Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FF @ 1 Mont Kiara

Today is my 2nd day working out at the newest gym which is located at 1 Mont Kiara. I heard that this new shopping centre was built by Hong Kong's Li Ka Shing. Naturally, the shoppers and gym members consist of foreigners who reside around this swanky neighbourhood.

I have been suffering for a year plying the Duta Toll - Kerinchi Link route daily from work. after office hours. Whenever it rained, I would take almost 2 hours or more to reach home. After getting pissed with the previous gym at MV, I decided to re-join Fitness First which was planning to open this one at Mont Kiara. It would be perfect for me to easily turn in each evening to work out or relax instead of jamming along the Kerinchi Link and stress myself further. Remember that STRESS KILLS !

Look at their colourful frontage to welcome anyone! Now come and take a quick tour around this new "Platinum" standard gym.

Located on the Level 2, it has a nice cosy and warm interior with soothing coloured lights on the walls, ceiling and floor.

The reception and lounge area by the juice bar with 2 big Mac for me to scroll all your blogs that I love to read. Now I can drink my bottomless drinks there and bitch my comments in your blogs! Niak! Niak!

The changing room is warm with a touch of luxury feel and smell. For once, I could probably stop worrying of my locker being looted with their hi-tech ALARM locking system. Yay!!!

I often had no choice but carry some extra cash and worst of all, those money did not belong to me. Don't ask me why I carried them sometimes and I am not a loan shark anyway.

I was made to understand that this compact sized gym is very focused on their very special equipments and I must say that I really love 2 particular machines!

This is the typical group exercise area and you will never see a grandma like me there. I fear my heart would skip and I might faint while prancing about...!

Aha! This is the best cycling machines I have ever rode and it's truly hi-tech to inspire us to ride on. Every bike has its individual monitor like an iPad with touch screen. So canggih!

Look! There's a 3-D cyclist instructor to speak to you non stop and guide you all the way!!! Bingo! No wonder they do not need to have group cycling classes anymore!

This is the 2nd item that makes me Happiest to do my cardio now. Guess why?

Just look at the screen! So many games to play and I was so busy playing Mahjong 5 times till I forgot the time! It was past 1 hour of slow run and the thrill was still there! Check it out yourself what other games they have. So damn shiok lah and I was excited like a small child playing again...

The long bar mounted on the wall is a new exercise equipment which I have yet to see elsewhere too. I won't elaborate how they use them.

These weights are cute and new to me too. They seem easier to lift and swing like heavy handbags!

This is the last new item that caught my attention. I do not know its name yet but I saw the members using them under the personalized training. Well, I do hope that all my fellow FF friends from other areas would visit here for a change. Drop by here and gossip with me over coffee besides hearing some spooky news and latest investments I overheard from my bosses.

For God's sake, I am not being paid to share this new outlet's facilities with you and I am risking my new membership for taking their photos! Say thank you!

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