Monday, August 31, 2015

Greetings From Manila

Today is my 4th Day of 7 days in Manila and am enjoying every minute here. I am staying in an expensive & horrible hotel in the upscale Makati which faces the most happening Greenbelt Hubs. It is not by choice that my wife has to stay in this dated hotel for 2 weeks as other better hotels of this exact location is all fully booked. She has to share daily transport of the host together with other delegates who are attending her training somewhere in Makati.

I am glad to bring along the latest & smallest Lumix DSLR camera to snap photos and to experiment its functions. It was my little present for my wife's birthday last year and never had the chance to play with her toy till now.

1. I took a 4 hour flight from KL to Manila and barely had 3 hours sleep 
before my taxi showed up at 4.30am!!

2. I always have to spend so much extra to book the premium Hot Seats 
on Air Asia. Having long legs is always costly. The plane was full 
but my row had only 2 passengers as most people avoid the emergency doors! 
How silly! I had a good time to Buy 1 Get 3 Free!

3. I pre-booked my breakfast and ate this Satay Wrap.
It was nice and tasty.

4. Look at the funny ads above. It reminds me of 
Heels Over Heads!

5. I am very impressed with the whole area of the shopping city
in Makati where they have the interesting Greenbelt 1 to 5.
I will blog later on the shops & fabulous concept there.

6. I had a nice Shabu-Shabu dinner with my wife tonight.
Tomorrow she will have another last 2 days of working
hell here. So have to pamper her with energy & happy food.

7. The way the Pinoys eat Shabu-Shabu is slightly different here.
You have to order your own sauces and soup at separate charges.

8. Life is really short and let's jump & be happy always!
We hired a tour guide driver today and saw many interesting
eye openers which will appear in my coming blogs.
I was quite shocked here to see the big contrasts of the wealthy people
living in the upscale of Makati and the poorest in the slums of the
Smokey Mountains area.

Interesting Places Visited In Manila
(1) Wealthy Chinese Cemetery
(2) Greenbelt Shopping City
(3) American Soldiers Cemetery & Memorial
(4) Ayala Boulevard
(5) Fort Santiago
(6) Bay Of Manila
(7) Mall Of Asia
(8) Jose Rizal National Monument
(9) Manila Cathedral
(10) Smokey Mountains

& many more to come!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Today I am busy packing my bags for my early morning flight.
My booked taxi will fetch me at 5:00 am!!!
I will be visiting my wife who has to conduct 2 weeks training sessions
since last week. I will bring along Korean Kim Chi,
Maggi Cup Noodles, TM's Salsa Sauce with Tortilla Chips,
Chilly Sauce, Overnight Oats, Seaweed Snacks
 and White Coffee to feed her. While she works, I
will read your blogs in the Makati's hotel - okay!!

I have listed out the things I would do like every tourist.
Eat their local exotic food, visit the historical churches,
visit the cemetery of the wealthy,
go window shopping and
mogok at BERSIH 4
in Makati.
What else to do there??


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Qing Dynasty Imperial Porcelain

Today I will share a piece of rare antique that once possibly 
sat on the Imperial Banquet Tables during the rein of
Qing Dynasty in China (Year 1644 - 1912). 
I am always admiring it and wondered if Empress Dowager 
had seen it by any chance. Now it sits prominently at my home 
inside the glass shelf.

This is part of the contents inside my other blog.

I placed it on this antique side table just for the simple photography.
The table itself was shipped in from Henan Province. It once
graced someone's house in China where they placed the 
 auspicious 3 Fook, Lok, Sau statues on it.

 Can you guess what this piece of Chinese Porcelain was used for?
The answer would be revealed next week.

