Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Photographer From Korea

I met many Korean and Japanese friends during my student days living in the boarding school at Point Park College in the Southwestern Pennsylvania. I became good buddies with a Korean flower boy Lee Joon Sung, who made the college's Japanese gals crazy and Ga-Ga over him. He had a lovely fiance back in Seoul and they were so deeply in love like the soap dramas over KBS TV channels. He spent many hours love-talk on the phone with her every night until his phone bills ran over US$1000 a month! Goodness! He missed her so much!

Joon Sung studied photography and it was a bonus for me to hang out with him as my advertising major required me to know the basic technical stuffs about photography. Everyday I followed him everywhere to snap his photos from Summer till Falls & Winter. I saw his keen eyes for good angles and learnt to develop my own styles in appreciating good photography.

Before our Winter break, we decided to move out of the boarding school and become room mates. We rented a lovely condo in the posh Shadyside area before the holidays begun. I headed to Dallas and San Francisco for Christmas while he returned to Korea. He got married to his sweet heart right away and never returned! 

We lost touch for over a decade and now we talk on watsap often. Today Joon Sung has become a well known photographer in Korea and holds his yearly exhibitions in Japan. I was a bit stunned and amazed to see his unique shots below using special lighting techniques. I am sure all the Japanese art lovers appreciated them.

Photo 1

Photo 2

 Photo 3

 Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

If you wish to see his collection of Nude Male photos, 
you can view them HERE

There is no virus okay!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year @ Penang

It has been over 2 years I have not been back to my hometown, Penang. I decided to bring my old parents to spend their time meeting friends and relatives. Owing to their old age and frail health, they may not have so many years more to visit the island.

I have visited China, Taiwan, Japan & Korea during the last 2 years. I realized that I did not miss my hometown and its food as most of my closest hometown friends live in KL and overseas today.

The trip home was rather stressful and very hectic for me to line up programmes for my parents to meet their long list of relatives and social friends. Nearly all 99% of their friends are in heavens now, so their new friends are mostly around my age or older. I am still learning to cope with the dementia issues that both my parents have. When they forgot something, they could just deny or simply point fingers at others!

 I was very surprised that wifey announced in Facebook that it was THE BEST trip to Penang!

I met up with the old beauty queen who flew back from London with her Mario boyfriend. She was the former Miss Malaysia who operates a posh hair saloon in the swanky hub of South Kensington. We had drinks at the newly opened "China House" cafe which is being operated using 2 long Chinatown shops joined at the backside. Everything remained old with antique furnitures. So ngam for old man like me!

We all laughed so much the whole night with me cracking all the stupidest jokes. They whole bunch of monkeys decided to stroll the narrow streets to smell the longkangs! I must say that the government of Penang has done a tremendously good job to clean up the streets as well as wiping out corruptions!

 We passed many wall murals along the streets in Chinatown and camwhored a bit.

The Cheah Kongsi house and temples look so majestic and nice at night. Wifey was so proud to pose outside her ancestral grounds!

I always love all old and quaint looking Chinese historical sites. I never got enough seeing the ancient sites in the rural areas in China.

Next month, I will be visiting Bangkok to attend an uncle's funeral and then, feasting at a wedding in Singapore before jetting off to Shanghai and Nanjing for more mountain hikes and temple visits! Yay!

 The streets looked eerie but safe! You can see how much the economy has grown with soaring property prices! These tiny narrow houses cost over 2-3 million ringgits! Crazy!

 The sights of these trishaws brightened my eyes! I used to love riding on them when I was a kid!

The roads are clean and brightly lighted up at night with many tourists taking strolls at every corners. It is pleasant to walk at night when it's cool.

Vrooom! Vrooom! The only time I carried wifey on a bike was during our trip to Phuket. I rented a bike and went ronda ronda under the rain. She was so happy and sang songs loudly all over the Phuket town.

 I might retire and live in Penang during my twilight years. Anyway, I am Twilight Man.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

GONG Hiisssss FA CAI

Kanasai! I went to the  banks 5 times to get new notes for my red packets but got turned away. I went to PUBIC Bank, MAYBANG and CIMBAI banks till  I turned amok! One told me it was finished, another said COME AGAIN TOMORROW and last one said only RM1 left. Kaneeneh!

So at last, I went to Hong Leong Bank and they gave me recycled notes. I took it right away whether crumpled or stained with cums. I was happy!

