Friday, May 29, 2009

Theft at Starbarks

Our dear kopi addict TZ who is also the Starbark's honorary ambassador would patronize all the outlets like his 2nd home. I wonder if he has ever seen any untoward shoplifting happening there? I hope TZ would chain his lappie, baby cam and tool bag to his pants as a safety measure. We don't wanna hear TZ crying over any loss!
I always have phobia for pick pockets and have this habit to put my hands over my wallet's pocket when I walked in crowded areas. I have witnessed cases of snatch thieves grabbing unsuspecting victims' handbags along the street. It happened so fast and numbed the witnesses from giving a chase or scream. Usually the victims were ladies and I wonder if men would someday become favourite targets too. 

Do take care of our mum, sisters and female colleagues when out on the streets. I tend to shield them or ask them to walk along the pavements instead and hug their bags real tight.

Cinderella has booked a holiday trip to a surprise destination and Twilight has packed his bags to leave soon! 

Have a good weekend guys!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Story Of Cinderella

I have just posted about “To Abuse or Be Abused” for which I am deadly against beings making other beings suffer the life they don’t deserve. I just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire which gave me lumps in my throat about further unknown human abuses in this samsara. Often we could just gasped and stare helplessly for fear of being victimized as well. We live in an environment where terror could strike any minute, anywhere!

Since our kiddo days, we were read about the Fairy Tales of make believes to thrill our imaginations or rather being fooled by nonsensical stuffs that prompted me to fly like Peter Pan or got bashed by my own brother to remake Tom & Jerry. I always ended up with bruises which are sweet memories today.

Never in my wildest dream that someday I would really meet up with Cinderella of yellow skins. Perhaps the Disney’s Cinderella never suffered as much as this one. A gal who was born into a humble family which made a living by brewing coffee and snack meals by the makeshift stall over a huge drain in a remote Kampar town. The parents toiled from wee hours daily till dusk to serve the long stream of gluttons and families who enjoyed cheapest meals of noodles, coffee & teas along with traditional toasted bread & kaya.

The matriarch of the family ruled with iron fist over the spouse & 1 of the offspring and often dabbled in the ancestral past time in Sungai Siput – Witchcraft Doctors or Mediums. The villagers regarded & engaged the medium as qualified doctors of all trades to tame their spouses, knock off rivals and even turn kids into obedient robots. Here abundance talismans and voodooism often change hands for cash payments.
Since birth, poor Cinderella was subject to physical and verbal abuses for being an unfavoured girl after 2 sons. Her greatest assets high wisdom senses and clairvoyance abilities prompted her to enhance her level of tolerance, endurance and better Buddhism faiths after reading sutra chapters since the tender age of 7.

Daily routine was to wake up before sunrise, to help toil in the stall to serve hot cuppas and food at the height that stood barely 3 feet tall which resulted in constant spill of drinks on table as she could not see the table tops. Cinderella was rained with slaps, knives and canes used from any nearest wood planks or iron pipes in the presence of horrified morning patrons. The bitch matriarch knows no kindness but greed and abusive vocabs. Along with the injuries, there were moments of being dumped at cemeteries, faraway lands and tossed over monsoon drains. The nimble fingered Cinderella still exhaustedly walked her way for miles to reach home for the further shelters. No friend or relatives could bring the matriarch to her sense for fear of being cursed with charms as well.
The bitch matriarch forbade Cinderella to revise any school work at home except to work at the stall and clear piles of housework. Her 2 elder siblings being of better genders enjoyed the childhood lives of any other boy kids in the neighbourhood. They took pity on their little mei mei but there was nothing they could do.

When the whole village was asleep nightly, Cinderella would pitch her tent on her bed using blankets and revised her school books with the help of tiny flicking candles, besides scribbling frantically to finish her homework’s fast for fear that the matriarch would be awakened. With the given barest facilities and support, Cinderella grew up into a truly brilliant student scoring straight As to earn the government scholarship to enroll into University Malaya to study Bio Medicine. Her parents were neither pleased nor proud, so she left home to further her studies at her own accord. It was the happiest moment for Cinderella to leave the clutches of daily abuses at home to see the bright lights of our capital city.

Her first 2 years of studies at UM was a daily bliss with the new found freedom and abuse-free. Cinderella enjoyed the daily lectures and experiments cutting up dead corpses to study their inner organs and limbs. With another 3 years to go, she could be wearing a mortar board with pride on graduation. Luck was not on her side as she teamed up with hometown mates to share an apartment. Hell broke loose once again and Cinderella was subject to the abuse of this Demon Darren. He was different as a womanizer on prowl tru nightly chat rooms and a fanatical believer who was also an impulsive gambler. Many a times he threw and locked Cinderella out of their shared apartment so that he could enjoy the one night stands. He swindled and stole her scholarship funds to gamble at the casino which he often lost stupidly. By now Cinderella’s study funds have dwindled to a big naught and had to feed on plain white rice on many rainy days. Frequent fights ensued and Cinderella was thrown out on the streets penniless.

Armed with just a small red Kanchil car, she could sleep inside for 2 long months at any parking lots or side kerbs often fearing for serial rapists or muggers. With little money and no friends in the city, she should be declared winner of the Aussie’s Survival Tests for living out like that. During the day she would take her baths at the public toilets inside the Cheras Leisure Mall, by using the small pipes. No bathing was allowed but she would quickly shower through the sprinklers when there was no other users. Goddamnit, I could never do that and would rather swim in the Klang River for my bath! 2 miserable months passed and Demon Darren apologized with humble invitation to invite Cinderella back to her old nutshell. It was a remorse period for him which lasted for weeks only. Just like Old Habits Die Hard fan, he was back to his gambling ways and womanizing tru victimizing surplus one night stands.

One near fatal night, the Demon mounted a quarrel with the fragile Cinderella and landed blows on her shoulder blades which grounded her on the floor crippled & dislocated. He threw her out and locked in between the wooden door and grill door like a caged slave. Cinderella was fortunate to hold her mobile and promptly connected to her white Prince’s mobile, sobbing hysterically in great pain pleading for mercy and help. He wasted no time and left office on his white horse which ran across the woods to locate his Cinderella.

She was rescued out at past midnight and taken to his safest sanctuary of happiness. Cinderella was being nursed and healed back to her feet with confidence & robust health within months.

After a whirlwind romance, Cinderella got married to the White Prince in a 5 Star ballroom atop the Equatorial Hills with all the closest guests and friends who showed up supportively to rejoice the marriage celebrations. The famous guests dined and wined with music playing for them to waltz till morning. The fathers of the CM & Carat Club’s owner crooned his songs of diamonds to the applause of the crowds. 

After many honeymoons across the seas, Cinderella is back to her studies at University Malaya to pursue her studies for Bachelor of Education and Clinical HypnoTherapy. Working fulltime during the daytime at the same place as Lau Niang without the LN’s knowing, this could send Bibik reeling with shock! I salute this Cinderella for her great passion in studies and teaching and wish her all the best to live happily ever after.
This is the true life story of my Cinderella tales.

Monday, May 18, 2009

To Abuse or Be Abused

When Grandma meets up blardy folks at gatherings, my eyes would often popped out with dropped jaws. So many hot & shocking gossips about maids who got abused or were abusive. Lately so many YouTube emails have circulated showing how the maid abused the employer's child, without suspecting the hidden cameras capturing.

I have seen excellent maids who could dish out delicious gourmet food of international standards and at same time, kept the master's house tidy like a 5 Star hotel, spick and span. I had seen my own brother's lazy maid who took naps on his luxury Macy's Sofa at 11:00am with a hand still holding a dusty broom and the other hand inside her panties. Dunno what Si-Ham or Lucky Dip she was looking for. She never guessed that I had to enter the house in the morning to collect documents.
Case 1 : My friend's poor son was being slapped by the maid for being mischievous and noisy! Oh kids are kids and the maid went to jail & slapped with a fine for many incidents of child abuse. Take note, some maids love to pinch the legs of small kids and they look like the child having small knocks or fall. Many maids were known to play with the boy's genitals too, like Mattel toys coz 1 nephew told his mummy to play his genitals during his bath. He was told his wee-wee was an underwater monster! Need to whack and pull the urchin sometimes.

Case 2: One boss told me that his friend tipped the maid RM5 and she would scrub and clean him thoroughly during his weekly bath when the missus went to work! For more services, they adjourned to the master bed, only to be caught red handed when the wife rushed back home from KLIA to bring her passport which she had forgotten.

Case 3: My Tai Koo's maid was extremely kind to both the employers at home and promptly made hot cuppa of Kopi-O for them, without their request yet they obliged to drink to give her face. Later my rich aunt would always give her cash upon many requests, only to wake up to her senses that the Kopi-O had been laced with charms. A clairvoyant confirmed the Indon maid added charms into the coffee to make them obedient! At night they slept obediently at 8:00pm nightly, only to discover that the maid would lock herself inside the room with giggles and moans nightly.

My Tai Koo, now alert about the charms, quietly poured all the Kopi-O into the potted plant each morning. She could stay awake past 8:00pm for a few nights and tip toed to the maid's door at night to investigate. She was horrified to hear different men's voices nightly. She promptly picked up her courage one fine night and banged the maid's door at the peak of their sessions. The maid refused to open the door, so Tai Koo used the spare key to unlock it!

Whooooa! She saw a huge sized Benggali man complete with a nice turban standing stark naked behind the door. I am sure my old Tai Koo had a shock to see such a big Willy dangling like grapes! The maid was fired instantly for operating her nightly brothel and prostituting herself.

Case 4: My cousin who has a young daughter and set of identical baby twins being placed under the care of 2 Indon maids at home while he flies frequently overseas. The wife was a PA to a listed company's CEO, hence she was hardly at home too. Everything at home was great, in order and the kid & 2 crawling twins were well pampered and cared for.

