Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Winter Holidays

Where are you guys going for your Winter vacation?
Last Winter , I went skiing and ice sledging in the mountains of Korea. Remember how I met the Korean celebrity on the plane? I really had whale of a great time with my friends during that trip.
Guess where I have planned for my Winter holidays next month?

I have booked a trip to go hiking in the alps of Borneo Island on Christmas Eve! I have started my rigorous training daily by taking long walks from 5km till 10km. I also went back to my condo and ran up and down 22 floors besides taking big strides like 3-4 steps per climb. My groins and knees are aching and killing me now.

FACTS You Need To Know!!!

- Mount Kinabalu is the tallest in SE Asia @ 4,101 metres (13,455 feet)
- Accorded UNESCO World Heritage status

- You get to see 4,500 species of plant, 326 species of birds and 100 species of mammalian species besides Orang Utans
- The world's largest flower Rafflesia is there

- Mount Kinabalu is closer to heavens compared to Kuala Lumpur
- I might see Santa Claus waiting at the peak on X'mas Eve

The beginning will be trekking through miles of thick tropical jungles in winter jacket attire! The steps are so steep for miles! I will have to sleep for 1 night half way, somewhere! There will be 1 hired guide to lead us all the way up and down with more guides to carry my bags, water and cosmetics!

The next morning at 2:00 am, will be the 2nd part which will be all rocks scaling till the peak. So dangerous and exciting like a Fear Factor sequence. I will need to have bigger lungs, stronger arms and legs! The air gets thinner and thinner up there.

I must train hard and not freak out later!

Have you ever hiked to Mt Kinabalu?
Please advise me what else to do!

I have to reach the peak before sunrise to plant my "Twilight" flag there! After camwhoring NSEW, we all have to hurry and climb down fast before the sun burns and incinerate me to ashes!

Whooa! Rushing down all the way in tight ropes like this is slippery and so frightening. I might have to increase my insurance coverage!

I stole all these photos from internet and wonder if the above photo is stained with snow falls? I have no idea.

Look! Santa Claus will be there on Christmas Eve!
Tell me your wish list and I will ask Santa!
No promises okay!
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here I Am

I have recently embarked into greener pastures after a total of some 10 grueling years working with a Hongkie tyrant. It was a blessed opportunity that he managed to bring the entire brood to tour inside Hong Kong's TVB studios at Clearwater Bay and watch the real movie makings in action. Thanks to him for all the connections he had, including a Chinese Godfather residing in Long Island, NY.

I have been keeping tight lipped about my career's advancement until I heard a fresh rumour today from a reporter from Chinese-Press. He heard that I have teamed up with a bitch to set up our own firm. Oh no, I better post into this blog some truths before the twisted news get mangled further.

Well, I have several bosses today in this fleet of companies where 2 of them have to be addressed as YBs. It has been a real eye opener for me with their style of work and pace. New paths are mapped out and fresh venues are graced. Prior to this, I never had meetings at flight departure lounges, inside moving cars and even at the parliament's cafeteria. I have also been selling houses in between the cracks of my teeth to survive. That's how tough life could be.

Boss buzzed me on my intercom and invited me for a joy ride.

"What Joyride?" I gasped.

He ordered a car from N A Z A! My heart sank through the floor and there goes Bye-Bye to my bonus next year! I heard this model costs him around RM200K. Crazy!

It was so damn shiok to sit right behind this spacious monster, resting my long legs wide apart listening to the home theatre system's music. Boss sped off at the steering with his bodyguard behind and his 2nd wife in tow.
I was dreaming about the day I could buy that car. No I won't buy this monster, I would rather travel the whole world instead.

Now we have to decide the 2 digit number plate which will cost another bidding price at RM20K to RM30K! Why are some humans throwing money like that?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Around Penang Island In 88 km

I consider myself as fortunate to grow up in Penang Island which is truly a unique haven. It has exotic landscapes, yummylicious hawker food, Legolas Beh Teh Saw, heritage buildings and nicest people like ME! Agree? (blek! blek! blek!)

I plan to retire and spend my last Twilight years, back to Penang of course! I have found the ocean front condo which I have eyed with a lovely balcony to laze on my rocking chair and watch the golden sunset everyday. You can just do the same and be my neighbour too.
No wonder Penang was voted as the "2nd Must Visit Destination" in the world by NEW YORK TIMES!

Recently, I joined the entourage of an elite group of KL cyclists to Penang for their crazee event to cycle around the island - 88 KILOMETRES of uphills, down slopes and through deadly terrains.

At 7:00am sharp, over 2000 hotties clad in their tightest biker shorts were flagged off from my favourite Municipal Council's Building at Fort Cornwallis.

They came in all sizes and colourful shapes, showing off their kinkiest racing bikes which costs anything from RM1000 to over RM20,000 for a 2 wheelie! That's outrageous price these days for designer bikes from London, Paris or New York. Silly me, just bragging the wrong cities for bicycles. Their costly outfits alone could outshine my Prada jacket, with their well padded shorts equipped with auto-protruding genitals booster.

An expired blogger was there too.

The thousands of cyclists rode excitedly to greet the morning's golden sunrise by the sea @ Esplanade.

Penang's contour is really winding with so many narrow streets along the coastal lines. Nothing much could be done to widen the roads as that would require blasting the hills.

The first victim of tyre punture. He mended and patched his leak with his own sticky saliva!

I was surprised that one of the many water-stations actually belonged to Rotary Club Of Bukit Bintang!

Argh! Poof! Quish! Erhhh! The road was steep towards Pulau Betong.
Notice 2 guys camwhored lovingly all the way!

The narrow roads before Telok Bahang are in widening stage now. The new road will be opened soon after many years of delay.

This is the huge water reservoir at Telok Bahang.

Nearing the end, along the famous Gurney Drive's stretch.

Many supporters carried words of encouragement under the hot blazing sun. I think they were unpaid clowns doing that!

The red shirts were not Thaksin's protestors but shutter bugs waiting to catch the best angles.

At the end of the cycling event, thousands of racers and moutain bikes were strewn all over the streets. What a rare sight!

This guy came back last of course!

The whole 88 km ride was just to campaign for a new cycling lane!!!
Oh Gosh! I think it won't happen!