Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging Vs Facebooking

I have been so busy with life's ups and downs, in and outside my workplace & life. My life is just like the waves in the big ocean, rolling thunderously under rain or shine with new tidings each day. I guess I still prefer reading blogs than Facebook cos my FB list is damn boring compared to the bloggers here! I wonder what majority of you prefer? Blogging or Facebooking?

I just wonder if you know any male who would like to work as Assistant Manager of Foreign Students Affairs? This guy should be able to read and write Mandarin & English fairly well. No experience necessary and fresh graduates are most welcome! Salary, just whisper to me and start work right away.

In my coming blogs, I might share some tips on successful property investments which I observed from my closest buddies who are investment gurus or work with Robert Kwok. First, I need to figure out the way to put them into words. These guys are so wealthy today and I am no where like them.
...Envy! Envy!...