Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Good Bye To My Parents

The journey of life is not always a path of roses and happiness. The world is enveloped with the balance of night & day, happiness & sadness and birth & deaths, eventually.

My dearest mother left us in March 2015 and my father joined my mother in August last month. They have been the most loving couple I have seen as they had never quarreled even once and were inseparable. 

My family made a trip to our hometown in Penang last week to fulfill my parents wishes to conduct the internment of their ashes into the sea. 

 It was a beautiful morning from the windows of my room
at Evergreen Laurel Hotel @ Gurney Drive.

 We arrived at the quiet and tranquil beach of Teluk Bahang
where no tourists would swim here. I fetched 2 monks to bless
and conduct the internment ceremony.

My family, siblings and their families boarded the chartered boat.

I brought along an ice box full of jasmine with rose petals.
My parents loved flowers and we always had beautiful flowers
in the gardens of the homes we had lived.

After some chanting and prayers by the monks, the older
siblings had to pour both our parents' ashes into the sea.
My sister wept throughout the whole journey as she is
the oldest child who was naturally the closest and well pampered
by my parents. When you become the youngest child in the family,
you will notice that you have the least photographs of yourself in the
family albums, naturally. They also spoke lesser to me!!

........Good Bye to my parents......

 My parents are reunited again in the Land of Eternity.

 Thank you very much to my parents for giving me the 
happiest memories!

 Our hearts were very sad and heavy. 
We had to return to the land and life moves on.


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