Thursday, January 31, 2013

For My Eyes Only

There are 5 banks located within a short walking distance from my house and that's a bliss to pay my stuffs easily every month. I was walking to the bank & passed along the shops when I stumbled at the displays in the windows of a spectacle shop. DANG! The CHELSEA frame and its striking blue pouch caught my eyes! I felt that I needed a slightly bigger frame like that so that my eyes would look more sexy and  alive like a K-POP star. Yes I do dream nonsense at times.

I went into the shop right away to get my eyes examined and asked the optician for the quote. My jaws dropped in disbelief at the total price! Kaneeneh, I thought so hard for a long time. Do I need another pair when I should be happy with the smaller one? The devil and angel battled above my head - to buy or not to buy?

What the heck? I worked so hard in 2012 through the daylights & night time & weekends! Moreover my 2013 birthday was coming soon. The kiamsiap me should pamper myself a bit and just pay lah! My motto was BUY NOW & WORRY LATER!


Well I am pleased with my face's Feng Shui now for 2013. I hope it will bring me more wealth and prosperity. Why don't you guess how much this spectacle cost? If you guess it correct & spot-on, I should give you a nice gift! If your guess is very far from correct, so the reward will shrink in size lah. If all guesses are grossly wrong, you should treat me ice cream lah, Closing date is Friday 1st February @ 12 noon for 2 lucky persons!

ANNOUNCEMENT (01/02/13 @ 12 noon):
The price of my CHELSEA spectacle cost - RM1350!
There is 1 closest winner - BananaZ (RM1300)
Next 2 close winners-tie - Lina & Medie007 (RM1200)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Priceless Heavenly Tea

Many people have been guessing about the nature of my profession and here is some insight. I work for a bunch of young bosses who are always venturing into new opportunities with good starts but no  follow ups. They have Chinaman strategies and smoke heavily inside the office & meeting rooms daily besides swearing vulgarisms each day instead of doing holy chanting. 

They try to dabble with everything under the sun as long as they felt that Goose could lay Golden Eggs! Their hopeful gooses are plantations, property development, outdoor advertising and now beverage exports. My main responsibility is to offer consultancy services to the property developers for their outdoor advertising needs. I have to sweet talk them besides haggling big prices and arm twisting till getting bruised by me. The clients should love me as I will often entertain them with torrid grandmother stories and the worst gossips under the sun thus making them to drop jaws.
I also have a boss who is a politician and I have to carry his stinky balls whenever he visits our KL office. He has big dreams and big connections overseas but remains relatively low profile. It has been months that I have been preparing to get his coffee and green tea to fulfill his market orders in China.


I was astonished to see his accomplishment to lay his hands on the world's oldest green tea trees that are only found in the mountains of Laos. The trees are well over 1000 years old and are fully protected under the watchful eyes of the military troops. He found a niche market for the elite tea drinkers in China who would pay any price for the most unique or finest graded green tea leaves. The above sample boxes contain just 5 sachets each and would probably be tagged at US$25 each. The elite drinkers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen and others swore that it was like a heavenly nectar. Sadly it will not be available in our country as the yearly harvests are so minimal making it so priceless.

My Happy Birthday

I had a great birthday last week! I was moved by the number of greetings from friends and family members in my 2 Facebooks, Blogs, Watsap and SMS....over 100 of them. I guess Anay is still popular and not forgotten after all. Many people poked fun of my age in the FB - 19 years old!

I checked in to the Saujana Hotel again using my Lifestyle Card to redeem the free rooms given. The bed was a huge King Sized with comfortable springs and a nice view! I had a good sleep and dreams.

This hotel was once named Hyatt Saujana Golf & Country Club where it played host to many Kings and Queens, VVIPS and foreign celebrities during its hey days when our planes were still busy flying at the Subang terminals.

I like their spacious interior with plenty of fresh air breezing through all the tall windows. I was gazing at the heavenly lights beaming above! We enjoyed their nice complimentary buffet dinners and breakfast as well.

My wifey bought me 2 nice shirts for my birthday gifts. They fit me so well and makes me look sooo slim. I always support our local designers like Key Ng, William Liew and Edmund Ser. They use only good selected fabrics and their fashionable shirts will make anyone look slim & comfortable.

I was having a series of birthday meals with close friends and family members. I ate a lot and lost count of my calories & tons of fats gained. I went on my glutton eating spree and ate at Saujana Hotel, Coco Steamboat, Mama's Kitchen, Chilly's, Lotus Banana Leaf and others. My motto is "Eat Now & Worry Later". I hit the gym for 3 days in a row.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Memorable Birthdays

I loved all my birthday parties when I was younger. I would be given many presents and my mum would bake all the cakes as well as prepared all the "Lam Mee", red eggs, sandwiches, fried chickens and jellies. All the kids in the neighbourhood would be invited. That was the old fashioned practice but these days, parents would hire caterers and event management companies!  The mothers would probably get bakeries to bake a Doraemon or Superman cakes instead. So easy lah!

I was One Year Old. That was my maid who carried me as I was too heavy then. I was born big sized and heavy like almost 9 POUNDS!!!!! Gosh! I was a Fei Haiiii Chai.

I was a brat around Two Years Old. I would run outside without shirts or pants and my mum would scream!!! I rode my bicycle around neighbourhood looking for friends. I always got chased by pariah dogs instead. I hated dogs!

