Thursday, August 23, 2012

What My Father Taught Me

"My father always reminded me that when one gets married, he must place his wife as the most important person in his entire life because she will be living with you for the rest of your life. She will share all your joys, happiness and sorrows, so you must give her the utmost respect, love and support in order for her to take good care of you.... He added on that I must stand beside my wife always and support her at home and outside, no matter under what situation even if she is wrong in any conflict outside and blah blah blah......."

This has been ringing inside my head for many years! I have never quarreled with my wife and I believe my father's advice works! Every year, I will try to spend my wife's birthday celebration overseas and it has brought us to Beijing, Bali, Phuket, Angkor Wat - Cambodia, Bangkok and blah blah blah....

This year, I knew that I could not go anywhere as the timing was not right. The air fares were sky high due to the Hari Raya Holidays. She also has got exams and we are also busy moving away from the mushroom farm. While I was thinking so hard of a way to plan for a memorable weekend, I received a call from a leading hotel to join their "Lifestyle" membership package at a small sum where I could enjoy their free rooms, free buffets, facilities and blah blah blah.....

I always enjoyed pampering my wife on her birthday with a 2-3 day celebration like a fairytale Princess. We started off with a dinner at Fong Lye restaurant at Gardens, Mid Valley and followed by a Thai food lunch the next day.

We checked into the 5 Star hotel in the afternoon and walked around the sprawling greens and golf course.

 They have a nice free form swimming pool with a bar-island in the middle! I swam many laps to burn off my fats!

Awww! So sweet! The hotel's chef prepared a complimentary Cheese Cake with fresh fruits topping as the birthday cake.

 They have a grand entrance with a bridge to their Spa.

This hotel is so snobbish that they have different restaurants for different type of guests. This one is a super high end wing with private club, cafe and restaurant overlooking a beautiful cascading waterfalls and golf course. Lovely!

That night we went to town and watched the "Expandables 2" where all the famous grandfathers were acting. We sat on the privileged seats and I relaxed like a grandfather on the beanie seats, munching the pop corns!

The next day we had breakfast and my wife said it was the best spread she had ever eaten in her life. We had a simple but happy & relaxing weekend.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Kyoto Imperial Palace

Do you know the interesting facts that KYOTO was once the ancient capital of Japan? When it was moved the the present one, the name changed from KYO--TO to TO--KYO.

Our Japan trip was quite hectic as we tried to cover as many places possible in 1 week. The trip to The Kyoto Imperial Palace was the most relaxing as we were too early and had to wait for a few hours for the gate to open for the next limited visitors' session. 

This palace grounds is very huge in rectangular shape that measures 1.7km X 0.7km with many buildings inside the enclosure. It was first built in the year 794 and it was destroyed & rebuilt all together 8 times!

The Entrance Arches and High Walls of the Palace.

So we slowly walked outside the gardens and perimeter of the ancient palace. We had lunch at the cafe and lazed under the Pine Tree forest. It was lovely to smell really fresh Pine Trees.

I collected many dried Pine Cones from the Palace Grounds!!! Feng Shui Expert - Lilian Too often advised that we should collect the soil from very wealthy people's homes but I collected many Pine Cones from the palace grounds!!! Hope I will become someone very powerful and rich soon.

We stood by the side's disused gate for a photograph shoot and their sensor alarm triggered off. The whole bloody policemen can running out and whistled to shoo us off like Dogs!!! Woof!

We saw a small shrine outside the palace and went inside to pay our respects. The Japanese culture often have these little pieces of woods to write your wishes to hang up.

There was a hairy caterpillar hanging itself and many men took lazy naps in this park. They wore office suits and hid themselves there. If you cannot find your work staff at work, try to look for them at the KL or Taiping Lake Gardens or Penang's Botanical Gardens!

 We had little time left and decided to dance around the trees!! This special photo is dedicated to the world's famous & most talented blogger SK0617 who never failed to tease me and wife to run around the trees!