Beneath the porcelain piece shows the seal
of it being made during the reign of
Emperor Qianlong - Qing Dynasty
(25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799)

My other blog URL is HERE.
Please feel free to leave any comments there
whether you like or dislike anything you see.
I have not finished updating that blog
yet as I have too many junk pieces that
need to be unpacked from boxes.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Chronicles Of My 2 Blogs

I have been blogging for 7 years now and I have 2 blogs, did you know that?
This one is supposed to share good things and to awaken you that the spiritual
world is real. When I blogged about the unseen beings, they would come to
read my blog out of curiosity too. Yes, they are also like us who know how to
enjoy and have a good time without physical bodies. Can you guess where is
the best place with many unseen friends? Cinemas!!!! They would pack the 
whole place when good movies are showing. It is a favourite place because it
is very "Yin" ~ Dark & Cold with air conditioning. There are some pop corns 
and coke too. Sometimes we would walk out feeling tired and drowsy after
a movie. That could be our frequency has been sucked dry by the hungry ones.
If you are a religious cultivator, you will be able to protect yourself inside.

My other blog is sitting idle like an Antique Lamp in the Museum. Only 5 bloggers
from here have seen my other blog that collects dated & unwanted wares.
I guess it is so boring that they would not even remember the URL..!!!

You can see my true colours here as I am almost transparent and do not
fake my feelings and thoughts. My intention is to create
awareness, so why should I hide my face? I am not shy
to show my ugly and fat face. Everyone will grow old and 
die someday like the flowers and trees.

I enjoy reading good blogs as there is so
much to learn from each other. Some often used bombastic
words and I had to open the dictionary to look up.
We learn everyday from our cradle to our graves.
Sometimes I read the LGBT blogs too as they could be
very hilarious and eye-opening to me!
Once a lady wrote that she enjoyed playing cucumber
with her lesbo partner in bed. When they finished playing,
they watched TV and ate the cucumber!
Her partner loved cucumber with her sour cream.

I am sure that we have seen many types of bloggers in the internet.
Sometimes they would make you shake heads and some
would make you bang the keyboards. Oh well, I would advise
that faint hearted people should stay away from blogs and
watch cartoons on TV. There is no need to read or look at
anything that irritates our eyes. The choice is yours.

Have you seen such funny bloggers?

He is a werewolf and comes when the full moon is blue.
He will just say "Hi".

Words are expensive, so need to write short & easy.
I love this.... Thanks for sharing... Not my cup of tea...

In your blog, he said.."Ooo I love this ramen, meat & vegies"..
In his blog, he said... "Nah, I don't like this Ramen. 
The meat was stale. Vegies too green...."

Hey, I have just finished 6 parts of my Bangkok Trip and 
stay tuned for my next Bangkok Trip Part 2. 
I fainted, woke up and fainted again.

Just read back his blogs 1-2 years ago and see all our names
are still in his comments. After many elephant stampedes, it was
"Good Bye Cruel World... Sobs! Sobs!"
Why need to get so pissed, foul mouthed and bully the
weak ladies?? No, you should try this better kampua noodles which
I have blogged here, here, here, here and here.
I doubt you are eating the real Piansip which I have blogged
here, here, here, here, here and here.
 We are not warriors and weaklings who would not hesitate
to retaliate to put the wrongs to the right place again.
Too bad, big elephants are afraid of mouse. 

இளைய சகோதரர் 
This blogger is a rare jewel who has written in 2 languages for a
long time and flaunts all his HTML skills to tease our eyes.
We have shocked many new readers with the vulgar and rude words
killing each other like Cats & Dogs. We could still sit and have
teh tarek, munching away his favourite Cheesy Mutton Curry.
We have no qualms and put our ego down. I never lost my
sleep with all his abuses and curses. Sadly, some people
are too sensitive and jumped at slightest provocation.

I am thrilled to know that some silent readers are regular
followers! So I should be motivated and encouraged to keep
blogging as long as my one finger still could type.
SK just pointed out that my home's internet speed is fast but
my motivation speed is too slow. 
 Kaneeneh SK.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eco Green Architecture

I am always excited to see the trend of lush greens and solar energy being fully used for today's modern architecture. My first encounter to see this brilliant concept was in Taichung several years ago where they have a very healthy community living concept. They have a fabulous Green Zone in the city with smart green plants, forests and floral bushes with comfy benches besides the usage of myriad shades of green plants covering the walls of their shopping malls and all the ugly metal structures. You need to be there to witness their brilliance.

The famous Taiwan's Green Zone Belt in Taichung.
This was my old photo posted earlier.

Last Winter, I visited Fukuoka - Japan and was surprised to see a huge mall
 in Hakata where 2 floors were fully overgrown with plenty 
of green plants, tall trees, finest grass and  lalang weeds! 

