Friday, February 27, 2009

MORE Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

So much has been blogged about this blockbuster movie with so many versions of reviews. Many had watched and many were just lazy to watch it, never mind take your time coz you will get younger each day.

I love this show so much coz it was different, unique and made me think a lot in a reversed manner. It was close to 3 hours long and luckily the pop corns kept me awake till 3 am.

I wished that I could get younger on every birthday and die in the cradle as a baby too.

So when Benjamin Button had a wife and a baby gal, he disappeared for some years before returning back. He sailed on the boat and guess where he went to? I think you guys missed this part which was censored.

His boat sailed to Florida.

He became a Drag Queen!

I am just kidding guys!

Have a Fun Weekend!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Own Superlatives

The economy has been so scarily tough yet I was working like a crazy cow for the past week. I often went home after midnight but I managed to squeeze in some exercises in between plus cutting down binge eating. That should hopefully lead me to good shape. I have many horror stories yet to blog but I don't wanna scare the many faint hearted readers tonight.

Maybe I should share some tips to enhance your popularity and love life which I heard from Feng Shui masters. Along the way, I realized many 5-Star hotels heeded this advice too, by using fresh floral arrangements at their lobby.

Fresh floral arrangement at the lobby of Oriental Hotel Bangkok which often clinched awards for being the World's Best Hotel

I am sure you have seen many big hotels displayed these big floral arrangement on round tables at the entrance. The flowers are pretty and are believed to emit some frequency to enhance its popularity. I have been displaying miniature fresh flowers every week by my bedside and I think I am always in love or being loved.

Until I spoke to blogger Anton who enlightened me that the ancient Indian Feng Shui also practiced this way plus adding limau parut and sireh leaves, I decided to try. So I thought no harm-lah and bought them at the market this morning. I hope my dreams would be sweeter and good since they believe the limau parut would neutralize the negative frequency on me while I am asleep. Will I get popular with money and friends pouring in from now onwards?

Then I thought over about my life and its directions after meeting a gang of old classmates at a gathering last night. We came from a bunch of extremist students of a Christian Brothers school which blogger Joshua loathes so much, much to my curiosity.

My mind drifted further after reading Yahoo news about the world's friendliest countries being Canada, Germany and Australia judging from expatriates' polls. Sadly China, India and UAE are bottoms for cultural reasons that make them look unfriendly.

This is Twilight's own personal rating polls at random on a lazy Sunday. I am sure you have objections and better versions. Speak up then pleaseeeeee to correct me.

The Best Penang Food Outside Penang - Little Penang Restaurant ( MV & Curve)
The Best Curry Chee Cheong Fun - Madras Lane Restaurant (3rd Mile Old Klang Road)
The Best Roti Canai - Off Jalan Gasing, beside school.
The Worst Motorists & Motorcyclists - Penang (oops!)
The Prettiest Ladies - Perak (Limestone Skin Complexion)
The Best Metrosexuals - Klang Valley's Hotties (In my gym, there's 1 guy who masks his face daily in the changing room)
The Most Hardworking Blogger - SK Thamby (2 languages & almost daily. Thumbs Up)
The Most Extreme Workaholic - My Own Boss
Most Kiasu Beings - Not Singaoreans but Hongkies! Agree or not??
The Most Crank Callers - Kelantan Folks (2004 polls by Bomba Dept)
The Most Expensive & Bluek Thai Food - Ayutthaya Restaurant with POOR service - Medan D'sara
The Most Curry Mouthed Folks - Penang (Didn't Anton tell me this?)
The Best Housing Loan - CIMB (Own Personal Relieved Experience)
The Vampire Bank - HL (Own bad experience)
Best Soya Bean Milk - TTDI Market
My Wealthiest Chinese Friend - In Perth, his father owns MUI plus @#@$% companies
My Wealthiest Thai Cousin - In Ha'adyai, his father left him Rubber Plantations, Hotel, Apartment, Cinema, Houses, Shops and hard cash. Nothing for me! Sob!
My Poorest Friends - All The Beggars Who Sleep On The 5 Foot Ways
Most Dangerous Streets - JB (Look at how Willy Diary's darling got clobbered! I was shocked!)
My Best Invisible Good Friends - All You Bloggers & Readers Who Read My Blog.