This lady was the appointed official tour guide who spoke the most beautiful American-English I ever heard from an Asian individual.

 Entrance to the palace's Main Building inside - Shishinden Hall For State Ceremonies.

The middle right photo shows the Main Building where the Emperor lived and slept. The Empress had her own separate building which was closed to visitors.

Close up of the Emperor's retreat area inside his palace. The Princess below lives with me in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

They have so many beautiful and neat gardens complete with free form lakes and bridges that would be a haven for lovers. The Japanese are so creative in landscaping and pruning bonsai miniature trees! Does the heavens look like this? I want to be there!

 The building that houses the Emperor's library with private court yards. Ahem Ahem.

 Heavens Is A Place On Earth.

Berbuka Puasa Excitement

All my bosses were in good mood and decided to treat all our Muslim staff to the Best Berbuka Puasa buffet in town. Our lady boss promptly suggested Lemon Garden which is famous for their exorbitant ceiling prices and lavish food spread. It was like RM130++ per person! Goodness! Normal days would be RM148++.

So we all left the factory very early to beat the traffic jam madness to reach Shangri-la Hotel by 7pm. My bosses arrived very late and my "favourite boss" who slaves me is YB. Seah Leong Peng the well known ADUN in Perak State could not make it. Yay!

I was the first to arrive at 6:00pm cos I went to lepak in town, having foot and shoulder massage! Kekekeke... The minute I stepped into the hotel's lobby, the traditional Malay musicians started to play as if to welcome me. I stood there and enjoyed their excellent performance.

I was shocked to see reservations was packed and full to the brim. Luckily we booked 2 weeks earlier and had nice row of 40 seats inside. All the other diners had to sit outside at the whole foyer as shown in the above photo. That showed how popular that place wass and consumers would pay any price to eat! Our economy must be still good this year. Tiger Woods is coming in October to play and my company will be busy 24/7 again like last year which I posted "My 18 Hole Experience!"

This was the first time I saw mini lobsters being served in the Japanese food section. They served lots of food but it was packed with hundreds of hungry diners, so I could not take all the photos.

I ate until I almost vomited just to show the boss that I enjoyed myself. I am posting mostly the desserts as that was what I liked most.

More sinful food!

The above photos is the boss who was shot fatally and survived with 100 stitches on his face. Below right is his new bodyguard who is so muscular with 6 packs and sharp eyes like a hawk.

The bunch of happy idiots in my department where 4 are despatch clerks under my thumb and mercy always. We need 4 despatch clerks just to handle advertising license applications which are so tedious and crazy. I did not post the photos of my Chinese colleagues as they are mostly hypocites and deserve no mention. The above despatch monkey has been banned from eating next year's buffet as he only ate a plate of white rice, 1 curry fish and ice kacang!! He just refused to eat more in a 5-Star Hotel. I told him to stay at home next year.

I will be posting my Japanese Trip photos next. HAPPY MONDAY TO YOU!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Love Apom!

Last night I had so much cravings to eat Apom. Ladies, I mean the Apom balik @ Pan Cakes! So I headed to a pasar malam in Sri Petaling which is quite big and easy to walk. It has been ages since I walked around pasar malams. I saw a lot of new and interesting things!

These Malay guys could make good Apoms! He sprinkled the crushed peanuts and sugar with his filthy bare hands! That added the Ooomph!

It was so nice and hot with aromatic smell of butter dripping down my lips! I ate 2 pieces!

I saw this stall selling some obscene looking otak-otak wrap in sausages!!! Why must the red thing stick out and point like that? It will activate all the Hamsapress in the blog world.

I went to eat the Pan Mee which is very famous. Look at the hundreds of people eating there. It was very good and the young boss would use his portable loud hailer to scream out orders! I had to drink 2 bottles of water later as the chilly paste was killing my throat till my phlegm came out. Ahem Ahem!

They sell more female clothes than men's. I think men are boring for fashion designers! I saw a stall selling Fit-Flops!!! It is a new craze now in KL which sells at RM369 a pair. You can buy the exact design at RM45 from pasar malam!

