Friday, August 29, 2008

Auld Lang Synne

Today is the last working day for 2 friends at work. Betrand & I managed to treat them out for a quickie lunch at Sweet Bean Restaurant. It's a real popular hip place for youngsters with easy to bite food. 

Started with Thai Mango Glutinous Rice. I think the chef forgot to add coconut milk to make it 'lemak'.

Next sweetie starter was Pumpkin Custard. I think it was a bit over steamed.
The 2 sweets represented the character of the 2 friends who are sweet in their ways.

Cheese Mushroom Chicken Mee. This is so damn GOOD and sedap that Betrand regretted for not ordering. He is a rice pot guy, don't blame him.

This sweetie is Amanda Ho who has lovely big eyes that could send volts of electricity to drown your anger, stress and tension. She only uses it when needed. We wish her the best of health.

This is Kenlin, a young dashing bachelor who is still so-so young & naive. Goodness! All the gals would die at his feet as naive men make good & obedient partners.

We wish them good health & sweet success in their future undertakings!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Speed Kills

It was raining cats, dogs & shit yesterday all over the city. The massive traffic jam was expected. BANG! BANG! KABOOM! My honey's car was being hit in an accident. One old Ah Beng was speeding along MRR2 and didn't see all the cars had stopped moving in the traffic crawl. He just rammed hard like a MF, making three's a company. The MRR2's jam tripled with so many busy bodies on both directions looking. Ah Beng's Proton Wira was badly damaged with broken radiator, engine and had to be towed to car mortuary. Honey's car was tough but the repairs could hit 20K as all parts have to be imported in. Never mind, the Ah Beng driver's insurance will do the talking from here.

I followed along to make police report at midnight at the Balai Trafik near Petaling Street. It was a relief to know that they have upgraded with so many PCs where you just need to type your grandma stories about how Ah Beng rammed onto you senselessly. They even provided a template. Less than 1 hour, we proceeded to the pitch dark parking lots to have our car photographed by a police photographer. His camera was so unusual and canggih! I thought he was holding STAR WARS - Hans Solo's weapon but it was his digital toy camera.

Outside the police station, I walked around the whole mess of severely damaged, flattened and mangled vehicles at their designated area. My hair stood up with chill! It's still hungry ghost month. You could be convinced that all the drivers were killed in those scrap looking cars, which are beyond repair. 

It was a sad and pitiful sight. They must have suffered a painful death. Their loved ones must have lost their breadwinner. It could be their sons or brothers, I was not sure. Sob! Sob!

Hail Mary! If you believe me, their spirits were all over the place! Many souls were not being able to leave the place & don't ask me why.... Eerrr, ask them yourself. Legolas??

Spirits often appear in lights as they no longer have physical bodies. They would just float lightly. Cameras don't lie as they have no karma that block their lenses. We have karma that block our 3rd eyes. Look at the eyes that looked at me taking a photo of his car, just to show you. 

They hope that we would always do prayers to ferry the lost souls to heavens. It's big merits, you know. The circled one could be a deity. Many photos often pointed out similar appearance too. It's up to you to believe. Why don't you go there to see for yourself like I did. My head went into trance thinking of all my best friends who had died young. Only 2 died in tragic fatal accidents and I never forgot them. I cried when they were killed and my heart died with them. We were close buddies and play mates.

My friend Daniel Lee was always a hell bike racer who could daringly ride his Yamaha Enduro scrambler to race up the flight of 3 storey staircase at our school. The angry principal greeted him at the 3rd floor and his bike was promptly banned from school for 6 months! Daniel graduated from UK with honours in Law and was ready to practice in KL. He treated me to my birthday drink 1 month before his death at the Jalan University's round-about. His Suzuki 650 hit the taxi so hard that shocked the passenger who just arrived from Kelantan for a job interview. That poor applicant died of heart attack after walking out 10 steps from the taxi. Daniel was pinned under the taxi & died instantly. 

My friend Terry Yeoh was seated as the passenger behind the car driven by my classmate. They had earlier gone to Cinta Discotheque at Rasa Sayang Hotel where several cars of friends were racing home along the winding roads of Batu Ferringhi. The car which carried Terry punctured its tyre and lost control at the bend near Sri Batek. The ill fated car somersaulted over 4 times till it turned turtle upwards.

The roof of the car tore open and Terry's head & face got caught in between. His skull was scrapped along the tar road and his brains oozed out. I lost my food appetite for 4 days. Terry came into my dream after his funeral. We sat on the pavement of the road and chatted briefly. He asked me if I knew that he had died? He expressed in tears that he was very sad that we could no longer have fun and promptly got up to walk away from me. I learnt that his family got a medium to call his spirit back. He related to them how the accident happened where he was pinned for hours in the wreck. He heard the ambulance and firemen in chaotic commotions trying to remove his lifeless body. He was physically dead but not brain dead as his senses was just fading off. His death at 22 years old was fated, it seemed.


Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!

This morning, I went to pay my condo's maintenance fees where 1 lady attended to me. I complained about the recent house break-ins and the useless security system we have in the condominium. I paid her money in exchange for her scary stories instead of assuring me that all was okay. She updated me that the burglars today are very sophisticated where they engaged locksmiths to follow them to the targeted units in our condo. Not suspecting anything amiss, the locksmith just unlocked the padlocks, grills and main door within minutes! I wanna move out soon!

This weekend will be a long holiday and many are going away. Let me share my simple safety tips which works well.

Just turn on your radio whole day 24/7 and your electric bill will not cost you more than RM3 per month. I do that always and leave the radio in the room nearest to the main door. The burglar might think twice before breaking into your house on hearing the radio blaring away noisily. 

When I went overseas or out of town, I would leave the radio and lights on. My friend would leave his television on for his gold fishes to watch.

 I have seen 1 home which prominently  displayed "Beware of Killer Dogs!" sign outside when they actually had no dogs but only 2 small pussy cats!

Happy Holidays My Friends! 

A Prayer A Day Keeps The Burglars Away!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did You Know That?

My Korean buddy living in Bangkok taught me this trick that saves your taxi fare when you arrive Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport. When you get off the arrival hall after stamping your passport, take the elevator upstairs to the Departure Hall. 

Walk out of the main door and you will see the long line of taxis dropping off passengers and you will have time to catch them while they unload the luggage. They will be very happy to see you as they are strictly not allowed to pick up any passenger. Instead of paying the normal cut-throat fare of 400 bahts to the city, I was charged only 190bahts!! He was so happy that he offered to use the meter on his own. My hotel was along Petchaburi Road which was right in the central Bangkok, so faraway!

We can do the same at KLIA but our taxi touts would make you walk with all your heavy barang-barangs to the other side of the multi storey carpark. Oh Shit, I did that once and that was the last time ever!

My mum boasted to me during the 70s that Bangkok had purchased this land at Samutprakan area to build the world's latest international airport. Cool....I thought then. It never got to open till 28 September 2006! That was over 30 years later, Whooaa!.... What happened actually?

So many budget overruns, construction problems and endless allegations of corruption that delayed the whole airport. They were further delayed by 2 economy crisis with IMF issues and a serious university students' protest against their government.

The street protests carnage killed so many innocent lives! This rare photo showed a university student bashing an already dead motionless corpse which hung from a tree. I better not name that university otherwise I might get bashed too.

Lastly, it was haunted by spirits and sightings of ghosts by the superstitious construction workers. Ex-PM Thaksin had to invite 99 Buddhist monks to chant prayers to calm those spirits. Eeeek? Gaaaah?

Remember to catch a cab from the departure hall and please buy me a gift with the money saved. Thank you buddies!


A Lunatic Man @ Post Office

Last Saturday, I went to renew my car registration card and managed to claim the subsidy of RM625! Now the petrol price has dropped, so I can shop with Pak Lah's money. Those who claimed in earlier months could not celebrate & shop like me. Yay!

I saw this crazy man lying on the sofa inside the post office at Jalan Klang Lama. He was mumbling and rolling by himself while everyone watched. I was so brave to take my phone out and snapped his photos totaling over 20 shots! By nature, I consider myself as brave, daring and thick skinned which makes me a good salesman. I also made good TV appearances before as my face was very thick like your kitchen table.

He was gazing at his bill and hummed some out of tune melodies.

I seated behind him and he got up to sitting position. Phew! He stank and I bet he last showered a week ago.

He dived down again and sank like a Titanic. He rubbed his feet and scrapped off the dry flakes. I was barely 2 feet behind smelling his pong. Hail Mary!

He rose up again slapping his forehead and started yelling by himself. Many passers-by smiled at him. I guess he is an old celebrity along Jalan Klang Lama. Do you know him?

A fat young Indian lady sat behind him and he did not move his eye-balls away from her oversized boobs! Yeah, I am brave but didn't have the courage to snap her huge boobs to show you. I knew that she could easily give me big tight slaps! I was just 6 inches away. Who would dare?

At last, his number was paged and up he went to the counter. A frail old lady went up and begged him to allow her to pay her bills. He snatched her ticket number & asked the officer rudely whether he allowed her to jump queue. The officer nodded "NO" and this bastard told the old lady to get seated right away! Oh shit, I wanted to punch his face so badly. I had no balls, so I sat quietly like a mouse!

