Thursday, July 30, 2015

Calling Durian Lovers

My old man went nuts and loved these durian cream puffs!
So I must share this with all the durian lovers as I find
these new outlets are selling like HOT CAKES!

You should visit the latest friendly shopping mall in Petaling Jaya.
It is the Atria Shopping Gallery which is tastefully designed
to be the latest boutique mall for all your needs -
Daiso, Pet Shop, MNG, Little Penang, GMG Timewear,

I am a regular visitor there with my father for our dinner
where I would push him around on his wheel chair. 
We always saw long queues of customers buying the 
latest craze of durian puffs.

This outlet "Taste Better" sells a box of 6 Durian Puffs @ RM10
and you will get a FREE nice creamy Durian Ice Cream
for every purchase of 2 boxes. All the durians are from D24!

When you sink your teeth in the puffs, the soft durian creams
will flow out like nectar from heavens!!
I love it!

I have bought over a dozen boxes and even brought friends
to try them too. You could smell the durian from that stall
from the above floors! No kidding!


Monday, July 27, 2015

Before & After Take

My wife is still in America for the past one week now and she is enjoying the maiden trip's new sights & sound of the new culture. Her 2 weeks stay there is a tough and gruelling one with daily dialogue & meetings with the Think Tanks from the Robotics Team of the world's top university on this subject. 

Meanwhile, she visited many interesting places where I have left the trails of my footprints. She went on to experience the same river cruise where Bruce Willis filmed several of his action packed movies. She also met up with my 2 long lost Japanese sistas! She blew my mind with their photograph taken below.

Top Photo: 
24 years BEFORE, hubby with 2 Japanese friends..
Bottom Photo: 
24 years LATER, wife with hubby's 2 Japanese friends.


She gave me a new key chain before she left and it comes with a tiny cute bible for husbands! I could not help laughing at the daily quotes expressed inside.

Some Silly Quotes:

True love does not have a happy ending:
true love does not have an ending.


One nice thing about being a man is that you don't
have to kiss somebody who hasn't shaved in
3 days.


It takes a smart husband to have the last word
- and not use it.


There are three things most men love
but never understand:
females, girls and women.


The best time to do the dishes is
right after your wife tells you to.


A husband wanted to show his wife 
who was the boss so he bought her
a mirror.


A husband should tell his wife everything
he thinks she'll find out.


Getting married is one mistake
every man should make.


Husbands are like fires.
They go out when unattended.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Stalking My Wife

The midnight before my wife's flight to America, she collected 
all the food leftovers from her office. They have weekly
meetings where much uneaten food were thrown away! Kanasai!
So she rounded up my visiting friend & family to feed the beggars.
It was an eye opener to their 2 young kids to feed the hungry
beggars with delicious warm food & bottles of mineral water.
They could see how sad & pitiful 
to become homeless & lonely.

We headed to Pudu's area again where it's the haven for the
poor homeless beggars who slept under the shops and flyovers.
You can find dozens of them sleeping openly but I woke them
all up as I knew that they were hungry and probably
had not eaten for days. They woke up and ate right away!
The above handicapped uncle was happy and chatted
non stop! 
"Hey, come again with more food!"
Uncle is calling all bloggers & readers to care for them.

You You & Woei Woei are 2 angels.


My wifey flew off the next day and my friend's whole
family tagged along to the see the whole KLIA terminal.
The young boy taught me to install the Flight Tracking
apps into my phone and it was so interesting.
I am such an uncle and didn;t know
how to track the planes! 
Smart boy You-You.

Many hours later, I could track my wifey's United Airlines leaving
Hong Kong and flew out of China and North Russia! 
Why was her "Red Plane" not flying across 
the Pacific Ocean as it looked shorter? 
Eventually I found the answer myself! 
Simple, the earth spins so the plane should fly
upwards and downwards to save time.

Some 15 hours later the "Red Plane" was flying across
the Artic Ocean and passed through Canada.
Look at the thousands of planes jamming
New York's John F Kennedy airport!
This clearly shows how  
"The Humans Are
Trading With Each Other's Karma Everyday"
just like the aeroplanes!