Aiyah, I dunno where are the best Wantan Mee, Nasi Kandar & Bah Kut Teh in KL (not Klang)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Worst Nightmare

I have been eating so much since Christmas through Chinese New Year till Valentine's Day! I was eating so much Santa's Turkeys, pies, ice creams and tossing endless of Yee Sang for prosperity! Worst of all, I didn't go to gym for almost 2 months and Jackie Chan was laughing hysterically all his way to the bank coz I paid buta-buta for his gym fees.

Then Valentine's Dinner plus munching pop corns in Gold Class till 3am watching Benjamin Button movie! Sure my nightmare began right after!

This is Twilight!
Layers of Wobbly Fat and big tits! I screamed in my dreams when I saw myself in the mirror! My shocked mirror just dropped off from its hook and fainted onto the floor.

I met 4 Fugly Ballooned Ladies in bikinis by the beach. I cried and ran far far away but they still  chased me all way with their fats pounding the ground thunderously. Help! Help!

When I woke up, I was panting in cold sweat. My nightmare was real coz I am so fat now! Please don't invite me to eat anything again. Let me run on the treadmill like a mice for 3 months. 

Everywhere I turned, I heard complaints about over eating and fatty thighs! OMG! 
What is wrong with everyone for complaining so much? We are what we eat and let's just be happy with our size. Being fat and obese is nice sometimes, agree don't you?

How to loose weight in the quickest way?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Am Thirsty

When I read the newspaper's front page, I felt sorry for that furry thing. Hell's breaking loose at Down Under with lots of scary disasters like big floods and fire! 

I could not help believing the Singapore's Feng Shui Queen who said that the countries in the south will experience difficult times. Very accurate and fast from the minute it was uttered out.

Then I recall receiving one email which I quickly skipped tru that contained Koala Bears too. I spent hours opening up a few hundred past emails to find the Koala Bear which I thought would be the right topic which touched my heart today.

The koala bears were so bloody hot and thirsty, so they entered many private homes in Victoria, Australia.
This owner has kindly prepared a pail of clean water.

The koala bear promptly headed to the water to chill out.

It just kept drinking non stop to quench its thirst! Awww...Poor thing!

Finally, it had to climb into the tub and relax to chill out.

Muahahahaha! Come join me guys!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Chap Goh Meh

This Chinese New Year was the most eventful one I ever had in my entire life. I had so many invitations to lunches and dinners until I had phobia for "Yee Sang" and food! Last night's dinner at Shang Palace, lunch and barbeque with the orphans tonight was enough to bloat my face with extra inches on my waist! Fat! Fat! Fat!

When I got back to work after a week long break, we invited the Lion Dance troupe to prance around the entire office to scare away all the bad luck. Oh boy, I had never seen such a playful and funny pair of Lions! They were comical, always teasing all the females and chase my colleagues around the office. Gila Singa kan?

The Lion was ogling and flirting with this unmarried 'virgin' female colleague. It was rubbing his nose on her body. So ham sap la! LOL..

Then he came to my table and lazily slept on top of my computer for so long. I was quite horrified and had no idea what it was doing. So I spanked its ass real hard!

Instantly, the Lion jumped off and ran away. He left me a half peeled orange offering! How sweet to offer me luck! I was so touched!

Then his accomplice was confronting my HKG boss in a tyrant manner at his table! It was so comical as if they could communicate. My boss stared at the Lion firmly till it surrendered.

The 2 Lions promptly knelt down so obediently and promised to deliver LUCK to us for whole year! LOL..

A happy ending show, Boss with his favourite 2 Leng Lui in the office.

I must show you this very unique Ang Pow envelope! Have you ever seen this?

Open up and see its unique folding! It has various greetings all over.

Finally open up the full view which shows the "RECYCLE" logo. It has no wastage and you can use the back as a memo or rough paper! So creative kan?

I wish you all a 
Happy Chap Goh Meh 
& please start exercising for all the over eating binge!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The World Of Orphans

How often do we sit down and think about the poor orphans? We rather sit down and dream about money, money, money and money. Excuse me, I am talking about myself lah, so please don't scream ok.

The word "orphan" is a Greek word meaning the child who lost his parents or being abandoned by them, whichever. I have personally met the 1st orphan, Mary when I was a kid and she was being left outside the convent's door step with her milk bottle by her parents on a rainy night. It sounds like a typical drama show where you need rain drops to spice up.

