Monday, September 29, 2008

BEWARE! Hidden Cameras!

Once upon a winter time, I was visiting Taipei again on a business trip. You should always fly with China Airlines which has lowest fares and their Oloong Tea on board is nice! One greedy Datuk's stupid chauffeur picked us up on arrival and checked us into a sleazy Motel in Tao Yuan which is nearby to Taipei.

Many Chinese newspapers in Taipei often reported about Taiwanese prominent politicians or celebrities being framed and blackmailed after being caught for having affairs in secret motels. I was wondering how they could snap the photos catching them red handed?? Is it a Chua Soi Lek style of blurry images? No, there in Taiwan, it's crystal clear images in hi-res format!

This was the popular love nest motel in Tao Yuan. Remember the name & jot down as I will remove this photo soon!

The rooms are upstairs and you will be given a remote control to park your vehicle in the total privacy of a single garage space. So canggih and hi-tech! It was damn freaking cold that night and the rooms occupancy was FULL.

The rooms are very big, complete with massage chair, Heart-shaped bath tub for 2, Playboy Condoms every 5 feet and a blinking vending machine that saves your time hunting for gadgets.

Nah! This was the Vending Machines that has blinking neon lights and screams of a recorded bitch slut's voice calling you to make purchase - "Aaahh! Ahh! lai lai lai"  It would go on screaming for 24 hours!! I was so pissed that I had to yank off the cable wire from its socket.

Whooaa! They sold almost everything a sex shop had - Motorized Vibrators, Cactus Dongs, Whips, Studded Dicks, Masks & Panty Sets, All Flavour Lubricants and macam-macam.

Believe it or not? A spirit's voice told me to look out for HIDDEN CAMERA!!!!! I went berserk hunting for a hidden camera everywhere until I saw a very tiny tip looking at me from the air'con's duct on the ceiling.

Bloody Bastard!! I was cursing the Datuk for giving me a shitty motel. I was going to skin the Datuk and turn him into pulp. I was too shocked.

The cable was thick and hung neatly with a micro camera wrapped in glass bud at the tip. So this explains how the victims were blackmailed by culprits.

The morning has broken and the prominent tycoon had just driven off in his Range Rover 4WD, looking refreshed, relieved and contented. He had enjoyed a night of fun with his concubine and wait till he sees his photo in the newspaper, in case they wanna blackmail him.

This is Amazing Taiwan!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crystals Galore

I was born with this hyper sensitive senses towards the frequency that surrounds me. Over the years, I read up books and got guidance from spiritualists who explained what I have been 'seeing' and feeling those presence of hi-lo spirits, wandering ghosts and good/bad frequency. It was scary when I had no idea of those unknown dimensions. Today, I am more relaxed and contented with my life. We just need to have good energy all the time! You can even inhale good energy in those good feng shui areas where many posh homes are built. Wealthy friends have rich and bright aura which emits wealth frequencies too. Go and rub shoulders with them is better than hanging out with bad luck fellas, as all our grandmas had advised so.

Good crystals are really powerful and can definitely do wonders. Their magical usage has been discovered since thousands of years ago in many countries. The past China's smart emperors knew that good jades could provide positive energy even for the spirits, therefore they often buried many trunks of jades and precious stones in their royal tombs. Many psychics who visited the tomb in Beijing could see the ghosts of the dead emperor and his concubines inhaling the pieces of jades for energy! Please read up about crystals and see how they can improve your general well being which includes your health and wealth too.

When I heard that our agency would be handling the advertising for this Amber Hill's development at the hill top of Taman Melawati, I went crazeeee to know that hill contained so much natural crystals! I could not believe what I heard! I had to see it with my own eyes to be convinced! 

I drove excitedly like a desperado in the rain across the usual jam along MRR2 and reached the peak of Melawati before sunset. It was so damn cool, misty and the frequency was calm & nice! I stepped into their big 3 storey show house and saw many pieces of crystals collected as displays to show off! There were colourless, purple and clear yellow ones too. My jaw just dropped down in greatest disbelief!

This posh looking house with the lovely panoramic KL city view starts from RM2.2 million. I knew I have to visit the TOTO outlet this weekend.

Living in a posh hilltop home is definitely grand and you could relax in the serene ambience. With the natural crystals in the ground and rocks, I imagined myself taking evening strolls with a basket to go crystal picking. It's like a farmer plucking strawberries but mine would be Crystals!

Look what I found on the ground! Pieces of clear Quartz crystals! They are good for enhancing almost everything in our bodies! I picked them and displayed on my office desk. Yay!

