Friday, November 27, 2015

Tokyo Cruise @ Sumida River

We finished our visit at Senso-Ji Temple in Asakusa and proceeded
to walk to our next destination at Azuma Bridge which is in the
same vicinity.

1. One thief says Hi-5!!

2. In Japan, we will always see all the artistic characters, mascots 
and cute icons everywhere. The folks there use Art as their way
of life which enabled them to fully appreciate their nature 
and beautiful surroundings.

3. We slowly strolled along the interesting malls and neat covered
shopping areas which was a bliss. One traditional restaurant 
caught my eyes and we had their tastiest tempura for lunch.
Sorry no photos, as usual.

4. The Tokyo Cruise embarks daily from this building 
beside the Azuma bridge.

5. The prominent Sky Tree Tower is flanked by 2 buildings
and an artistic golden icon. Blogger SK has pointed out to me
that is Asahi Beer Brewery's building with a Golden Flames
on its roof.

6. A traditional cruise boat arrived and it looked old fashioned.

7. Yay! Jumping with joy. 
My boat has arrived!

8. That's a hi-tech looking boat that looks
like a Cat Fish! We have booked this
Asakusa-Odaiba Direct Line which
is 50 minutes @ 1560 Yen.

9. We hopped into the very spacious boat with glass top
for full panoramic viewing. It has a drinks bar and clean
toilets on board. I loved it.

10. The boat gently cruised down Sumida River towards the
Tokyo Bay where the man-made Odaiba Island lies.

11. Tokyo city has got so many spectacular tall buildings on both sides
of the river. This one is a high end residential condos
with fabulous river views below!

12. We passed under a total of 12 interesting bridges.

13. Everyone was relaxed and many dozed off dreaming away on this
love boat. Some ladies were all smiles and snapped many photos of the
boat's captain.

14. This was the handsome captain who looked like the famous actor.
Do you remember Hideki Saijo??

15. Most of the boat's passengers were on the roof top to enjoy
the chilly breeze of early Winter and snapped photos.

16. We all got off at the Hinode Pier on the Odaiba Island
which is man made with full of shopping & entertainment
being housed together under one roof.
I was shivering because I left my warm jacket
at home in Kuala Lumpur. I was silly alright.

17. View of the Tokyo Bay from Odaiba's DECKS.

18. It is a lovely place to dine and chat at the waterfront.

19. We came here twice but didn't have time to step into
the Legoland or Madame Tussaud's.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Senso-Ji Temple @ Asakusa, Tokyo

Every year, some 30 million visitors visit this oldest temple 
in Tokyo's Asakusa. Maybe tens of thousands have 
Blogged and Facebooked this powerful shrine as well. 
Here I will try to post something different 
besides their famous big red lantern.

 1. You can easily reach this famous temple by
any means of transportation.

By Train
Tobu ISKYTREE Line: Five minutes' walk from Asakusa Station
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: Five minutes' walk from Asakusa Station
Tsukuba Express Line: Five minutes' walk from Asakusa Station
Toei Subway Asakusa Line: Seven minutes' walk from 
the A4 exit of Asakusa Station

 2. A Happy Jump at the entrance.


3. Kawai ladies also came to pray. 


 4. The huge Red and Black lanterns at the main entrance.


5. Behind the lantern, a huge scene of tourists doing shopping.


6. I had a good time browsing the traditional products
and ate all their cakes & desserts.

 7. Nothing is cheap here but if you don't buy them here,
you might miss it forever! Elsewhere might not sell these

 8. We had these freshest warm mochi sticks.
So yummilicious & sticky!

 9. Side view of the main temple's hall.

10. Another big red lantern upon entering the shrine of
the Kannon Boddisatva's statue.

11. The main altar of the Goddess Kannon.

12. Spotted a man doing a beautiful watercolour work of the
shrine with the Sky Tree Tower.

 13. This was what he was drawing.

 14. Beautiful big doors at the side entrance.

 15. Ladies in traditional kimono admiring the small 
landscaped area at the side.

 16. This garden has little shrines and lush landscaped plants
with Koi Fish ponds.

17. The koi fishes are very huge in Japan!

 18. The side view of the Kannon Temple.

19. I hope to get enlightened in this life.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tokyo Holiday - Day 7

Today is my last day in Tokyo and this will be my last short daily postings from here. 
My departure flight is 11:30pm but we arrived Haneda Airport 
early as we decided not to get caught in their after office rush. 
There is over 25 million people in Tokyo alone!

Haneda Airport is nice and lively.
It reminds me of Changi Airport.

Yesterday we visited few places
and that includes their famous
park called Rikugien.
So peaceful and relaxing place.

Today we went to the Akasaka Imperial
Palace near the hotel we stayed.

Lastly, we headed on to the Tokyo National
Museum before going to Ginza for an expensive farewell lunch for ourselves.

I will continue to finish my 3 more marriage and divorce postings before
start on my proper Tokyo trips.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Tokyo Holiday- Day 6

We went to Harajuku, Shibuya, Akibahara and Shinjuku yesterday. I walked so much until my legs came off. I think I burnt 10,000 calories and walked 50,000 steps! Of course, I walked and ate non stop of snacks too. 

We went to Harajuku in the morning. Weather was perfect, cool and sunny with my useless umbrella. I didn't see street performers but many funny dressed youngsters.

Next stop was Akibahara which is the biggest IT city in the world. They closed the street on Sunday, so we had nice walk and did jumping poses!

At 6.00pm, it was very dark as early winter is here. We went to Shibuya just to look at the thousands people crossing at the junction. It was crazy! More pics coming.

Later into the night, we walked around Shinjuku and saw many homeless people sleeping inside card boxes. It was a pitiful sight to see old homeless people. Tonight we will go there again to donate my jacket and food.

We walked to the huge park at night and saw young couples groping each other loudly! I also saw a Madame White Snake doing Tai Chi with my white sword! 


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tokyo Holiday - Day 5

We went by train to Kamakura and it took just over an hour from Tokyo. The busy pace from the capital transformed into a quiet and tranquil ambiance in this small town. It was raining whole day and wet everywhere. This town is most famous for its Big Buddha which is the 2nd tallest in Japan. 

We headed to the hills where there is a beautiful temple of the 11-Headed Guan Yin of the Hasederia Temple. It overlooks the panoramic ocean view.

At night, we visited the bustling Shinjuku area where it comes to life after sunset. It has a very popular Red Lights area with lots of pimps pestering the males.

When I get back home, I will blog one by one again with many photos. Thanks for reading my preview, sent from my mobile phone.