Monday, November 17, 2014

The Story Of A Dying Bird

It has been a week since my mother was hospitalized last Sunday night. I am still hopeful that she might recover as the doctors have not been able to detect the actual cause after doing tests, X-rays and CT Scan. I have not stopped praying hard each day. In fact, I had never prayed so hard in my whole life like now. 

This morning, I did a short prayer for my mother at my altar, reciting the sutra from a book. I got ready to leave for work and had a terrible fright of my life. I found a very colourful bird dying on my porch. It was still struggling to breathe very hard and looked like dying. I was numbed for so long and had nonsensical thoughts flying in my head. I saw tiny ants crawling to this small dying bird.

 (Photo taken from:

I wasted no time and bravely picked up my spirits & started chanting Amitabha's Ferry Mantra 7 times and dedicated to the bird to leave in peace & fly to heavens. I took out the Frankinsence's essential oil from my pocket which I used to massage my mum daily to fight her disease. I poured onto the bird to help bring relief and comfort.

I walked away sadly and wore my shoes.

I turned around and was shocked to see the dying bird standing on its 2 legs again! Whoaaa!
This is the actual photo of the bird. Everyone knows that I am a very superstitious man but I hope the bird was showing me some GOOD SIGNS!!

Viva Burung!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Life Is Just A Journey

Last weekend, we were all prepared to watch a 9:00 pm movie - INTERSTELLAR which was highly recommended by SK & other friends. It would have been a near 3 hours long movie and we had packed enough snacks to keep ourselves awake. We both had a nice dinner just before the movie while my siblings were elsewhere feeding my aged parents the usual dinner treats at their homes. Halfway trough dinner, I received a SOS call that my mother developed breathing difficulties! My poor mama was panting so hard like a sick dog gasping for air. What happened?

My heart sank to the floor and everyone rushed her to the medical centre where she was whisked into the ICU immediately. She was later moved to the CCU (coronary care unit) where this ward is very specialized in the care of patients with heart attacks, unstable angina, cardiac dysrhythmia and various other cardiac conditions that require round the clock monitoring and treatment.

The specialists found that my mother's lung had collapsed and so much fluid were clogging inside. They hooked her up onto beeping scan monitors with tubes inserted through her hand, nose and stomach. Awwww! It was such a pain to witness all that. Finally, they drained out 1 liter of fluid with traces of blood inside. That was just 1/3 of the fluid and more tests are being done now for the next step.

There is nothing else I could do except to pray, pray and pray hard that heavens will take pity on her. I always believed that we humans have spiritual souls inside our physical bodies, therefore we need to see both the doctors and spiritual divine's help when emergency arises.

I knelt down and poured my hearts out to the 3 Goddesses to help bless & cure my poor mama! I realised that the heavens don't charge me anything for my prayers and wishes while the medical centre charges me a bomb!!!

I offered the lighted lotus candles to the heavens and dedicated the merits to my mother. I just wished that she will not have to suffer and recover swiftly. Someday I might share the beliefs on how these lighted candles can also help all the departed souls.

I clasped my palms and asked the Goddess to bless me with a divine fate reading for my mother. So many tourists were busy taking photos inside the temple and got curious! They started asking me to teach them how to shake those bundled sticks and I ended up teaching Mat Sallehs and Indian tourists! The above man is from India and he smiled so happily after that with the "fate paper" that has both English & Chinese explanation.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Honesty Is The Best Policy

We all know there are many thieves out there! Bank Robbers, Snatch Thieves, Pick Pockets, House Burglars and etc. Now we have ATM Machine Thieves and even Potted Plant Thieves! OMG!

I visited IKEEA recently around the closing time to buy some household stuff. After checking out of the counter, we decided to buy the famous delicious ice cream! It was so yummy to stand there and eat my ice cream cone amongst a huge crowd of family shoppers.

I admired their thoughtful decor to place Eco-Green partitions using potted plants. 
Oh well, they were fake plants but still looked fresh, neat & nice!

Horrors! The next minute, I saw few pots went missing! David Copperfield could learn from them to make plants go disappear! It made me sick and shudder to think of such folks who would steal & grab anything!


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