Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Excellent Breakfast In Singapore

I have been reminded that I have been away from my blog for too long. It was just a month, so not very long compared to many bloggers who went into permanent hibernation in their own time capsules. It has been over 2 months since my mother's passing and I had to attend to many big & small changes recently. I had to clear many stuffs belonging to my late mother until today. She left behind so much legacies and personal belongings. My siblings are all hopeless in doing these errands, so I better do it and not complain.

My wife had to attend her company's meeting with some business associates in Singapore earlier this week. So I took this opportunity to drive there instead as a short trip for me to relax my mind. I have too many relatives living in the republic as my father has 3 brothers and all their families there. We are all very close since our young days but lost touch after getting married with careers to handle. Besides that, we also have many school mates and personal friends that could number over 50 in this Lion City. I could never find time to meet them all and I had to often slip into the island very quietly. I was caught once by a cousin, while I was eating at a restaurant in Woodlands. I never guessed that he would be eating there when he grabbed me by the collar. I apologised 1000 times for not contacting him and promptly visited him on the following visit. 

I always disliked my own Facebook due to these reasons of having little or no privacy. I would treat it as a good way to reach everyone from all over the world like how I have kept in touch with very old friends from US, South Korea and Japan. I was cheeky and posted one photo into my FB to announce my visit to Singapore and received a barrage of nasty ticking from my cousins who all wanted to have a meal with me! Oh dear, I will have to shut down my 2 FB accounts soon and keep this blog. 

This was taken at the Inter Continenal Hotel where my wife had her all day meeting. 
I followed her uncle who played a good host and took me out for a simple breakfast nearby!

He took me to The Fairmont Hotel where he holds their Club Membership Card. I love the cosy interior decorations and aromatic smell of their PREGO's kitchen. It was not a simple breakfast but a heavy one!

Here we have so many Banglas serving in our KL's eateries while they have so many good looking Pinoys working there. They could speak good and polite English! Plus points given!

The breakfast buffet spread was very fantastic but I did not take all the photos as usual. We ate like 4-5 rounds and chatted for over 3 hours. I was so FULL and my tummy wanted to burst out all the glasses of juices and heavenly yoghurt mixes. 

 The yummy International food was plenty and displayed in very long bars 
from the door to the other end.

 It was my first visit to see the whole complete spread of European delights.

We ended up drinking 2-3 rounds of thick black roasted coffee and Cappucino. 
I had to skip my lunch and tea time until dinner. 
I will visit Prego again someday!


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