Monday, April 16, 2012

Songkran Festival in Kuala Lumpur

Every year, I would happily remember my childhood days in Thailand on April 13th when the whole Kingdom Of Thailand would celebrate their annual water festival in a large scale pompous and joyous manner. The whole country would be in a holiday and jubilant mood getting soaked in water splashing on the streets across the country. Usually the tourists would flock to Bangkok, Chiengmai, Pattaya and Ha'adyai to join the merry making which is like their annual New Year ritual.

I am no more a kid but my heart still is. So my younger friends suggested that we met up at Wat Chetawan temple to let our hair down. Oh boy, I had so much fun and endless laughter the whole morning till afternoon. The crowd were singing and dancing everywhere!

After paying my respects to the Buddha statues to seek blessing for my career and family's good health, off I went to find my friends. All strangers loved to shoot me all over with their water pump guns!

There were many who often poured buckets of iced water on my back besides smearing powder pastes onto my cheek without warnings! That was fun and shocks! The teens even powdered and splashed water onto the police cars and Rela vounteers!

The crowd grew by noon with so many Thais and their families. That gave me a clearer picture that we have many Thais working and living in this capital city. They came in car loads and some set up stalls to sell pump guns and yummy Thai food!

This friend went nuts and excited to shoot pretty ladies and kids. He bought a water pump gun for a whopping RM40.00 and just played for 3 hours till it got jammed. Undeterred, he threw it aside like Rambo and bought another for RM20 to continue chasing his targets who were screaming and running like headless chickens!

Once more, I really felt so young again..! Join me next year?

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