Friday, September 4, 2009

No.98 Krabi Road, Phuket

It had been my lifetime dream to visit the ancestral home where my parents got married in Phuket some 50 years ago. My grandpa who was the CPO in Phuket then, was also the CPO in Krabi prior to that, where both towns come under the county of Nakhon Si Thammarat. 

I have taken the trouble to dig out many wedding albums of my parents but I am too lazy to scan them all. So I am posting just 4 will do lah.

The above photo shows my dashing father and mum being flanked by my Grandpa and Grandma. Do I look like my grandma? LMAO!
My parents wedding was held at No.98 Krabi Road, Phuket where it has become a museum today. It houses the finest antique collections from China and this mansion belongs to my great uncle who was then, the wealthiest tin miner in Phuket. Their family alone has 3 huge mansions where I heard tin ore was later found in the lawn of one of the houses!

My grandpa was taking a puff outside the mansion with my parents and grandma behind.

At the wedding reception, here my parents were photographed chatting with the Governor of Phuket.

I am posting this group photo which seemed hilarious to me. They were all so many men and I guess they were police officers! My grandpa actually forbade my mum to marry my dad as he felt that he would be losing his daughter to some foreigners who could not give her the good lifestyle.

After 11 years of endurance, my grandpa finally gave away his princess to my dad for his patience!

Please view this You Tube to get the earlier complete look of the mansion:

This is the same house TODAY which has been fenced off in front. The 'group photo' posted above was taken at the spot where the fence is today. They are building many new shop lots in front now and they still have several acres behind and beside the bloody big house!

This is the side entrance of the Chinpracha House which is a public museum today. I guess his "Chinpracha" title was given by the King Rama the 5th of Thailand. 

Hollywood's film director Oliver Stone has filmed a movie part in this mansion too.

I was walking curiously everywhere looking at all the familiar photos of some relatives. I think Leumas would have labeled it as another haunted house in his blog.

This is the mother of pearl-laid tea table by the court yard. Come join me to have teh tarek here!

The same furniture used by my parents for the typical Thai wedding ceremony.

This must be the Princess Michi of Phuket! Muahahahaha!

I was looking at the room and poster bed where my dad spent his night.

All the furnitures were imported from France and China which have all survived through the 3 generations. 

This is the indoor court yard which has nice Roman pillars and shallow water features. I have finally closed this chapter of the wedding house and my next trail would be a trip again to Phuket & Krabi to seek a temple's shrine built in the memory of my grandpa's name.

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