 I went home and happily ironed all the ten ringgit notes! I think they will look like new again!

 Last weekend I visited Mid Valley and saw their all bamboo decorations! What a big difference in budget compared to One Utama!

There was a Lion Dance performance and it was fun to watch. The loud thunderous drums and cymbals made my heart jump! I felt like a kid again!!.... I hope you have finished all your shopping and house cleaning. Drive safely and enjoy yourself. EAT A LOT & WORRY LATER!

I wish you all a 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Call me a stalker and I am happy. I was stalking the construction of this exorbitant CNY decorations at One Utama Shopping Mall for several weeks. I spent much time studying their whole layout, concept and technical aspects for creating this unique "Old Kowloon Tong" streets. BRAVO!

 The above photos showed the Week 1 to the Week 3 construction stages till finished. No snakes or dragons hanging there but the Chinese festive mood is deinitely there!

 It looks like the back lanes of Tsimshatsui where you could see Suzie Wong serenading her old Cantonese 50s Pops.

 I went there every week and this street made me poorer!

They have many small side walk cafes selling Chinese desserts and snack food. Look at that shop selling "FORESKIN" Fourskin brands! Goodness! What a hamsap name!

Every year I would buy big hampers for my favourite in-laws! They treated me very good and welcome me into their families! Many close friends and blogger friends are even better than some relatives of mine who caused me so much pain in my ass!


(Next post -  Huat Arrrrrr@ Mid Valley KL)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The King's Palace

 I am sure you have visited some Royal Palaces in overseas which are often very grand and impressive. I have seen the lovely palaces in China, Japan, Thailand and also the famous White House in Washington DC as well as the Buckingham Palace in London. I thought that I should at least visit our own new Istana Negara along Jalan Duta. Why not? Have YOU??

My old father was restless and wanted to do some sight seeing, so we took him there.

The wall might look plain so I needed to pose like a monkey instead.

My signature pose around coconut trees! Anay hiding from Letchumy.

The Horse and I.

I wish they would open the gates for me to ronda ronda inside like in overseas.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Annual Merit Making

I was very well known amongst hometown friends for leading a very torrid and flamboyant lifestyle during my young bachelor days. I often went clubbing and drinking sprees with friends, like up to 6 nights in a row at fancy spots like Cinta Discotheque, Penny Lane, Cinnamon Tree & Babylon Boom Boom. I was there! Several married friends' wives banned their husbands from hanging out with me when they saw the bevy of pretty models and beauty queens who were Miss Penangs & Miss Malaysias in our gang. Many friends of mine were wolves and bitches who would party like there's no tomorrow. It was all nothing but fun for stupid me!

One day, my whole life changed and all the wildest partying came to a stop for me all of a sudden. I experienced long bouts of spiritual encounters with the unseen. It was so scary and horrible that I cried in fear until the Guan Yin's photo on the wall started to radiate rays of colourful lights. The worst nightmares escalated on when the unseen became visibly real in my naked eyes. I was being charmed and got possessed by some spirit which took me a long time to come clean. I had seen them all and the spiritual world is all real. If you cannot see or feel them, it does not mean they don't exist. The spiritual world is many million times bigger than our human world's dimension and they are all real. Someday we will return to where we belong.

All religions are good and they teach us to be good humans. It is our own individual fate that we are born this way in life and have different paths of religions. So we must love and respect all the fellow beings regardless of faiths and race. Our utmost duty in life is to live meaningfully each day and to help awaken others.


It has been over 10 years now that I will go around begging all my close friends for monetary contributions to print many thousand copies of religious sutra books, Prayers CDs and donations in cash & kinds to various orphanages. It is better to get others to donate and help out than you donating all alone by yourself. The rewards and merits will be bigger for awakening others to the righteous paths. 

This year, we must express our heartfelt & sincerest appreciation to Blogger SK (Sherman Koh) for so kindly using his wise IT skills to help us compile all the songs in this Sutra CD above which was mostly being sung by HKG's pop singers. Without his help, I would not be able to get them ready before CNY. When my wife heard the songs being played, she cried buckets of tears and I was stunned & speechless! 

A box of these CDs are on its way to reach the Taiping's Corporate Ladies - Blogger Yvonne & Blogger Yan who would be making biggest merits to place the CDs in some temples there. Gong Der Woo Liang!

My motto: 


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