Saturday, December 20, 2008

32 At The Mansion

I treated my parents out for a special dinner to celebrate their 51st Wedding Anniversary in Penang recently. Yes... 51 years is a long time but I am not anywhere that old. I have confessed being the spare tyre or found-in-the-trash baby as being told to Dr. Nase & Fable Frog.

My parents are so uniquely a glued pair of Yao-Char-Kwai as their friends labeled them. They had never quarreled even for once in their 51 years of marriage except for minor No-shiok & Muka-Masam bouts by mum, typical of a married woman. Let me tell you their secrets! Their marriage is so precious as mum came from a prominent Thai family where my maternal grandpa was then the Chief Police Officer of Thailand. He was so damn fiercely egoistic and powerful in his hey days that his presence scared the shit out of many. I was never allowed to stand when he sat down, so I had to crawl on the floor across the room like a small baby bear! Sometimes I still shudder at the thoughts of the extreme Thai manners. So naturally, he did not allow mum to be married away to a commoner of no status, no car and no money groom. He tried to marry mum off to a long line of Thai hunks but all attempts completely failed. After their 11 years of Whirlwind Romance & Forbidden Courtship, my grandpa finally gave up!

So he threw them very grand weddings in Penang, Bangkok & finally Phuket where my late grandpa last held his CPO stint on that tsunami hit island. Those days, the troubled South and beheadings were so unheard of. So it was very peaceful when the whole South of Thailand was under my grandpa's fiery iron fist. What boaster I am but I'm just sharing the truths mah! 

My dad went on to work hard and scrimped every dollar to buy a cheap car eventually. Later on, he obtained a Colombo Plan Scholarship to pursue his career in United Kingdom after his marriage. He also came back with a Gold Medal & Certificate from the Royal Ballroom Dancing of London. He danced, sashayed & competed on the dance floors till he clinched the Malaysian championship long before I arrived from cyberspace.

So last year, they had a big scale dinner & dance dinner to celebrate their 50th Anniversary where many very old & wobbling dancers of yesteryears showed up. It was a tough time running all over the place to entertain the demanding guests until my head was twilighting out colourful stars! This year, being the only sibling around, a small quiet dinner was decided which I thought should not be compromised. 
I chose 32 At The Mansion after hearing that Brokerback Mountain's producer Ang Lee had dined and shot a movie scene there.

This is the magnificent night view of the palatial 32 At The Mansion by the sea.

The welcoming entrance to the old charming colonial architecture.

They have several closed-door private dining rooms for quiet affairs flanked by butlers & hanging crystal chandeliers. You will feel like a Baron sitting at the head of the long table. I was trying to guess what movie Ang Lee had produced.

This is where the popular dining area where there's musical band in attendance on selected days. It was packed with Ang-Mohs and Tai-tais who appreciate such old fashioned & charming settings for the ceiling-priced meals.

This is my loving parents. My dad is 81 years old and my mum is 79 years old. They still keep every strand of their hair black and have personal skin specialist to laser off any aging spots or marks that appear on their faces! They carry similar jars of special eternal face creams which only Empress Dowager could only enjoy during the Ching Dynasty.  I am not kidding you!

My dad still drives around bravely until reaching Cameron Highlands but occasionally got lost along the way home after buying groceries nearby his condo. His memory is failing due to his advancing age. They still try to visit friends and relatives England & Europe every year but I doubt they still have the energy next Summer. I stole this recent photo from his camera where they visited Blackpool in UK.

They went all the way there just to witness the World Ballrooom Dance Competition in Blackpool. I would think that was crazy! I would rather view the pirated DVDs.

When Hollywood filmed "Anna & The King" movie in Penang years ago, they approached my parents to give quick dance lessons to Chow Yuen Fatt and Jodie Foster. My humble father declined the offer and I was so damn shocked & very horrified!!! My dad replied that they don't need the publicity and money! Oh shit, I was grumbling for days over the Gone-With-The-Wind offer! Later someone told me that my mum does not support that show which belittled the Thai monarch. Oh yes, she is a very kau or pekat Monarch loyalist! No wonder that show was banned in Thailand too. Oh mommy dearest!

I will be deleting some sensitive contents in this post soon. What happens if my siblings found out all the leaked news. Twilight will be beheaded! 