If I have the cash, I would buy a house on this hill for sure! I better stop dreaming now.

Have you ever heard of any place with lots of precious crystal rocks?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Live Meaningfully

Many friends often asked me what's merits and how to make merits?? The dictionary says - Spiritual credit held to be earned by performance of righteous acts and to ensure future benefits. There are many ways to make merits. Having kind thoughts and heart is also making merits, not to mention doing charity and prayers. 

Everyone of us are using our merits or karma to trade with each other. This man has high merits and he's your senior superior at work. The one with the highest merits is your CEO and employer, the examples go on. One needs merits to live, survive and even the ability to speak, have meals or own the clothes on his body. Without them, we might become poor hungry beggars. Even a popular movie star, singer or politicians need merits to have supporters. When finished, they often fell in disgrace unless they knew how to keep making them like Li Ka Shing, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise and many others!

I don't consider myself wealthy at all but I count myself as extremely fortunate. I have enjoyed my life too much and have flown around the world when I was just a student.

I became a changed person after seeing the world's poorest, most hungry and many dying cancer patients in KL itself. Once I helped the Hospice to provide transport to ferry the Stage 4 dying patients to hospitals for a few years. They went for blood transfusions, chemo, radio therapy and operations. They became my closest friends and shared their fear, pain and tears with me. They all died within weeks and months but left behind words of wisdom that has etched in my hearts for life.

This beggar was lying motionless in the streets of busy downtown Bangkok. I would not know how to help him as he looked too sick. Money might be useless to him. He could be our father or brother.

There are many beggar couples in Bangkok. I thought their children have thrown them out or they were begging to bring food for their sick and handicapped children. I should not make guesses or think of how they ended sitting there on the filthy floor. We should help right away, isn't it? They could be our parents.

In India, their beggar population definitely take the top chart! You have heard much stories about the poor slums in Madras and Calcutta. Why are there so many poor and hungry people? I was made to understand that they lacked of merits from their past lives.

In America, there are thousands of beggars which they call them "Homeless Bums" or "Vietnam Veterans". Veterans because they claimed that they fought the Vietnam War and ended up as poor beggars living on the streets. Most of them were fakes as the US Govt had tried to help shape back their lives. The above guy was hanging out at New York's Times Square. There are plenty of low paying jobs in Manhattan. I won't pity him.

This homeless man sat at the quiet corner in downtown Boston. Most of them smelled of alcohol but I often still sympathized them as their freezing Winter was often brutal like -10 degrees!!! WTF!

This man sat by his home-trolley at the Manhattan's Chinatown. At night fall, he would sleep under the bridges or pavements. It is sad and pitiful as they often don't have much choice. Again, I believe that we need MERITS to be able to lead and live a comfortable life. I have stopped complaining that my bedroom is small or my TV has not gone plasma yet.

We need to do charity everyday as we spend away our good merits everyday! When we have finished them, we go broke, become sick and maybe die! If you complain that you have no time to do charity, it's real bullshits! We can do it anywhere, anytime!

Give a dollar or two to every beggar. Donate 5 dollars into every donation box at McDonalds, KFC or Jusco. Give a hundred to build your church or temples. Treat your colleagues and friends to have decent meals. Cook extra and pack into boxes to give the homeless beggars at Pudu area at night. There are so many sleeping on cardbox boxes! Guess how did I know this?

Make Merits Now! 

Life Will Be Meaningful For You & Him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black Food

I saw a packet of black food in the pantry and had to ask its owner 1001 questions. Finally Jammy offered me a bite. I was reluctant but I like to try anything under the sun. At least I can blog and bitch about it here.

On the label, is written Bamboo Charcoal Sandwich and it was so bloody Blaaaacccckkk! It reminds me of those black kampong chicken or stray pariah dogs.

See! It's really black like shit and it contains Bamboo, Charcoal and flour etc. I nibbled it bit by bit like a mouse and finally dipped into my hot nescafe. It was heavenly nice and unusual. Costs only RM3.80 and you can get it from Pavilion's Lavender Bakery. I will buy them soon. Have you ever eaten something so black?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Canine Treadmill

The dog lovers in Bangkok would invest over RM1K to buy a special treadmill for their dogs to run indoors. Outside is rather polluted with traffic congestion and lack of proper space. They would sip beer and watch TV shows while their canines ran on the gym equipment. I won't be surprised there will be pet animal gymnasiums in Bangkok someday.

They often pampered their poodles and chihuahuas in finest canine attire complete with perfume sprays. OMG! It would be nice to be dogs in Bangkok with such loving masters!