Yours truly and 2 Japanese college friends in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
That was some 2 decades ago and both Maki Yamada &
Junko Ueda have married Americans. They will play hosts
to show wifey the fabulous city where I lived around the
Carnegie Mellon University. So coincidence, she will be
having 2 weeks of meetings & training at CMU.
Deja Vue.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stay Healthy & Live Longer

Nobody wants to die & I wish to live forever too!
I must confess that I have been a health freak since I was young.
Although I was very wild and clubbing the nights away,
I still made time to go running, swimming, bike scrambling
and supported all the friends who were selling MLM supplements.
Those were my growing up years in Penang & Songkhla.
I was overdosed with their vitamins A to Z 
until my late mother called me "Doctor Quack".

These days, I have minimized popping pills
to just 2 daily supplements of vitamins
and have been drinking virgin oils
neat & straight from the bottles.

I drank Extra Virgin Olive Oil for many years now 
after reading that the oldest lady in France JEANNE CALMENT  
drank olive oil daily. She took up fencing at age 85 and 
still rode her bicycle at 100 years old before her death at 122 years.
I worship this Olive Oil mainly due to its help to prevent my chronic
nasal blockage every night during sleep and stops all snoring!

I started drinking Virgin Coconut Oil after searching for a remedy
to treat my dear father's advanced dementia which is incurable.
I gulped it for fun, neat from the bottle and was very shocked
to discover that I could feel mild sensations in my skull.
It could be feeding my bird brain and activated it
instantly. I started to believe its goodness and chose the best
hours to drink when I woke up blurr in the mornings or when
I finished office work and SK's spamming daily till I got mental
fatigue... Looking at SK's daily chart is more stressful 
and smelly flower crabs than checking the Bursa Saham's
stock prices!!
This pure coconut oil easily moisturizes and recharges
tired bird brains like mine. TRY IT if you also have tired brains.
Our brain is like motorbike engine and needs oil to run &
prevent it from getting rusty! 

Lastly, I must share this unknown secret which has long been
cultivated in the Western countries especially Europe.
Many of them drink Solarized Water daily all their lives and
almost never fell sick or tired. It has very effective healing
powers from the Sun to the Water. Just get the right coloured
bottles and fill them with plain drinking water before
leaving under direct sun for few hours. I have been using
the blue coloured bottles to tap the natural energy from the
sunlight directly into the water. I could feel that my body
would not feel tired at all till late at night. My immunity
has improved and I always feel warm inside.
You can read up from SOLARIZED WATER.
We know that all the plants grew from tiny seeds and
only survived on just water & energy from the 
SUNLIGHT to grow into big trees! 
What about us??

Remember this



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bake My Own Cookies!

The festive season will be here soon! 
I will be sad that my wife will fly to US this weekend.
My hometown friends will visit KL 
and I thought that I should serve them
curry with roti chanai & 
cookies to celebrate Hari Raya.
I am excited for the long weekends.
I dropped by the petrol kiosk 
which sells the popular kuehs and cookies.




I thought I have serious eyesight problems!

for a small plastic bottle!
20+ pieces of GOLD.
Better buy gold from Poh Kong
and munch.


 I will bake my own yeah.
So easy, mix honey, butter & corn flakes!
Anything else to add inside?


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Scary Night

It was near 12:00 midnight near the hospital. 
The rain has just stopped and it was cool.
The whole room was very dead quiet 
like what a morgue should be 
with all bodies lying flat 
with individual white
soft sheet

~ Rest In Peace ~

Inside this chilly cold room, a motionless body was lying down flat 
with white sheet all covered up the torso.
This person has lived a good life with so many 
ups and downs like anyone else. His soul must be wondering
all over the place thinking of the journey of his life.
Everything in this life is just an illusion.
We only live temporarily in this earth's dimension and
should live meaningfully each day.
We should love and appreciate all the beings
and spam all their blogs that we can read 
each new day.
Tomorrow May Not Come.


The worker in white uniform walked in and sat down.
He started groping both feet with creams
and kneaded so hard until I let out screams.
I was getting my regular fix of foot reflexology
treatment to remove all my deadly stress!
Body massage and foot massage are
both very important to help us remove stress
and toxins from our bodies.
Stress causes cancer.
Stress Kills!