You have a Good Weekend buddies!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Went To Hell

If you have read my earlier post, you can understand how I built fate with the Hell's Officer.

When I lived in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, I often popped over to a hometown friend's house on the next street for casual chat nightly. Patricia was my classmate's sister who had gone through much problems in her life. She was one of the surviving passengers when their car somersaulted in a car crash where another good friend died after his skull tore open. (The article was posted in my earlier blogs) Patricia had just divorced her hubby and escaped to KL to start life anew. I was kinda impressed that she was on strict vegetarian diet and does daily meditation after some prayers. She was a big hypocrite as she still smoked heavily then. 

One night, Patricia revealed to me that while she meditated, her senses went into another realm. She saw her older brother who had just passed away, being severely punished in the hell. He was screaming and crying in pain but she was so helpless to do anything. She struggled out and opened her both eyes. The scenery of hell continued and overlapped with the bedroom where she was meditating. She was horrified and could not stop the whole scene of hell. Her brother whom she loved was a very sinful man when alive, according to Patricia. He cheated and hurt many people, causing much hatred and anger onto others. It took her some minutes before the scenery faded off. She was shocked for days, wondering the reason she could see it so clearly. 
In the end, she had seen her brother being tortured in hell twice and that was enough to push her to decide on helping the late brother. She had to do long prayers and chanting daily, hoping that it could help lessen his sufferings.

I tried to believe her and understand the logic behind Patricia hell's vision. I had seen so many spirits since I was a kid and I do believe that the spiritual world existed but I did not understand the whole theory and universe. It took me some years to fully understand it and how we could actually control our own fate too.

My own encounter with hell happened unexpectedly too. At that time I had just shifted to Bukit Jelutong where I did not actually like that house which had 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms! The whole area had passing spirits in the house and all the several playgrounds every night. It was there I saw the first headless ghost! It was also there, I discovered that at 4am daily, the Yin hour would be changed to Yang and most low spirits have to migrate into dark & cool areas. They cannot stand the heat and strong sunlight. They would float or drag on the ground into the manhole covers, into the covered drains, cracks on the road, walls and anywhere that is dark including our houses especially the store rooms because we hardly walk in! 

What was I doing then? I was recovering from the near death experience after being possessed by a fierce & powerful spirit for years. I would automatically wake up at 4am and put on my running shoes to exercise. I was feeling so light after the spirit had left me. I will blog about this later on when time permits.

At work, I had a close buddy named Anthony who cheated his way to getting employed in our agency. My boss was damn furious that Anthony could not write properly yet he applied to be our copywriter. He was promptly demoted to become my personal assistant and I became close with him eventually. Every weekend I would loan him my car so that he could use it to fetch his parents to run their errands or enjoy weekend outings. We had several cars at home, so it's only fair to be nice to others in need.

After some months, many thefts had taken place in our office. It occurred almost every week and everyone were puzzled as there was no break ins. It was not big thefts but small stuffs and cash were lost. Handphones, petty cash and even document files went missing. I casually asked Anthony who on earth could it be as it looked like an insider's job. He replied that he had no idea at all. I was pointing fingers at all possibilities. Then I started hearing spiritual voice that I knew the thief well. Another colleague victim was damn pissed at the rate of the theft and went to consult a medium who told him that the thief wore a cap! I was so damn shocked to hear that, as my right hand man Anthony actually wore a cap too!

I was nuts and went to consult another medium who told me the same story that the thief wore a cap. I had no guts to confront Anthony as I chose not to believe it was him! I always believed that Anthony was a very helpful and kind hearted guy. He would often bring his mother's brewed herbal tea from home for me to drink. I kinda thought highly of him in every aspect.

One Sunday night, I went to sleep as usual. I could recall that I had good dreams the whole night. Then almost at sunrise, my nightmare began! I was tossing left & right in my sleep and finally really went inside the pitch black hell's realm. It was so dark at one moment and the scene in front of me started to brighten up. I heard very eerie human cries from a distant and it was smoky with loud sound of boiling bubbles. It was a very strange place indeed and I had no idea where I was. Then I heard very thunderous loud footsteps coming towards me. My heart was pounding very fast as the echo of the thunderous footsteps got louder and louder.