Later, I was told that it was written in Buddhism sutra books that some Buddhas and Bodhisatvas would always reincarnate as sick animals, handicapped humans or even a crazy man!  Their intention is to test the patience and wisdom of fellow human beings. I was surprised to hear that. I am glad I sat down quietly like a mouse. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Strange Talk (Kwai Tan)

These series of horror ghost documentaries have been circulating for sometime but I just got to view them. You will be surprised that those hard core fans who watched these DVDs are some KL's Tai Tais and Datins who introduced them to me! They're so concentrated San-Phor lah!! The show was produced by a group of Hong Kong TV crews who would scout the most haunted locations all over Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. Their host metaphysician -  Si Tou Fa Zheng claimed that Malaysia has the most spooky and haunted places which I strongly disagree! Perhaps they got to hear more about us as we have Cantonese speaking story tellers compared to folks in Thailand and Laos who may not reveal so much. To my opinion, Indonesia has the most horror & deadly tales and maybe Thailand takes the 2nd ranking.

Honestly, since small I had seen tiny and big ghosts everywhere plus half bodied headless spirit when I lived in a home at Bukit Jelutong! That award winning housing area is indeed a lovely place to live. Many spirits do have good living taste and choice too! I moved out from that place as I nearly got accident many times when I often dozed off along Kesas Highway whenever I worked late till wee hours. Some visible dents along the highway's railings belonged to me. Heh Heh!

This horror series is now in its 6th Volume with 3 pcs DVD in each of them. Naturally I am interested to watch them to understand the spiritual world better. The spiritual world is all 100% real and they might chat with you when they know that you are kind, harmless and could sense them. We humans have 5 senses. I have met others who could just see, hear or feel them, depending on their fate. Many of you have the good instincts which could be your guardian angels, ancestors or a happy passing deity who spoke to your heads. You ended up making wise decisions, judgement or right path that brought abundance of sweet success! So keep a happy and kind heart always, your frequency will attract the same spiritual waves of frequencies to envelope you. If you are bad & devilish hearted, you might attract all the Mor Kwai or Ham Sap Kwai to unite with you.

This Kwai Tan show (Vol.4) covered about the gruesome murder case of Penang's little girl Shearwei Ooi Ying Ying. They engaged the Hell Officer through a medium to call her spirit to communicate with her lost & frightened soul. Her body was chopped up, so her soul was shattered & torn as a result. It is better to die in one complete piece but not everyone has this good fate.

The many deity statues at the Leong Hong Keong Temple along Lorong Slim, off Perak Road in Penang. 

This is the front and altar table of the Leng Hong Keong Temple in Penang which is dedicated to underworld deities - Tua Pek (Grand Uncle) and Jee Pek (Second Uncle). It is well known place for those concerned living relatives who wish to know if there is anything that they could do to help alleviate the suffering of the departed souls. 

This temple medium uses a unique method to allow the devotees to communicate. A dried up lime coated in thick wax dangles on a long red string. Initially the string would be still and the fruit starts swinging back and forth before moving in a circular motion. Your hand would still be holding tightly and still but the deceased spirit would swing in the directions that answers your questions - YES or NO.

These canes are blessed by Tua Pek before they are given to parents of disobedient kids.

The whole series of Kwai Tan DVDs showed very scary actual haunted spots in Malaysia, Thailand and Laos! Some even showed the actual real life of slamming doors and moving wheelchairs! EEeeeeeeee!...... not for the faint hearted ones to watch alone. If you need companion and free hugs, please contact me.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to pray often and respect all our ancestors at all times. This applies to all faiths and religions.

The above photos are for illustration purposes only as I would not be able to copy them out from the DVD. However, the temple and its medium are actual & real as seen in the DVD whilst the couple holding lime is similar to what you see in the DVD clips.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Price Of Anger

I had a good laugh to see this notice below being posted on the bulletin board at my condo. I felt sorry for the victim but instead his screams tickled me to bits. My condo block has recently become a very popular choice for many tenants from Korea, China and Middle East, due to its convenient location & affordable rental. The waiting list of potential tenants are high, so I should consider renting out my unit and upgrade. Any suggestions? 

Someone threw rubbish from his window and that is rare to me as the tenants here are somewhat educated ones who drive flashy cars like Alphards, Fairladys and Benzs! So who says such people do not have bad morals? Well, anyone is capable of committing crime or have filthy immoral attitude. I have heard news of small children and even a fat Indian woman being tossed out of other apartment windows. Shit Hell! So easy to dispose anything like that? The world is truly getting sick with such people.

This victim had to scribble in 3 languages just to make sure we heard him, alright...

When you are angry, just walkway from the situation or call your honey!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Andy Warhol - My Favourite

Today, I feel so good to be able to share with you about one of the world's most famous artist. I bet many might not know him but you might have seen all his works below. As many know that I studied Advertising Business & Design in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania so it's not surprising that I have strong eyes and keen interests in Arts, Feng Shui and funny stuffs. Whenever I talk, I am always loud and swearing - my good friend's wife said that. I am proud of this statement.