One night, my cousin was browsing his PC to tidy up the files when his senses prompted him to view the CCTV recordings which he had never bothered to check since the micro cameras were installed.

He had the rudest shock of his life to see the frequent repeated scenes on his living room's floor. One older maid would lie on the carpet and seduced the other maid, till they started to peel off their clothings with Pavoratti's opera crooning behind! Taa daaa! They would engage into the Lesbo Drama with added cucumbers thrown in. Worst of all, at the height of the climaxing dramas, the 2 innocent twins would crawl towards the naked mannequins on the floor and climbed their way up the Everests to rejoice victory! There would be added giggles and shiokalingam to their torrid acts. 

Oh my cousin has been mentally scarred since, for his lifetime after firing them the next day.

Well, all maids are just humans too and have desires, tantrums and emo like any bloggers we know. Some maids are naturally retarded, so are some bloggers too. We just need to control all situations and not allow the situation to control us!

If we pay peanuts, we get monkeys, so the saying goes. In Hong Kong, you can see the well heeled paying the Filipinas higher wages, so the maids who are mostly graduates could perform their domestic duties professionally at home including teaching the kids to speak beautiful English!

In US, the maids carry testimonial letters and domestic certificates as well to qualify for more lucrative income. A lady I know, works as a maid in Manhattan for a young Japanese family and lived in, to just mind for their only small boy. Her annual wages was so high, with family vacation trips and she got to sleep in air conditioned room with a personal Estima MPV to drive so that she could send the kid to nursery while she runs grocery errands.

Well, I am not free to go on with more gory stories about maids who were also being abused like the growing cases in Singapore. I just hope that you guys would be more alert and sensitive to the maids, as they could be good and bad ones depending on your fate and peanuts you pay.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Horrible Beings

Lately I have been thinking on how horrible humans could be for raping, murdering and robbing helpless beings. Willy's BF got mugged in JB, my assistant got beaten up & robbed by Mat Rempits at 6:45am outside Secret Recipe, Pregnant Women being robbed & killed as reported and the old case of air stewardess Canny Ong being raped, murdered & torched! Seems no where is safe for anyone be it males or females.

I have been too cautious that when I walked on the streets, my eyes would scan the whole street for any would be robber or even stalker. I am going to buy a tongkat or cricket bat to place inside my car so that I could fight those who are armed with parangs. You guys ought to safeguard too and warn our mothers, sisters or even female colleagues to be extremely careful as the bad sliding economy would only hatch more deadly robbers overnight. Sadly only 1 type of race seems to be the main culprits as reported.

A prisoner being led out for his caning.

I often despise those rapist who could behave worst than beasts to rape young daughters in the presence of their parents. It happened once in PJ many years ago. Another case was a mother and older daughter being raped by foreign workers inside their home whilst the youngest one was being spared. It's so unforgivable and inhumane. They are such cruel bastards and should be stoned to death like the punishment in the Middle East.

The officer in charge would read out the convict's charges and the number of lashes on his ass.

Tied the convict to the wooden frame and stripped him nude in the presence of the officers and medical team.

A well trained whipper would do the job, caning hard on the convict's buttock. His screams could be heard miles away. What about the rape victim's screams and cries for help?

After 3 hard lashes! Ripped flesh showing! Great! Good! You deserve them!

After 10 lashes on the same spots, the flesh tears with blood oozing out! The pain is unbearable but does that justify the pain & torment of the victims? No way!

Now 15 canes later, I myself got the goose bumps at this gory sight! Are you guys laughing now?

Oh Oh, this is about 18 strokes later and the convict was nearing his fainting spells but there was no break or intervals!

20 strokes of caning and blood was oozing profusely down his legs. I am sure his dick shrank inside, no where to be found! I think he needs another 50 lashes!

He could still walk away unaided! Walau eh, he must be a super hero with iron ass! I can't believe that!

Lying on the bed in the sick bay, I hope they applied hot iodine on his wounds! 

I fully sympathize with all the fatal victims of barbaric cruel tyrants! Let's put on reminders to protect ourselves and our loved ones by taking extremely safe measures when walking or driving on the streets. I would often chant mantras when I am out on the road as that is the only thing I could do whilst hoping that my prayers could keep me out of troubles lurking out there. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eleventh Hour

I hate it SO MUCH coz every year it has been same rush rush routine and Malaysians have been blamed for having this blardy habot of last minutes. SO what? I like to dilly dally till pressure mounts up. What is wrong with us guys? The coffin's lid would be shut at 12 midnight sharp and yet you could still see a stream of mourners rushing up the steps to drop their paper lies.

The police were everywhere as it there were gold bars and this orange man was still at the counter shaking his kondek turban in confusing state. His name is obviously Confused Singh!
I swear again once more that next year I will submit my forms early! Can someone teach me how to do it faster? Better still how not to pay any cukai? Some friends never submitted and they are still safe!

The Day My World Ended

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