Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Sonata

After many months of agony wait, I finally flew off with Apple Holidays instead of Reliance Travel for my winter ski trip to Korea. The switch was a long story! 
With a group of 20 pax, we landed safely after an overnight 7 hour miserable flight to Seoul in South Korea. It was not easy to catch a good sleep onboard the Korean Airlines as many Korean passengers were so busy shopping non-stop for the duty free goods from 1am to 6am!! Goodness, crazeeee people!

We landed at Incheon Airport which was covered with thick white snow after being hailed with their worst snow storm a week earlier. Thank god, the chaotic situation was over when we arrived.

It was between -2 degrees C to -15 degrees C throughout my tour and we were all frozen all the time.

Look at the bottles of Mineral Water served by the tour guide daily. It was all frozen!! @#$%! So I warmed the bottles daily in between my legs a bit and drank icy water all the time.

They have nice Korean huts and roofings everywhere. Here, our bus stopped for our first lunch on the way to the mountain top.

We had to hike our way across the snowy road leading to the cottage-like restaurant on the hill top as the bus could not drive up the icy roads.

I saw a real Korean Jindo dog which was resting inside its kennel which looked like an over turned Tong Sampah to me. It was so freezing cold but doggie could stand the temperature without any scarf or jacket.

See what I mean? I was all wrapped up in 4 layer outfit to keep me warm! The Jindo Dog only wore its fur. I was posing hungrily outside the restaurant for my 1st Korean meal.

I have always loved Korean food since tasting them for the first time in Pennsylvania some 2 decades ago. Now I couldn't wait to try the real thing in Korea! Yum! Yum!

The usual appetizers with several Kim Chi pickles and fried Korean 'tempura' dishes.

Blek! I was kinda disappointed as they tasted a bit flat and cold. Eeeee!
Everyone protested to the tour guide on its taste and he cheekily blamed that we have not been eating the real thing in KL.

My childhood friend who went along the trip too! He was contented with his meal so long as there is lots of vegetables. He is a real tortoise!

We slept our 1st night in the little cute mountain cottages at Hwacheon Aquatic Resort which is always the hot spot for courting couples! The many apartment units had wooden heated flooring which was most welcome for a good warm cozy sleep! We slept on the floor!

This resort was also where the tear jerking soap drama - Winter Sonata was partially filmed. I didn't cry as I never watched that TV series! Did you watch and cry?

The huge lake at this Hwacheon mountain resort was frozen in the background. It was -10 degrees and my balls were frozen of course!

Later we went fishing and skiing! Not kidding!

To be continued....

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