Monday, August 31, 2015

Greetings From Manila

Today is my 4th Day of 7 days in Manila and am enjoying every minute here. I am staying in an expensive & horrible hotel in the upscale Makati which faces the most happening Greenbelt Hubs. It is not by choice that my wife has to stay in this dated hotel for 2 weeks as other better hotels of this exact location is all fully booked. She has to share daily transport of the host together with other delegates who are attending her training somewhere in Makati.

I am glad to bring along the latest & smallest Lumix DSLR camera to snap photos and to experiment its functions. It was my little present for my wife's birthday last year and never had the chance to play with her toy till now.

1. I took a 4 hour flight from KL to Manila and barely had 3 hours sleep 
before my taxi showed up at 4.30am!!

2. I always have to spend so much extra to book the premium Hot Seats 
on Air Asia. Having long legs is always costly. The plane was full 
but my row had only 2 passengers as most people avoid the emergency doors! 
How silly! I had a good time to Buy 1 Get 3 Free!

3. I pre-booked my breakfast and ate this Satay Wrap.
It was nice and tasty.

4. Look at the funny ads above. It reminds me of 
Heels Over Heads!

5. I am very impressed with the whole area of the shopping city
in Makati where they have the interesting Greenbelt 1 to 5.
I will blog later on the shops & fabulous concept there.

6. I had a nice Shabu-Shabu dinner with my wife tonight.
Tomorrow she will have another last 2 days of working
hell here. So have to pamper her with energy & happy food.

7. The way the Pinoys eat Shabu-Shabu is slightly different here.
You have to order your own sauces and soup at separate charges.

8. Life is really short and let's jump & be happy always!
We hired a tour guide driver today and saw many interesting
eye openers which will appear in my coming blogs.
I was quite shocked here to see the big contrasts of the wealthy people
living in the upscale of Makati and the poorest in the slums of the
Smokey Mountains area.

Interesting Places Visited In Manila
(1) Wealthy Chinese Cemetery
(2) Greenbelt Shopping City
(3) American Soldiers Cemetery & Memorial
(4) Ayala Boulevard
(5) Fort Santiago
(6) Bay Of Manila
(7) Mall Of Asia
(8) Jose Rizal National Monument
(9) Manila Cathedral
(10) Smokey Mountains

& many more to come!

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