Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Happy Labour's Day

I need a real break from life's suffering today. 😂😂

Happy Labour's Day everyone. 



  1. Hello TM! I hope that you are recovering and getting better day by day. No Happy Labor Day for me as I am laboring in the office right now. Haiz!

    1. 😂😂🙏🙏 I wish I could be in your shoes and work everyday. I am still struggling with recovery and not able to put on weight. The hospital is unable to carry out my next chemo treatment due to underweight and this has delayed my treatment which is scary.

      Happy Labour's Day to you.

  2. Hi TM, I read your comment to PH above. Sorry to hear that you're struggling to put on weight for your recovery. Are you working with a nutritionist? Have they been able to advise you on a meal plan to help you put on the pounds? Is it because you're not eating well or you just can't put on weight? I hope that gets resolved soon so that you can move on with your recovery. Take care.

    1. I have spoken to a nutritionist and I could advise him better 😂 He doesn't understand much about how the side effects have affected me for over 2 years. I think he is young and just graduated from university. We talked for almost 2 hours at my hospital bed where I spoke 90% pula. In fact he learnt eating tips from a cancer patient like me.

      I have been following a US Stage 4 patient on his Instagram and he inspired me how he endured 6 years of treatment. He even goes surfing in the ocean. The fortunate thing is he has a supportive mother beside 24/7❤️


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