Monday, October 27, 2014

A Lavish Deepavali Night

Last week, a close childhood friend invited me to attend their family's Deepavali gathering somewhere in Petaling Jaya. I knew that area near Gasing Hills have plenty of ultra sized luxury homes with big sprawling gardens. If you want to know how exactly Beverly Hills in Hollywood looks like, just take a drive to Ukay Heights, Kenny Hills or Gasing Hills. They look so similar and no need to fly to Los Angeles.

1. The whole street was lined with all the flashy cars of the invited guests with so many security guards directing traffic.

2. It was my first visit and I was stunned by its size! The huge mansion looked so prominent with lots of Victorian white pillars.

 3. Their traditional Kolam's design was beautiful, using fresh scented rose petals.

 4. I had to pose myself there as a reminder that I really visited a Bollywood styled mansion!
Their huge chandelier behind was too bright!

5. I love their gold plated ornaments at both sides of the door!

 6. By now, you must be guessing who is the Indian Tycoon who owns this lovely abode?
The door gift's fruit cake carries the name where this humble restaurant chains started during the late 1880's. Now the family owns lots of estates, plantations and hotels around the country!
 Honestly, they are very humble and don't go about shouting for attention like many Chinese towkays today.

7. I saw many familiar faces of the KL's "Who & Who's". My wife bumped into a gang of her ex-students who were invited by the tycoon's youngest son. They are classmates at the private school in Damansara Heights.

 8. I enjoyed the best Indian food served in 2 long rows of Buffet Tables! I ate 3 rounds over 3 hours of chatting and gossiping. That's my trademark lah!

 9. I drank 4 glasses of the best teh tarek which was prepared by their best F&B expert from India!
I wished my Thambee SK (Sherman Khan) was there to yum cha & borak with me!!

10. Their fruit cake was so lovely!!

11. They hired a well known DJ who belted out all the latest and popular Hindi & Western music. It was interesting to see the Indian friends dancing the night away!! The older son danced with me too. Everyone laughed at our Bollywood dancing from the front door until the indoor swimming pool inside!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Won A Prize!!!

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I was over the moon recently when Small Kucing announced that I won the grand prize for the comments in her blog post! The organizer ~ THE SCHOOL sent me an email and invited me over to collect my Grand Prize of a "3-Wheel Vehicle" that comes with 2 legs manual turbo engine pedals. I had sleepless nights before and woke up early next morning to mask & powder my face & combed karipap hair-do.

I drove to THE SCHOOL @ Jaya One in the afternoon to collect my prize "amidst the paparazzi swarming around me!"

I was so happy and presented my speech well.

..."Thank you very much everyone for giving me this chance to win this prize. It means so much to me and I have pledged to donate this prize to the Padmasambhava's Orphanage in Klang as promised. I also wish to thank my blogging buddies Small Kucing, Mak Glamarlina and SK Thambee for all the encouragement and support rendered"......

The kids were all so happy to see the tricycle which costs a whooping RM300!
They excitedly took turns to ride and took the tricycle for a spin!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my over exaggerated post to tickle your ribs!
Have a Good Day & be Happy!

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