I never kept dogs but I was bitten by countless of neighborhood dogs when I was a kid. I was being chased and bitten by Alsatian, Dalmatian, Bulldog, Doberman, A Shaggy Mop Looking dog and several pariah dogs! Each time the canines sank their teeth onto my bums, my dad would take me for rabies jabs at the hospitals. Wah! I have had so many injections and I guess I have the side effects today as I am so crazeee...

I think I got stitched by the doctors once but I couldn't even remember as my body is full of stitch mark and accident scars.

Dog attacks have proven fatal to helpless victims in Malaysia too. Those terror dogs were Rottweilers which could tear one's eyes and neck apart! Have you ever got bitten by anjing gila too?

Prevent Regards In Your Life!

Jumbo Tales

When I was a child, I always got excited on seeing the elephants in all over Thailand. It was part of my growing up years to see them as also part of Thai culture. The Thais love these big mammals so much and would shower their love & attention to them. Usually the elephant sanctuaries are located in remote areas like Surin, Ayutthaya, Chiengrai and others. Most of the owners are hill tribe folks apart from NGOs.

A clumsy elephant got stuck in the mud, fell down & laid there for 6 days! Finally a bulldozer had to find its way there to lift up this Jumbo. It was still alive, of course.

Come every April, the Thais would decorate these elephants and bring them to participate in their annual Songkran Water Festival. These elephants provide good blast & sprays of water. So fun! I avoided the sprays as I thought its trunk might have lots of mucous in it!

The Thais even provide open-air theatre for these elephants to watch! Of course, they watched romantic elephant movies!

They believe that if a white or albino elephant is found, it must be a sacred mammal and it will bring prosperity to their Thai King. It will be presented to the royal palace as a gift. Now look at the recent report about who is the richest monarch in the world. Thai King indeed!

Many elephants are artistic and could even paint. You can buy their jumbo paintings at their sanctuary.

This was the world's first test tube baby elephant or artificially inseminated. A new born would normally weigh 90kgs and stand 1 metre tall. Their life span could reach bewteen 60 to 100 years! They don't even need to sleep much, just lie down for 3-4 hours. A sick elephant would sleep in standing position. Strange!

When times are bad, the elephants would help its owner to earn money. They would roam the streets to sell sugar cane to tourists who could feed them and take photograph! It's a win-win business... How sweet!

Once an Indian man from New York came to Thailand to lift up a baby elephant with his calfs. The baby Jumbo weighed 969kgs. Both entered the Guinness Books of Records.

They love to play football in Surin. It was a match between Italy vs Sweden which ended in a draw 0-0.

The elephants are also well trained to play exciting polo matches with players on their back.

These Jumbo mammals have many friends who often fought & protested angrily to prevent them from being sold overseas!

Look at the map of Thailand, it looks like an ELEPHANT!!
So you can understand why they feel so loved and at home in Amazing Thailand.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Traveling Habits

When I visited any foreign country be it Bangkok, Taipei or NYC, I must try to visit their 7-Elevens for sure. The calling is so strong that I must take a peek at their local outlets as if you could see their whole country inside 1 store. Being in the creative industry, I enjoy seeing their packaging's colours, designs and layout blah blah... I remembered spending a few hours holed up inside the 7-Eleven store in Bangkok, having a chat, drink and instant noodle supper as well. Those who sat with me just freaked out & screamed at my crazy interest.

I went to Taiwan several times and once had a Datuk's chauffeur drive me from the north tip city of Keeliung, to down south at Kaoshiung city, passing through Taipei, Tainan and Taichung. Wow! I had never seen so many 7-Elevens everywhere in my life!! 

Sometimes there were two 7-eleven outlets facing each other on the same street in Taiwan! I learnt that the Taiwanese patronize these outlets for all their daily needs which also provide extras like DHL services, Pay household bills, college exam booklets, free cab service & lots more.

I found out that Taiwan has the 2nd most number of 7 Elevens in the world if you calculate by its density of 8.5km2 a store. The leading is Hong Kong but then the total number in Taiwan is higher than HKG's... If you compare with US, they have more 7-Elevens which are located miles apart from each other. So in short, these outlets are plenty at sight in Taiwan. It's their way of life, to depend on 7-Elevens where it is a lucrative business and their size of outlets are sometimes very big! They even outsource their door mats to be changed by a cleaner service who changes them every morning. Amazing Taiwan!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Death Comes Without Notice

Recently the latest Feminine magazine reported the tragic accident where an entertainment hostess & TV actress was killed. I was so damn shocked to my spine for days as I personally knew her very well. She was the DJ for RTM's Radio 5 and a freelancer who aspired to be a famous artiste in Malaysia. It was her big dream and she worked hard for it. 

