Monday, September 17, 2012

The Beauty And A REAL Beast

My wife had just finished her Professional Bridal Make Up Course early this month and sat for her exams. She passed with flying "make-up" colours and will have her graduation night later at a 5-Star Hotel soon. She took up the course just for a mere hobby and pleasure, perhaps to learn some tricks to do her self-make ups for the night functions we attend. 

She roped in a matured student of hers to become her model for the practical exam and the next day, they got a professional photographer to shoot some nice poses of the model at our scenic Lake Gardens. Luck was on her side and the photographer liked my wife's style of colouring & shading besides making the "student bride" to feel so relaxed during the make-up & hair-do session which could take up 2 long hours! The photographer has since introduced several bridal make up jobs for my wife for their outdoor shoot. The MONEY IS GOOD for a mere hobby.

I just tagged along to give moral support to my wife for her first assignment recently and I just had to carry an umbrella...............more of to cover myself from the blazing heat.

We went all the way to Sepang's Gold Coast and trekked into the mangrove swamp!!! It was surprising that it could be exotic and unique with those clumps of mangrove trees as backdrop.

It was so damn freaking hot and my skin was burnt like red lobsters! I pitied the bridal couple especially the young groom who had to wear thick jacket and smiled cooly under the intense heat. We had to be quick as the water tide was rising up.

The above is the student who posed as the bride for the shoot at Lake Gardens. My wife scored an 'A' for transforming her into a BEAUTY.

Our KL's Lake Gardens has many suitable corners and angles for professionals to shoot wedding photos. Usually you will see many couples taking their wedding photos there on weekdays when there is hardly anyone there, so it was a rather quite day......

It was so quiet and nice until they heard strange noises very close to them.... 

They had a very big fright to see some the big tree!!!

Guess what it was???

A male BEAST seized the opportunity to pull his pants down after seeing the BEAUTY and stroked himself to pleasure. He was so disgusting and sick.

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