Friday, February 21, 2014

Help The Poor Kids

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one".

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


All my very close friends would be hounded by me every year before the Chinese New Year. I would milk some cash from their hefty bonuses collected to be donated to charities and temples besides creating awareness by printing Buddhist Sutra books. Many of my miser friends are sadly very calculative, stingy, selfish and yet they could splurge their money on designer materials, luxury vacations and drive flashy cars! I would strike them like vampires and extort them by making them feel guilty in order to help the needy. This year, my good buddy Bruce and my wife went on a big shopping spree at the Hypermarket.  We were armed with thousands in $$ and a long shopping list provided by an orphanage which we have supported over the years.

 We brought along some young & naive students from wifey's university since they were interested to chip in their time and to observe the realities of life out there. They always thought that everyone's life is A Bed Of Roses! How silly gals!


 We spent 2 hours buying the groceries and all necessities before heading to Klang. This orphanage has over 70 orphans and single mothers, all being housed together like a big family.

When we arrived, the young kids darted out to receive us happily like a Santa Claus arriving with goodies!

The poor kids are not all orphans as many were also unwanted & sadly abandoned at births. I guess many real orphans can be found in countries where long wars and earthquake disasters have struck.

These small kids and babies gathered together at tea time to be fed. My heart was weeping buckets of tears as they are sadly deprived of the priceless love of their mothers who brought them to this world.
My mother has fed, bathed, educated and groomed me from infant until I became an adult. I am forever grateful to my parents who always reminded me to help the less privileged, be it in a big or small way.

Heavens would bless all the group of kind souls and philanthropists who have set up shelters across the world and provide sufficient food to feed the needy. These darling kids could play happily using simple toys! They do not need to have iPads, Barbie Dolls or latest gadgets to have fun and laughter.

 They ate happily and shared all the food that was being served without being choosy. They do not demand for the luxuries of Pizzas, KFCs with Minute Maids and Ribena. 
Come What May!

All the orphans have grown into well disciplined kids with great sense of responsibilities to clean up and wash all the dishes after their meals. Some friends' kids do not know how to wash their own school shoes and dinner plates! Horrors!

Finally before we left, all the kids and single mothers lined up to collect their Ang Pows. We just hope that more people would always come forward to donate and help the other charitable homes anywhere. 


My heart enjoyed a little peace after I left, just like this cute statue on their altar. 
I could have done more.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Chap Goh Meh 2014

In just a blink and the Chinese New Year is almost over! It made me really fatter with no ending of "Yee Sang" tossings and feasting on the costly "Poon Choy" servings. While my waistline had increased, my pocket size had decreased now. It was fun to tease the kids and give out Ang-Pows after collecting them for too many years. I was celebrating the Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur before heading to Kampar and my hometown, Penang where all my relatives & friends live. 

A few days ago, I invited a very old friend Peter Tan to have lunch at The Han Room at Gardens Mid Valley. We 2 couples had to wait for 1.5 hours for our table and whiled away the time sipping fruit juices at the Mexican Cafe next door. Peter Tan is wheelchair bound and a well known blogger in Malaysia who champions for all the disabled in our country today. He was a very popular guy with all the school girls in my hometown during his younger days. He was tall, dashingly handsome and very charming when he spoke. I used to fetch him out to teenager parties and outings on many weekends before the swimming pool's tragedy struck when he was just 18 years old. On that fateful day, he was there having fun with his friends at the Penang's Chinese Swimming Club when he head-dived into the shallow end of the pool and hit his skull really hard! The impact sent millions of mega-shocks down his spine. He sank to the bottom of the pool motionless and friends had to drag him out where the ambulance put him on the mercy flight to KL's General Hospital immediately. His paralyzed body had to be clamped onto the hospital's equipment for spinal injury patients while his head was faced down and screwed with metal nuts & screws which were fastened to heavy weights pulling his head!! That poor Peter was tortured in that clamped position for many months. I visited him only once at the hospital and cried behind the door the minute I saw him.

This is his famous blog links with over 4.2 million hits:

We all parted after the happy meal and I was attracted to the festive decorations outside. For sure, I had to take some naughty photos pretending to be a cloth seller! My antics attracted many onlookers and suddenly, one culprit on-looker just pranced onto ME!!!! Goodness!! He bloody shocked my ass.


It was an ex-colleague during the days we worked for the HKG's advertising agency!

to you and your loved ones!

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