It was mind blowing for me to see the abundance of healthy greens 
on a cold winter day.  I simply loved them all and took over 100 shots!
So far the closest green concept I have seen in KL is inside the
KLIA2 which is much lesser greens than this Japanese mall.

 Nearby my office, there is another new concept of retail lots
with offices above. They use natural earthen bricks as bare walls.

The other block is raw bricks with unfinished walls
and plenty of trees on their courtyard balconies.
Nobody has rented this place yet and I am wondering.

This is another example of raw unfinished walls at the
Empire Damansara area.

This is my ideal dream house. A simple wooden house with large tall windows
by the forest greens with solar roofs to tap the sunlight's energy.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Best Coffee In The World

Yes! Malaysia is emerging up the ranks as the top country with the most variety of aromatic coffee. Our white coffee beans is a new phenomenon that has taken many caffeine addicts by storm for its unique taste, easy preparations and very affordable price! Why pay a bomb price to sip the dung droppings of several animals? The trend is always changing globally with South Korea churning out innovative cuppa beverages always, as seen on the TV documentaries.
When we google for the premium coffee ranks, you might see different subjective results of the countries but our country is no where to be seen. Without doubt, I could smell this from my years of personal observation on seeing the market share that our country is enjoying each year.

A few Winters ago, we followed a tour group to ski in South Korea and our smart local tour guide seized the opportunity to check in 30 big cartons of local Coffee Sachets using our individual baggage weight allowance. I was shocked to learn that her associates in Seoul loved our cheap priced Ali-Cafe coffee.

Nowadays when you enter the hypermarkets, you should try to observe the foreigners with trolleys! They were often filled with our 3-in-1 coffee sachets to the maximum. They could buy mixed brands totaling over 50 to 100 packets to bring home to their country. Most of the buyers are from mainland China! They simple love the aroma and convenience of 3-in-1 sachets for quickie drinks with just hot water.

This is my Coffee Art Photo using my antique Qing Dynasty's 
porcelain tea cup and saucer. Do you like it?

My former politician BOSS who passed away last year, had roped me in to handle some errands of their coffee & green tea manufacturing business which was meant solely for export to China. He shared with me about the culture and drinking habits of the mainlanders which totaled 1.4 billion promptly makes it a big global market share. I was running the errands, tasting, productions and logistic until his sudden death on 1st May 2014. Everything came to a halt like a Kung Fu Master who brought his trade secrets and skills along in his departure.

You might like my idea to always present our 
White Coffee as ideal gifts for foreigners!
I have given them to Americans, Japanese and Thai friends, 
who loved them beyond words.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Lunch @ Hup Sun Ye

Today I went to eat my quick lunch at a nearby restaurant that is hidden from the public's view. It is located inside the factory hubs of Sungai Buloh which faces a small mosque and a well landscaped park, yet it is always crowded with hungry customers for its variety of fusion food.

The owner is a bubbly fatso who gives attentive services to walk-in ladies and doubles as a medium who goes into trance when there is calling. He is very friendly and his restaurant serves almost everything with daily specials, all at very affordable prices.  

Today I ordered a huge plate of Chicken Tomato Spaghetti costing at RM6.80 and downed with a tall glass of refreshing iced umbra juice at RM3.00. So my total lunch was RM9.80 and my pot belly was bursting after that. Besides the specials, they have daily Nasi Lemak, Pan Mee and all types of flat & round noodles which you can request for dry or soupy varieties. The daily specials include Special Porridge, Hakka Lui Cha Rice and many others.

Would you believe that I could see 4 abandoned cars at the road sides while driving a short distance of 1.5km!!! What is wrong with the car owners or the authorities? Our world is so full of unwanted strewn rubbish and unwanted items every where! We are in dire needs to create awareness not to leave rubbish everywhere. I have stumbled onto many baby's soiled diapers at the bins of shopping malls and back lanes too. Not enough, many people threw old mattress on pavements and now my neighbourhood is screaming about dog owners who take their dogs for evening walks and leave their canine's poo at the neighbour's gates! Oh dear, when will some one ever throw his unwanted cash into my bank account??


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