This is Andy Warhol who was born in Pittsburgh in 1928 and graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology (Yes, you will see lots of Andrew Carnegie's name all over Pittsburgh!) Andy Warhol became the most famous modern day artist who was so avant garde and bold using the simplest subjects for his creativity renderings which became a hot favourite amongst collectors since the time of Picasso. His artworks have been copied all over again by so many designers until this day.

He was the world's first person who designed this "I LOVE NY" art using mere fonts and it was so highly popular that many aped his style in advertisements. You must have seen "I LOVE SONY" , "I LOVE Digi", "I LOVE U" and etc using the red heart in between.

Next, his most recognised style is using the repeated prints of the subjects that caught fancy of his eyes! Campbell Tomato Soup was one of them.

This 32 cans Campbell Soup art piece was very popular and always remain a favourite case study in many art schools today all over the world.

I bet you have seen this famous Black & White portrait of Marilyn Monroe which was touched up with colours. So unique and original.

This MM poster prints often sold like hot cakes in all over US.

Andy also caught fancy of Chairman Mao as his interesting subject.

Andy Warhol died after a gall bladder surgery on 22 February 1987 in New York City. The Andy Warhol Museum was opened in Pittsburgh in May of 1994. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Antiques @ Kapitan Chung Keng Quee's Mansion

I love old antiques very much! I would not hesitate to invest hours admiring the historical displays at junk stores in Melaka and any museums in Malaysia or abroad. I would study the meticulous details of the shapes, designs, colours and usage practicality of these old artifacts. My mind would go into trance at once, and transport back to the old bygone days.

My recent visit to Penang was truly fruitful as my honey & I managed to brave the blazing heat of 38 degrees to walk the streets of the quaint chinatown in search for this grand old mansion once belonged to Kapitan Chung Keng Quee. It is neatly tucked in the middle of Church Street, behind a pair of huge colonial designed iron wrought gates. It was a majestic and pretty sight from a distance.

There are hundreds of lovely priceless & rare antiques in this mansion but I am just showing you just a few photos below. Don't scream, I want you to visit this whole interesting place by yourself! Even the Raja Permaisuri Agong (Perlis State - Queen) had to make a visit by herself to see this awesome place. Trust me, you will be very impressed beyond words!

This building has been listed by UNESCO under the World Heritage Trusts.

Kapitan Chung Keng Quee (1827 - 1901)
He was the most respected Hakka man for being the leader of the Penang & Perak's Hai San secret society of the British Malaya during the Larut Wars (1860 - 1884). He was also a greatly admired philanthropist tycoon who vastly contributed towards building schools and temples. When he died, it was believed that his cash, tin mines  & estates totaled over US$10 million!!! My dashing late uncle Jimmy Chung who looked like James Dean was his descendants but I believe that he inherited nothing. Don't ask me why, I am not so kay-po-chee.

The spacious entrance leading to Kapitan Chung's mansion.

A very impressive courtyard, ideal to sip soothing Chinese tea and gossip about the latest scandals in the parliament!

Waaah! It was the first time I saw a real antique camera! Say Cheese! I won't tell you how it operates, see for yourself ok?

Everything was so grand right from the floor up to the ceiling. The hanging chandelier has so many dangling crystals that would sparkle my eyes blind.

Even the windows are so beautiful when the sunlight shone through its stained glass. It would uplift your spirit to start the day - beautifully.

Take note of the many colored Victorian crystal vases lining the table with 2 huge paintings of Kapitan Chung and his wife adorn the wall, wearing their impressive Imperial-looking Manchu costumes.

I loved everything there including the floor I walked on. The patterned tiles don't look old fashioned at all even in modern today. 

This unique brass ware is a Double Dragon Urn with 3 legs. I believe they make good Feng Shui decorations.

This Westernized wall cuckoo clock is very rare and unique. It was not working, maybe the cuckoo bird went out for tea or flown away.

This was the smallest chest cupboard photo I'm sharing with you. The flowery carvings were stained with gold leaves and laquer finished.

This tall Blue & White vase with birds flying in Spring was probably made during the Ming dynasty.

I bet Elton John would love to lay his fingers on this old fashioned piano keys. The grand piano stood majestically by the broad staircase.

I must salute and offer my highest compliments to Mr Peter Soon, a well known Peranakan and architect who had invested over 4 million ringgit to repair, repaint and restore this old mansion, where he also brought in all the finest and rare Chinese, Straits Baba-Nyonya & Western antique collections to display them all under 1 roof. He has brought back the glory and grandeur back again to this place. The entrance token fee is only RM10!!!!!!

I will be going there again and again. Join me!

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever.