooms but located in another block a short distance away. This was exactly how the Prime Minister's residence was built during the 16th century.

 16. The individual modern bathrooms have been refurbished with top notch tiles, shower facilities and comes complete with all the towels and toiletries. 

 17. You won't be bored with the quaint town of Andong as they have many restaurants, shops and the famous Hahoe Folk Village. We watched their famous Korean Masks Dance in the packed arena where the majority of the audience were local Koreans from neighbouring towns.

 18. It was comical and entertaining to watch the masks dances.

19. Welcome to the straw roofed houses at Hahoe Folk Village. The Ryu families originated from here and lived together since 600 years ago!

 20. We had a nice long walk around the whole village to admire the straw roofed houses.

 21. It was Spring. The weather was still cold with blooming flowers and fruits everywhere.

 22. I was kinda shocked to see the Korean spring onions. They are so fat with flowers blooming at the tip!

23. I spent hours admiring the straw roofed houses with mud clay walls. 

 24. Yours truly relaxing inside the forest of Pine Trees. The air was fresh and fragrant.

25. This is the famous Nakdong River. The Okyeon Jeongsa residence actually sits on the cliff across this river.


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