Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Abandoned Cars Everywhere!

Every weekend, I would drive out of my way to Sri Petaling to send my laundry & collect the freshly ironed crispy smelling office wears for the whole week. It is so weird that I still patronize this same laundry shop since 1995 when my ex-Hong Kong boss operated his agency just next door. I have been so faithful to this shop for 16 years! They are not fantastic or cheap but I keep slapping my face for sending my clothes there. The old couple has sold off this business to a new younger aunty who is really a "Sei Pat Phor" to me whose mouth is full of the grime words always. Maybe she has been washing dirty linen too much, hence her words uttered is such, too.

Now I wanna point out that each week when I drove into this shop's quiet lane, I would see a red abandoned car. When it was parked there, I recall it was in mint and intact condition. It has been so many months and bit by bit of the car has been stripped.

First, it was 2 tires and then 4 tires before the windows got smashed eventually. Today 3 doors have been ripped off plus the dashboard has been cleared too.

It just made me wonder so much about this Red Car's fate!

Was it stolen?

How many strippers or thieves have torn it apart?

Why no one bothered to tow it away or report to the police?

Can someone give me the contact number for the "kereta potong" or junkyard?

I have decided to send this eye-sore away and redeem some cash from recycling. I might treat you to a Japanese Buffet with the cash.

You might have seen many other abandoned cars in your neighbourhood too!
Do something and clean up the environment!

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