I love Uncle Bob's Fried Chicken!! I think it tastes better here than the night markets in Taipei or Kaoshiung. Wow! I saw the next stall selling Wonder Bras!! They were so colourful and some were studded with bling bling stones!!! Good performance! SP should buy half dozen!

Every night market must have beggars too. There will always be 1 beggar sitting on this particular same spot. Looks like some syndicate placed him there. I looked at his wound and broken limbs like someone had harmed him with acid. I just gave him a dollar and he prayed at me!!

Can anyone guess what is that dark coloured drinks bottle next to the coconut and sugar cane juice?

This stall had a long beeline of customers! They were all buying the exotic cakes with new flavours like Charcoal and Oreo cookies. Someday they might sell Petai Cakes too! Anyone?

These days you can find the Fatman Steamboat in the homes having Wedding Eves! What an easy and economical way to park the lorry outside the bride or groom's houses.

There was another stall selling rainbow Wonder Bras and Kinky Night Gowns!! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Words Can Kill

I came into office this morning and was surprised to see workers installing another new wall partition with security door to go upstairs to my department's floor. There will be CCTV to monitor besides extra door tags to carry! What is happening?

As you might have known that I have several bosses here. One of them was almost fatally shot recently by unknown gunman outside his home. Months earlier, gangsters used sticks and weapons to whack him up. He should be thankful that he did not die as the bullets missed his heart and went through his neck & face. He lost all his upper and lower left sets of teeth plus over 100 stitches. That was due to his timely actions to bend down when bullets rang out.

You guys might think that I am crazy to blog about this. Well, I have said in my profile that I will share the truths. We have guessed that he must have said deadly words to someone out there.

We humans should always say kind and happy words to everybody! Have a very Good & Happy day!!

Metrosexual Man

I wish to tell you that all my friends labelled my wife as a study-freak. She will never sit still and will keep learning something until she dies. She was a straight As student at school and once studied Bio-Medicine at University Malaya where she had cut countless dead bodies like eating beef steaks. I felt so geli with stomach butterflies to hear her talk happily about the mutilated corpses! She went on to study Chinese Medicine from Beijing professors who conducted the classes locally. So she is also good at pricking needles and treating me with cup-suctions! 

This year alone will see her attending 3 Graduation Ceremonies for her Bachelor in Education, Bridal Make Up Course and Diploma In Hypnotherapy! Yeah she can hypnotize me!! She has been attending these costly classes conducted at the School of Medicine in University Malaya by the London School of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She will be doing her Masters in Education there as well before aiming to pursue her Phd in Education at Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA. Well, that is just her big dreams but so far her dreams have been materializing one after another. I will share about this very interesting Hypnotherapy next time.

I followed her to her Malswisse Derma Care Centre for the first time. I usually dropped her off for the night classes while I headed to the Fitness First gym above at the Empire Gallery to look at bimbos in actions. Last night she wanted a male model to put on make up!! Alamak I had to volunteer otherwise she will look for other Leng Chais,,!

I had to pass through a very tight security in order to reach the 5th floor. The guards had to tag the elevator first. Even KLCC does not do that.

The classroom was in full swing with all ladies inside! Goodness they all looked at me surprisingly and giggled. They must be thinking what was this uncle doing here?? I was so damn pai seh and blushing lo.

My wife has a huge box containing all her cosmetics and plenty of brushes!! She is specializing in Bridal Make Up! Here she was painting my face with thick coats of foundation before drawing my eye-brows and mascara!!!! I told her I wanted to look like Lee Min Ho, the Korea's Top Star that can weaken Yan's knees into rubber! Muahahahaha!

After 30 minutes.... My Goodness! I look like a fresh Birthday Cake now... My eye-brows are half inch thick and all my face's railway tracks gone!! Handsome or not??? Maybe I should start putting light make up daily for office like the men in Korea and Japan.


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