The heavy footsteps got louder and 3 faint shadows started to appear. The shadows got bigger and bigger as it came towards me. I was glued behind some rocks on higher grounds like an audience. My heart was racing fast & in terror. I did not know what was happening.

OMG! I saw 2 very fierce looking big creatures appearing and they were grabbing a man's both arms. That shackled & chained man was bloody, wearing torn clothes and a baseball cap with his head stooped low. Suddenly that man looked up at me. I screamed loudly "Anthony!!!!!!!!!!".... He wore his same cap with an embroidered "A" logo which was his daily cap at work. I wanted to faint in shock but I could not faint. I tried very hard to run away and struggled myself but in vain. I was really glued on the spot to watch the whole thing. I screamed in terror and tossed myself on my bed.

I managed to wake up finally! I opened my eyes and I was soaked in my sweat. I had a bigger shock! The whole room was still showing the scene of the hell earlier. The 2 big creatures dragged Anthony to the giant boiling oil pit with hot bubbles and steam. They threw Anthony into the pit and he screamed loudly in pain. I covered my face and eyes with my 2 hands but the whole hell scenery was still ongoing 'live' even with my face closed!!
They used the sharp fork to poke & push him down and down below. My heart finally sank to the bottom as I saw him sinking out of sight...

My whole body limped and I was so tired as the whole hell's scene started to fade off from my bedroom. I collapsed on my bed in total shock, disbelief and confusion. I was wondering whether Anthony had actually died and I dared not call or sms him. My body was still shaking in fear and my hands & feet were numbed cold like frozen meat.

I went to office later that morning, still in a daze and shock with no appetite for breakfast. I saw Anthony and I was surprised that he was alive at his desk! He was pressing his head with both palms, groaning in acute pain. He screamed out that his head was too painful and he could not see properly with his eyes. I advised him to return back home to rest but he was too sick and in pain to walk.

A few days later, Anthony was caught red handed for prying open another colleague's personal drawers. I had suspected that he was planning something as he finished his lunch in 5 minutes and excused to return to office. The spiritual voice told me to trail him! Anthony resigned on the spot that evening. 

He went on to work for our supplier and many items were again stolen. He has hopped so many jobs and still alive today but his luck has become zero for all his sins. His jobs never lasted long and he ran into countless problems as he could no longer think properly like a normal human.

From this incident I discovered many things:

1. In my previous blog I mentioned that I collected money from many friends to print the "Journey To Underworld" books. I kept the donations in my bag and Anthony stole small sums of donation money from my bag many times.

2. The HELL officer was very angry with Anthony and decided to drag part of his soul to hell for punishment. His body has incomplete soul today and this is how 'crazy' humans are like.

3. The Hell officer probably had to show me the HELL so that I had to believe that Anthony had committed horrendous sins for stealing several times the money meant for sutra books!

4. The universe has 8 dimensions and our earth is the only one with physical human beings. They all overlap each other in the universe. The highest realm is the pure waves where the enlightened ones are.

5. When we are asleep, our senses float out naturally from our body to anywhere depending on your frequency's level.

6. The hell exists by our own doing and their frequency realm is not easy to escape when we failed to cultivate our hearts with compassion, kindness and merits.

When there is no longer evil hearts, there will be no hell.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Hell Officer Spoke To Me

I always had strong doubts whether the hell or spiritual world existed. I bet you guys also may have same thoughts unless proven otherwise! 
I will share with you how frightened I was!!!!

When I returned to Malaysia, I joined Hakuhodo Advertising which was a top worldwide Japanese advertising agency. We launched big giants like Perodua, One Utama, NEC Mobile, Kenwood, Kao Products, Hazama and lots more. It was a bitter sweet and stressful agency where 1 male art director went frenzy and slashed bloody a female copywriter with an 18 inch steel ruler after both exchanged tight slaps & rained vulgar abuses. It was fun as we watched them fight in the studio & again inside the elevator. Why? The female writer was a bitchiest bitch who deserved to be shot dead. Her words could kill anyone hence she made a good writer!