When Ai Fang lost her job at RTM, we helped her get hired by a prominent Datuk friend to become an editor. We provided her a place in my own private office for free as she complained that she did not wish to travel daily to Klang.

This magazine company felt so bad that she went on a road show with them and got killed on their way back to KL in August. So much coverage of her accident was given in Sin Chew, China Press and even the internet sites in China! I was shocked as she was still so young with promising future. I broke the tragic news to common friends in my circle. They gave me BIGGER SHOCKS with their reactions. One replied "Oh Really?".....another said "No comments"... I will save the many reasons out of respect.

She was in her early 30s and left behind a long time fiance who is in his late 20s, working as a doctor serving in housemanship. They looked like a sweet couple.

Her death made me think all over again, of all my friends who had died young of car accidents, murder, cancer and heart attacks. Why must it happen to them, have you wondered? I searched for the answers from various religious sources and it says that one's karma will determine the timing of one's natural death. 

The only memories I have of Ai Fang is her constant compliments that she loved my private Japanese lounge with sliding doors which allowed us to entertain or relax sipping Chinese tea. She loved my bathroom and often brought her guests just to see the decor in the toilet where I hung Aborigine prints from Australia with hanging drapes from ceiling coiling around bunches of dry stems flown all the way from Bangkok, Taipei and Amsterdam. She loved it so much that she could shit and sleep in the toilet.

The only effective way to clear our bad karma is through repenting and long prayers. We need to make merits and charity, if possible EVERYDAY! I would not hesitate to put at least one ringgit into every donation box which I see in the fast food outlets like McDonalds. I will also try to give at least 2 ringgit to all beggars that I bump into. When my angin was good, I could give 20 ringgit to a beggar! Well, I often wasted money buying 4D and never struck for ages. Why not give them to the beggar and it could help feed him for many meals. I am not bragging but this is the least I could do. I just hope that I could live long enough and die peacefully in my sleep on my own bed at home.

...May Ai Fang's Soul Rest Peacefully In The Land Of Eternity...

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Favourite Pancake

This has been my favourite since I was 7 years old. The Indian man would cart his stall into our school to sell and we would crowd around him doing his business. He wore a shirt and Indian Doti cloth. In between he used to rub his cloth in the groin after sprinkle nuts and sugar. We were so innocent and ate his dicked pancake so YUMMY! If he did that again today, I will place his banana into the pancake and bake!

The Hokkiens call it "Ban Chang Kueh" in the northern states. 

I love them hot with butter and it's so heavenly fragrant. You like them too?

Look! He's only a small boy selling! He is only 10 years old and working hard to earn for his coming Hari Raya. The sight of his size actually attracted me from miles away outside Ampang Point.

He is so cool and confident with appreciative smiles. He really made my day! I will stop complaining that my job in the office comfort is tough. Hope you will appreciate your jobs at this time when the country's economy is gloomy. 

Let's Be Happy With Our Lives!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Pillow Wanted

I am a 6 footer guy with broad shoulders and you thought it was nice. I have a lifetime problem when I went anywhere to sleep, away from my own bed. I often suffer from stiff neck and shoulder cramps due to the soft and flat pillows! I always bitched the hotels to give me 3 pillows so that it could support my neck when I slept sideways. The 3rd pillow is for me to place in between my legs. My didi also need to breathe.

When my neck and shoulders ached, my migraine would follow up soon. Then my mood gets cranky like a whore having period pains!  Stay away from me!

I respect the inventor who created this ancient Chinese porcelain pillow. Once I bought an antique porcelain pillow for a song and it dated back to the Ming Dynasty. It was so shiok to sleep on and supported my neck well. I had lots of weird dreams of myself being a Eunuch or a concubine. Never ever sleep on such pillows again! No wonder many friends complained that they often had bad dreams while sleeping in hotels. We share the same pillow with so many strangers lah!!! Bitches, whores, murderers, mentally retarded or even Bangla had slept on your pillow. OMG!

I was so damn happy to find these cute and hard pillows at IKEA. I think they got the idea from the old porcelain pillows. Their pillow is shaped well and supports my neck after a hard day's work. It is so firm and compact. When I lie down and arch my neck backwards, I arrive in heavens instantly! I saw my grandma in the clouds playing Erh-Hu music.... LOL

The Day My World Ended

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