Thursday, April 16, 2015

Global Warming

Last night I had dinner with the boss Mr Randy Mok, who supplies the leading Japan's air conditioner DAIKIN Brand in our country. I complained to him that I have been sweating profusely everyday in the intense heat that has been baking us. I screamed out that our temperature hit the highest at 36 degrees C yesterday but he corrected me.

He pointed out that it was unbelievably 37.5 degrees Celcius just a while ago! It was never like this over the past years where we experienced such a long spell of extremely weather here. I think the hottest place I have ever visited was in the desert areas of Southern California during their summer and it was like 42 degrees!! It was burning my skin red and I could not forget that summer trip to Grand Canyon by car.

Today I read the online newspaper from across the Causeway and was shocked to hear that this phenomenon weather will become a normal change to our region where each day will become Hotter, Wetter and Drier!! I swooned and regained my sense to get prepared to this changes. I have been drinking 3 liters of water daily and shower 3-5 times a day because I sweat easily. I hope you guys will keep cool always and use protective sunblocks.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

My GST Blues

Everyone has been whining and screaming at the implementation of GST. I thought that I could keep my cool until I saw several ridiculous charges. Many unscrupulous business establishments are jumping wagon to take advantage to milk and slaughter the customers.

There is a nightly steamboat truck near my home. I frequent there for quickie light supper of snacks with my wife for the last 3 years. The fatso seller charged RM1.00 for simple skewers of food. He told us he would have to comply with the GST ruling and will charge RM1.20 a stick! That's 20% increase and he never paid income tax as bragged.

This morning, I sent my car to patch a puncture on the back wheel of my car. They always charged me RM5.00 for each patch work. Today he smiled sheepishly and charged me RM6.00 per asshole! Gah!!!

On a happier note, I heard that the gaming 4-D outlets absorbed the 6%. Zalora gave 6% discounts while many others absorbed them too. In other words, they rather earn less 6% without hurting the plight of customers otherwise they would suffer if we boycott them!!

Where else should I boycott? Just tell me!