At work, I shared a cubicle partition with a junior designer, Teoh who was 55 years old then. He was so fatherly to me yet he had to obey my orders and that made me so arrogant. He often nagged at me for buying & striking 4Ds so often plus speaking vulgar rhymes & jokes so frequently. He was so holy & damn naive. I always teased him "Bad Dog" for barking at me everyday. So I called Teoh as "Chao Kow" (Bad Dog in Hokkien) He just laughed & took the joke well. He often complained that it was a terribly big sin to address him that way.

One day Teoh was so damn Too-Lan with me and went all out to find a book to show me.

He gave me this precious book - Journey To The Underworld.... written by some Taiwanese temples. I read that book and finished all the same night! I was so shocked to hear about all the chambers inside the hell. I realised that I probably need to visit every department in hell when I die someday. It was so gory and scary to read them without any photos!

Then there was a line supposedly quoted that the Jade Emperor of Heaven said that whoever prints & distribute these books out will earn very Big Merits. I thought that by making Big Merits, it might lessen my bad karma. So I went all out to collect money from all my gila friends and headed to the printer to supply me thousands of copies. All my friends stared at me in disbelief! How could a party animal like me suddenly wanted to distribute religious books. They asked me if I was sick or okay. They asked me if the Hell was real and I replied "I really Dunno lah"..

Months later, I followed a friend Maggie to a temple behind the Assunta Hospital in PJ. She wanted to register her name as her animal sign went against the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) that following year. I walked around the temple and looked at all the many heavenly statues amazingly.

I stopped and stared at these 2 statues which I had guessed that they were Hell Officers ( The 2 Brothers in Black & White) I quickly summoned Maggie over and asked her so many questions about the White Hell Officer. I asked what was the written Chinese word on his hat, why his tongue so black, what he carried in his cloth bag and blah blah blah... I even questioned Maggie whether the Hell Officer was a real thing or just legendary. She surrendered as she could not answer me!

Few months later, I went back to Penang for a holiday and joined my friend Michael for an outing. You should take note that Penang has so many small temples tucked away from the main streets and they often have mediums going into trance almost nightly. The Penang folks would often ask the mediums almost everything under the sun.

Michael took me to meet a young medium, Ewe Chye who was off-duty and he sat down to casually chat with us. Those folks believed that Ewe Chye is the incarnation of the warrior deity Guan Gong's horse! I heard the horse fell and Guan Gong was captured. So we booed that medium lah!

Suddenly Ewe Chye paused, stopped talking and turned his head towards me!!

Ewe Chye - The Hell Officer is here now! He will answer all your question. He says he is REAL!.....
Twilight - Yikes! Why me? Why see me? Arrrgh!            
Ewe Chye - The Hell Officer said you wanted to know some things about him.  Did you?
Twilight - No, No.... Where got lah?? I didn't want to know anything. Aiyo!

Ewe Chye - Think carefully, few months ago in KL you met him somewhere!
(Paused)..... Blink!.....
Twilight - Yeah, yeah I recall now... it was the temple behind Assunta. Aiyo, nothing serious lah, why come to find me in Penang. So scared lah.

(Twilight's limbs turned soft like rubber bananas and face turned white like bed sheets)

Ewe Chye - He says the words on the hat means you will be wealthy when you see it.
His tongue is black bcos he consumes opium and his bag is filled with money....

Twilight - Oh I see, thank you, thank you!... Nothing else... thank you...

(Twilight in cold sweat and heartbeat like F1)

Ewe Chye - If no more questions, he is going off now..
Twilight - (wiping cold sweat away) Yes, thank you, nothing else.

Zap! The hell officer disappeared away!.....

I was so damn scared, worried and paranoid or days. I was so crazy & hired another medium where I forced him to find the same Hell Officer to enquire whether I had offended him in anyway... Oh dear, I was so relieved when he replied "Nothing, all okay lah"..

Honestly, after a while I started to wonder how the Penang medium knew that I saw the Hell Officer's statue in KL? I didn't tell anyone else for sure. Maybe it was the Hell Officer, maybe it wasn't the Hell Officer. Real or not real? real or not real? I went on and on silently in my head...

I will tell you in my next blog how I was really taken to HELL!.... I was 100% convinced that HELL is real and no joke!

So Don't Play, Play!

If you ever wish to have a copy of this Journey to Underworld, just email me your address & I will post to you absolutely FOC.


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