The body on  my left was smiling sheepishly.
She is my wifey, alright!
She just gave me a new nickname
after the recent "Poker Face".
Now she calls me "Actor".
I know, I know
I was faking good on the screens before.
I hope to be hired again
to fake an old man's role now.

The masseur on my right was grinning
at me with his eyes directing me to look down.
The lady's legs were so hairy and her name is
Miss Gorilla.


Monday, July 13, 2015

World's Biggest Bananas

Last Friday, I was driving out of my office in the industrial area
and passed many stalls selling fruits and fried evening snacks 
like Fried Banana Fritters, Curry Puffs and Lekor etc.

I had seen this particular mega huge obscene fruit 
hanging there for a long time.

I braked my speeding car suddenly and got down 
to have a closer look & feel the big banana! 

Gosh! This banana is over 12 inches long, damn smooth & so hard.
The Makcik seller bragged that most buyers are females and they love these
big bananas! They would eat with bubur (porridge) or simply make 
Cekodok (Fried Bananas) to share with their family & friends. 
What did you think I was trying to say?
Hamsap fellas!!!


These bananas are called Pisang Tanduk and comes
from the plantations in Johor! It costs RM7.00 per kilo!!!
I bought just one banana to give a Minions Fan since
I was heading to his office to run errands.


He was so damn shocked & speechless to see this huge Minions!!!
He just taught me the sentence
"Your Mother's Stir Fried Crabs!"
Guess who is this lucky devil??


Friday, July 10, 2015

Berbuka Puasa Dinner 2015

This year my company's bosses decided to hold the 
'Berbuka Puasa Dinner' 
inside our factory's office instead. 

We have been holding it annually at the 5 star hotels and clubhouses
but one factory manager protested every year. 
He suggested that it should be held inside the factory 
so that all the other Indonesian & Pakistani workers could join in. 
In the pasts, they could not join in the dinner due to several factors.

 Dato Brian specially ordered the mamak food from the best
outlet that he has eaten. It is from Kalifah's Restaurant
at Damansara Utama.

 So many trays of food were placed inside and outside the
meeting room areas. The food was really unbelievably
very good to my liking! We had no place to sit and eat properly. 
Next year, I will protest and suggest to continue eating
outside at proper restaurants.


 The staff of my department posed with a very flamboyant Datin
who came to visit and join us. You can see how silly for the CNY
decorations to be on the wall in July!
I have to confess that the above ladies are the noisiest 
colleagues I ever had in my life. When the Datos are out,
they will turn into noisy parrots, mynahs and crows!
The accountant complained about them to the GM
about their daily noise but the GM turned a deaf ear.
The GM felt that without their noise, the office is
dead like a morgue! 
The GM is me, 
so the accountant is silent.

I was not in the photos as I was still upstairs rushing the job
for the next morning's big presentation with a 
Yang DiPertua. The lousy photos were passed to me
but I still decided to post them here.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beware Of Rotten Fruits

I have been foolish again and when will I learn my mistakes 
for buying fruits that are nicely wrapped inside plastic bags.
I am a regular buyer of fresh fruits and flowers
for my big altar at home. When I say big altar, it means
I have over 10 statues sitting gracefully on my altar.
Your eyebrows must be raised!

I was in a hurry last week and grabbed a bag of
YA Pears! Fresh & Juicy!
The fruits were all wrapped with individual protective foam-nets
inside a sealed plastic bag. 


I opened them 2 days later. 


 4 pears were rotten with maggots inside
greeting me "Hello Twilight Man"



This was not my first encounter for buying this bag full of rotten fruits.
I swore not to buy this packaged fruits again and yet it
happened again. I do not blame the distributor as I believe all
their fruits were very fresh and crispy during packing.
I would blame myself instead for trusting the
supermarket nearby who overlooks all
their quality and expiry dates!
Damn it!

This clearly shows how short the human's memory is!