 So the kind sisters took her in while she was still sucking the tit and Mary promptly grew up into a sickly child with a big hole in her heart. One day, the MP of Bukit Mertajam made a charitable visit to the orphanage and learnt about her urgency to have the heart operation. The MP's wife took the child home and arranged to send her to Melbourne's Children's Hospital at their own expenses for her successful operation. Mary was later adopted and became my cousin eventually. The painful thoughts of being abandoned by her natural parents never ceased from her daily life. Today she is happily married with her own 2 kids and she shields them like a Lioness protecting her cubs, showering them with all her love and care.

Mary shared a lot of her thoughts and sadness during her years living in the convent. It taught me to appreciate my parents who had given me so much comfort and luxury in life. It is only fair that I should help the orphanages whenever possible. I am not here to seek your pat or publicity but with the hope that you guys could spare your time and thoughts for the less privileged. 

Time and tide waits for no man.

Notable orphans include world leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Andrew Jackson; writers such as The Brontë sisters, Edgar Allan Poe, and Leo Tolstoy; entertainment greats such as Louis Armstrong, Johann Sebastian Bach, Marilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth.

"Where is my mummy now? I wish I could just hug her for once," 
said this orphan who lives in a KL orphanage.

"Our world might be grey to you, but the smiles I have, is shared with my brothers and sisters in the home", 
added the child.

This is the special classroom inside the orphanage where the kids eagerly wait for the voluntary teachers to help them cope with the normal school they attend. They are deprived of many educational materials including revision and work books.

My heart sank below the floor when I heard about their plight. I just made some noise with Lifebook and another friend. The money suddenly dropped and fell from the skies like rain. So many people chipped in and so cepat! Instead of helping just 1 class, we are able to cover more classes now!

Now the orphans are all so HAPPY!

Sangka Chee Yengga Porreng Ngeh? 
Thank you Lifebook Blogger! I can study now!

Haaah haah haaah! Ngo hoi sum!
Thank you Blogger Keenyee!
I can dream to become a doctor now.

I am very shiok to hold this mathematics and I will promise to study very hard!
I will become a taukeh banker one day! Ha ha ha!
Thank you boss Mr Lai Kok Peng (CIMB Corporate)

It is so easy to make one laugh, cry or scream. 
The choice is ours!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Fantastic Four

It has been a long time since I lighted up my wok and cooked something. Here, I decided to cook Japanese Curry with rice to treat some guests tonight.

It was quick and easy to cook using the ready made Japanese Curry paste with sliced carrots and potatoes stir fried into the gravy with soft minced chicken meat coz some of my guests are toothless tigers.

Try to stir in some Lychee! This is Twilight's copyright and the taste is superb to chew something fruity & tangy sweet. I believe the Japanese never enjoyed this way! Yum! Yum!

Here's the scooped piping hot rice with the curry in take away boxes with oranges and red packets for my guests.

4 lovely & obedient teens came along to make big merits for themselves tonight. 
Let me introduce Calvin Chew who is flanked by 3 angels - Elicia, Xiao Ying and Min Hui.
Ms Cheah drove us around the whole Pudu and Petaling Street looking for our guests.

- Pudu Area -

They got down and presented the bags of goodies to homeless beggars by the 5 foot ways. The female beggar was visibly moved to see the kind hearted kids. She must be missing someone dear in her heart & hugged her goody bag tightly. We drove around the block and she was munching away hungrily while her comrades peeked into Elicia's ang pows.

- Petaling Street -

Yengga Poreng Ngeh??... What to do next? Beggar is asleep and looked terribly sick under thick blanket.

Ms Cheah whispered, "Ah Phor.. Kong Hei Fatt Choy... !! Eat something & keep your money tight"..

I was very sad to see this 80 something frail old lady sleeping on cardboxes with passing cars, stray dogs and pedestrians. Does she has a better choice?
Are you an idiot like me who often complained that my bedroom is small and my bathroom has no rain-showers? After seeing her, I will seal my lips tight!

- Klang Bus Station -

Last bag of goodies, here we come! Calvin dropped off to a gang of beggars camped under the pipes at the Klang bus station. 
It is so easy to spot the beggars and it is so easy to turn blind eyes on them too. The choice is ours!!
It was indeed a truly meaningful night for the 4 teens to have charitable hearts and they are eagerly looking forward to their next rounds to feed the hungry & homeless beggars at midnight. I am very confident that they will become the nation's future philanthropists & leaders!

Well Done Guys!

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