Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wish My Papa Is Rich

How nice if my Papa is Rich today! 
I would be driving this flashy car to have my breakfast weekly.

Perhaps I would even own 2 similar beauty in my garage! 

Now cut the crap, I have been eating at Papa Rich @ 3rd Mile ~ Jalan Klang Lama almost weekly since its door was opened. I have brought no less than 20 friends consisting many bloggers, bimbos, sluts, Koreans, Japanese and etc.

Everyone knew that I am hell'a fire mouthed and grumbled so much at the manager for all the shortcomings, wrong orders, snail service and screwed up servings! I am not kidding and many bloggers were my witnesses armed with cameras! So scary to serve me, yeah!

Well, I had every intention to patronize this Papa Rich for a long time as it's conveniently located within my enclave. I like its ambience and good ventilation, never mind the shortcomings! I was always busy chatting and gossiping all the latest gory tales laaa.

I had given a tough time to its manager James but this fella was always smiling so hard and being polite to this fussy grandma! LOL.. Everyone loved his tolerance and it really pays off.

After some months, the service has become prompt and precise.  Just like a statue having to brave 1000 knocks to make it perfectly shaped, hence Grandma's grumblings has died down too.

My favourite eggs remained its yolky best.

See! The tarts don't crack anymore! James never believed that we were served cracked tarts! No wonder Jerry has evaporated. Grandma very pantang one you know.

This steamed wholemeal bread is always suitable for me to swallow.

I dragged a professional photographer to have breakfast, hoping that he could snap all the flaws. Alas, it was a nice Sunday to see James grinning at Grandma. Heee heee!

Smoking peace pipe at last! One for the album ~ Grandma & James Lee, the boss wor!

If you cum here, don't quote Grandma's name, no discounts one lah! Just ask me to tag along and I might beg toothsome James to give us FREE egg tarts each! Hooray!

Mana tu James? He promised to comment & endorse egg tarts!
Heh heh!

If you ever think that I am getting paid for this post, CB to your cleber thoughtssss!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let's Do It Together!

A while ago, I received some spam mails which showed very gory photos that hit my spine instantly. My head was numbed and sent my chilly thoughts racing again over an old issue.

Some years ago, Michi signed up to make a pledge and proudly showed me her card! 
OMG I was shocked in disbelief and squirmed like Yuen's shrimp.

She wants to donate all her organs to the hospital to benefit the needy or medical studies!
~ EEEeeekk !! ~

Grandma's heart sank, selfishly.

When I received this gory email, my heart fluttered again and I made some research. I read the Buddhist sutra books that says ~ If one pledges to donate his organs, upon death, the heavens would ascend to receive his soul before any doctor could knife his corpse!

I think many death row prisoners who pledged themselves, had secured places in the Land Of Eternity.

Who doesn't want to live above in the heavens? Maybe KEENYEE prefers his current abode. The old man or rather the soothsayer oldie must have failed to convince him!

In Tibet, when one dies, they have no burials or cremations except to pledge their bodies to the hungry Vultures!

Look at the birds! So big and fat, making nice X'mas turkey substitutes! 

They would slice the dead bodies into multiple shreds for easier consumption or feast!

The birdies of feather come together and fiesta! They would chomp and munch to their hearts contents!

Now, who is getting the best part ~ The Head!
Flip the coin, head I win and tail you loose!

The undertaker would carry the skeleton like his overnight luggage!

He would axe them into tiny pieces!


The birdies enjoying the last bits and dessert pieces! So yummy yum yum!

After hearty meals, they would ascend on their flight to heavens, probably sending your soul along, upwards too.

It took me a long while to digest and I am considering to make a pledge as my New Year's 2010 Resolutions.

Who would like to join me to get the forms? Maybe I should give the forms to all my selfless blogger friends here.

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