 Once Bitten Twice Shy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Eating Healthy Meals @ Organic Recipe

I am posting again how I splurged on my recent binge eating 
at vegan food outlets. While everyone is sharing about delicious steaks, 
course dishes and high cholesterol desserts, I should move away sometimes 
to promote some healthy lifestyle stuffs for a change. I will only share 
the 3 top vegan outlets of my choice where I purchased many 
Groupon vouchers to dine there.
I am not a healthy person at my age and should start paying 
attention to my health & well being before it is too late.
I will never forget how my wifey threatened me several times that
if I do not take care of my own health. 
Her crazee actions actually shocked me & woke me up too!
"...I Am What I Eat..."

1. This Organic Recipe is probably the largest vegan restaurant in KL
which is located in a very isolated part of Bandar Utama. Many
people are regulars there now while first timers could almost never 
find it even with the GPS. It is at the bottom of the condo turned hotel
and you enter from the top level to take elevator to the bottom.
Funny yeah!

2. They have nice ambiance and decor that paints how a eco-green
place should look like. My dad loves its simplicity.

3. It is very spacious inside and could seat many tables of guests.

 4. The pots of green and black iron lattice grills are the trend these days.

5. I always have to try their fruit tea anywhere as they have varied styles.
This refreshing fruity one gets 8 stars from me.

6. Stir fried 4 Heavenly Kings' vegetables. 
Crunchy & Nice!

7. Thai Tom Yum soup. 

 8. Assam Fish Curry. Tasty!

9. The Honey Fried Chicken with sesame & barbeque sauce.
It was heavenly good like real chicken.

10. I could tear the "chicken meat" out and chew it like KFC!

11. Seeing is believing! 
It looked like real chicken & tasted like one too. 

12. That place was packed that night and the wait was long.
I walked over to their in-house mart that sells all the specials
and imported vegan's cooking ingredients.

13. They have 2 neat rows of special food.

14. They also have special frozen ingredients besides all the organic
toiletries and personal grooming care products.

15. This Rice Crackers struck my eyes at RM4.15 and I bought
a few. It is very nice to dip these crackers into 
kaya jams or salsa sauce!

16. They have more tables outside to cater for the big crowds.
It has been a popular place for many years now.


Monday, July 6, 2015

The Best Ice Cream On My Earth

I am a crazy fan of good ice cream all my life. 
Lately I migrated from 'Baskeen Robins' to this new Nana outlet. 
Nana is from Japan and gotten me hooked by its rich 
creamy green tea & choco flavours with added corn flakes, 
chewy balls and red bean bites with syrup beneath.
 Melts in my mouth & I saw heavens!

 I took my wifey there on Friday night for a treat 
before she flies off to US for a couple of weeks!
Soon, I will be a lonely bachelor man again.

Next day, Darren dated us out for a chat. I was very flattered
as my late paternal grandpa has 58 grandchildren and Darren
chose to meet me as his only chosen cousin from the brood of my clans. 
I treated him to feast on 24 pieces of chicken bites at the
Korean KyoChon's and thereafter to indulge in this
sinful Nana's ice cream 

I chose KyoChon & Nana's as they have yet to open
their franchise outlets in Melbourne.
Darren loved them.


Darren and I have been close buddies since we were infants.
We never got along as he was very notorious and rebellious
like a Yakuza triad even when he was a toddler. We both
swore and fought physically so much with bloody bruises as kids.
His father spanked him with rubber tyres when he peed
inside the family's aquarium and all the ocean's marine fishes
floated up the next morning. His father locked him inside
the toilet when he jumped up to grab their brand new
fridge's upper door. He yanked the 1 day old fridge
and it fell flat down to the floor almost killing himself.
His father continued playing mahjong and forgot about
his locked son inside toilet. My Tai-Koo aunty
found Darren sleeping beside the toilet bowl like a cat.
The damaged fridge was beyond repair.

We grew up into our teens and clicked suddenly
like Magnets! I taught him to smoke the first cigarettes when
I dragged him along for my clubbing days. Thank God, he
never picked up all my bad habits and became a 
football and badminton player. 

He worked in the high profiled investment department for
Robert Kuok before migrating to Melbourne.


(To be Continued)


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