At THREE YEARS OLD, I had a girlfriend named Rajeesh. She liked me and I liked her. I showed her my toy Kaleidoscope and she saw kacang puteh inside!!! Yengga Porreng Ngeh? Sohaii Phor! I dumped her! We broke off lah.

At FOUR YEARS OLD, I started learning to speak Thai language. My first word was "CHICKEN". She taught me weird Thai manners that was to crawl on the floor in front of my grandfather. Of course, I protested at first.

At EIGHT YEARS OLD, my mother baked me a Sugee Cake with hard icing on top. I love my mother always for giving me a good life. She cried for one week when I went to study overseas.

(To Be Continued)

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Old School Days

When I saw this famous blogger Small Kucing's mummy, Mrs Kaldip protesting furiously over the remarks written by his teacher, I had a good laugh instead. So many comments were posted in her Facebook and Watsap on the teacher's stand. Whether the teacher was too psycho stressed or she needs to go back to study proper teaching steps, you can decide.

Take a good look at the teacher's confusing comment and tell me if you understand what is missing? Well, I don't.

Having a wifey who is currently lecturing at a private University, I have been exposed to all the stress and headaches faced by teachers, students and their parents today. It is not easy to elaborate as there is no right and wrongs here. It is the whole intention that counts. However, times have changed and most kids have often been wrongly pampered by their parents but the blames were often pointed to the teachers instead of the mighty parents themselves.

Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen....Let me speak about my old school days. I had a very hard time and probably worst nightmares too. Some of my teachers were female skunks and one male was Freddy Kruger's cousin.

I went to a famous Christian Brothers school where so much bitter sweet memories have etched into my head till today.

In Standard One, we had a female skunk teacher, Mrs Lee who taught me. On my first reading test, I got a BIG SLAP on my face when I could not read out certain words. She could have given me a ZERO and failed me instead of her 5 Dollar palm print on my cheek. The evidence sent my horrified mother screaming to the principal's office before bringing the case to State Education Department until it reached the Ministry of Education!

 We suspected that Mrs Lee was retarded as she also punished my classmates by forcibly stripping off their dark blue shorts and threw them out of the first floor's window!!!! HORRORS! Many of these victims have become prominent people today! I swear that this is ALL TRUE and my friends wore no underwears at that time!!! Muahahahaha!

In Standard 5, we had Mrs Khaw who had this spinster look wearing tight Cheongsams with her sharp rimmed spectacles. She was damn fierce and taught us the perfect Queen's English. So many editors at The Star graduated from her classrooms too. Everyday we had to copy all her Grammars written on at least 6 Blackboards and to memorize them all 100%. Who ever failed to mumble out all the tenses correctly would have to stand on their desks. Mrs Khaw would whip out the huge wooden black board's ruler and hit the student's legs until RED with flames. I never got any beatings as I had to memorize them in fear and had many sleepless nights. Until today I can memorize all the correct Grammars without knowing what tenses they belong to! How silly and stupid of me.

In Standard 6, we had Freddy Kruger's cousin Mr Loh who wore a Karate's Black belt and taught us Mandarin subject. He was so barbaric and would punish any noisy students by squeezing their mouths open before SPITTING THE THICKEST PHLEGM down into their throats!!! Bluek!

I think you all have the happiest schooling memories! Good for you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Balinese Retreat

This is not a sponsored ad and I have not tried their services yet. I was just surprised that there is huge forest reserves outside my house which has been in the news to prevent any development.

After our lazy lunch, my friend Mark drove us up to the nearby hills of a virgin jungle where tigers and elephants used to play.  It was an eye opener for me to share with you.

From the hills, you could the whole area of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and the buildings of The Curve, IKEA and Kidszania faraway in the backgrounds.

 This sleepy elephant greets all visitors to their Balinese Spa retreat.

The whole hills have a small community of folks from Bali, Sumatra and Jawa who run various fusion food cafes and Spa services. This multi level hut is built on the stilts perching on the slopes of the hill.

 The steep staircase at the entrance reminds of the tranquil villages I visited in Bali.

 The lazy cats were having "Cat Naps" and slept so peacefully.

 I love this container plant and will grow them in my house soon!

The stilts are very tall concretes with several tiny rooms for "Home Stay" guests who fancy living in the tranquil ambiance with house cats, chickens and goose roaming freely! It is a bliss of nature's haven for stressed working people like me!

 The colours of tropical fruits was tempting for me to sit down and relax over a mixed juice concoction to detox my hamsap brains.

 We sat and relaxed on the wooden balcony's terrace that overlooks the view of jungle greens below. It was a heavenly place to discuss and gossip on other people's multi million dollar business!

 My detox juice - RM10 only.

 Mark ordered their original black Balinese Coffee - RM3.50 only

Upstairs this "NADA LAMA" Spa Retreat, they have a hair saloon and foot reflexology massage services.

 They sell assorted cakes of soaps imported from Bali - Indonesia which are all made from pure herbs and flowers.

 We had to walk further up the hill to see their massage rooms. I passed some clucking cockerels and hens making the "Kiok-Kiok-Kiok" sounds. It was so kampung feeling and it made me feel soooo "Shiok-Shiok-Shiok".

 Suddenly a dried hairy fruit dropped down from the skies! Guess what it was???

 The hill was so steep and the massage hut was behind the corner.

 This is the 2 bedded Massage Room in the hut perched atop another hill.

 After your massage, you can indulge in SP's "mandi berpasangan" rituals and get wild.

 Their 1.5hours massage start from RM70 upwards with various packages.