Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Do You Believe In Prayers?

This weekend, I will be away to visit the very ancient Mogao Caves in Dunhuang. My wife and I have to fly to the Silk Road's belt of Xi'an again and board a 22 hour train ride to reach Dunhuang in the Gansu Province of China, where the famous Gobi Dessert lies. We had visited Xi'an 2 years ago and saw the Terracota Warriors and scaled China's most dangerous Huashan Mountains. What makes Mogao Caves in Dunhuang so famous today??

Read on for answer in red bold letters below!

I would like to share some unknown facts about this beautiful Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur. It is a very popular temple since it was officially opened in 1989 and has attracted millions of tourists and worshipers from all over the world. I must say that it one of the Most Powerful temple I have ever stepped in with so many testimonials of my own. My prayers and wishes have been answered several times besides the very precise and accurate fortune telling sticks. I know I sound superstitious but I sukak la. LOL... (Where is this blogger Princess Ribbon?)

Last Sunday, I made my way there with a bundle of new joss sticks as my offering of thanks to the Goddess Tian Hou. That was the second time I prayed to her when my friends had dengue fever and were admitted to hospitals with no recovery in sight. I knew that this Goddess Tian Hou would help to heal the deserving victims. Dengue Fever is not to be taken lightly and has claimed so many lives with just a single deadly bite from a mosquito. 

Case #1:
My good friend's teenage son was admitted to Columbia Hospital with dengue. After a week's stay, his blood platelet count dropped to dangerously low levels and he was at risk of dying after all sorts of rashes & bodily aches took over. The worried parents took turns to camp over night beside him as they were worried sick that he appeared to be dying. I went to visit the young son in the morning and brought his father to this temple to pray at noon. Later in the evening itself, the doctor announced that the son's blood platelet count rose up high suddenly! Next day, the parents were overjoyed that the son could be discharged right away. They took the son straight to this temple to pray and offer their sincerest thanks. Miracles!

Case #2:
2 weeks ago, I could not see my neighbour for many days and realised his car & 3 motorbikes had not moved for days. I found that strange and texted him. He replied that he was admitted to hospital with dengue fever. It had been almost a week and he was worried sick to see his platelet count dropping everyday like monitoring a stock market crash. Knowing that he is a Christian, I told him that I would visit this temple for divine's help and he should be home soon to go ronda-ronda on his big bike. Next day, my neighbour's doctor told him that he has recovered! He is over the moon and the whole family would be able to fly to Melbourne this week as planned. Miracles!

1. I made my way to the temple and the storm was coming.
So all my photos looked dull and lifeless.

2. On a sunny day, the temple looks majestic like this

3. The outdoor area is very spacious with statues.

4. This is a popular God Of Marriage.
Some fellas took a pen and wrote their names
onto the concrete book! Muahahaha

5. This is the information of the God Of Marriage.
Many singles came to pray for blessings of 
a happily ever after......

 6. The architecture is very colourful with elaborate carvings
and motifs, all steeped in the ancient styles of a Chinese Taoist Temple.

 7. A big Joss Stick urn in the outdoor.

 8. Every weekend, the whole temple would be packed with visitors
from all races and nationalities.

9. The main prayer hall with 3 Heavenly Goddesses.
The main Goddess Tian Hou sits in the middle while the 
Goddess Guan Yin is on her left while the
Goddess Shui Wei Sheng Niang is on her right. Many pregnant
women would often come to seek the blessings of the
Goddess Shui Wei Sheng Niang for a smooth delivery.

10. Closer view of the Goddess Tian Hou, who is also known
as Mazu, A-Ma or Ma Chor. She is the Queen of Taoism who is
highly worshiped all over Macau and Taiwan. In the Tibetan Buddhism,
she is also known as the Golden Mother of The Jade Pond.

Inside the Dunhuang Caves, this Golden Mother of The Jade Pond 
appears side by side with Sakyamuni Buddha and Padmakumara,
symbolizing that the three are of equal importance.
When Buddhism was spread from India to China over 2500 years 
ago, they had first preached inside this ancient Mogao Caves.

 11. Exterior view of the temple's complex.

12. The temple sits on the hills and overlooks the skyline
of Kuala Lumpur City.

13. There are many novelty and prayer shops in the basement
besides a food court.

Do You Believe In Prayers?


Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekend @ One Utama Shopping Mall

It was a very packed weekend at the mall with many families visiting the Japan Travel fair and LEGO City's Exhibition. The economy must be good with many people flying off to Japan for vacations. More people are also buying LEGO sets nowadays too. This is such an expensive hobby as my good friend Bruce Lee has invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours building his LEGO sets! So we went to see Bruce's own exhibit on display.

  Shoppers are always attracted to anything about Japan!
Their food, vacations and products are often well rated.
We went to check their discounted train fares for our coming
trip to see the Sapporo Snow Festival this Winter.

The whole exhibition area was set up like a traditional shopping
street in Kyoto.

 Their folks were very attentive and gave very helpful information
to everyone who dropped by.

 It was like walking inside Japan with people wearing their traditional
uniform. I saw a Ninja too.

 Pretty ladies in their Winter Outfits to promote
the snowing season in Hokkaido.

 Their new bullet train Hokkaido Shinkansen has been connected from Tokyo 
directly to the South of Hokkaido. It would be very soon when it reaches 
Sapporo City. As you know, they build everything fast and even 
patched up the huge sinkhole in Fukuoka 
within 2 days!!!



 Entrance into the LEGO City with Christmas Trees all over.


All generations in the families enjoyed themselves!
The organizers are very smart to plan and draw the crowds.


 Who is this man?


 A policeman!!

 My friend Bruce Lee's masterpiece is the cream coloured building in the middle.
That costs him over RM1,000 and he dare not tell me the actual costs. Tsk! Tsk!

I played with LEGO bricks when I was barely 8 years old. These LEGO
sets were not available in Malaysia then, and it belonged to my childhood
friends whose parents owned the MUI Group. They bought them
from Hong Kong.

 Looks like a crowded area in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Someday we can make a full scale KL City using Lego bricks too.

My eyes went giddy looking at the whole city. 

This expensive hobby is able to gather the parents and children
to spend many hours to explore their creativity with LEGO bricks.

This must be "The Bridge Over Troubled Waters".

They even assembled an airport complete with movable
planes and airport runway!


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Home Cooking Adventure

My wife has been quite free lately and went into the kitchen's frenzy mode. She has been cooking many delicious and healthier meals at home besides baking cakes, pies and even special loaves of bread. Here, let me shout out some of her awesome and mouth watering dishes.

Meal #1: Hearty Big Breakfast with Bacons, Baked Beans, Scrambled Eggs
& Sauteed Salad of Potatoes, Cauliflower & Carrots using
freshest oregano & mint leaves from our own garden.
The breakfast came complete with her own baked cranberry bread
and mushroom soup!

Meal #2: Kampar Styled Claypot Chicken Rice with
lap cheong and pork belly.
(No eggs or Mushrooms)

Meal #3: Fish Head Soup with Milky Broth and Tauhu Beancurd,
fresh & fermented vegetables.

Meal #4: Pan Fried Honey Mustard Chicken
with marinated herbal salad and fresh mushroom soup.

Meal #5: Korean Dolsot Bibimbap with rice and assorted vegetables,
chicken and eggs in fire heated claypot.

Meal#6: Pan Fried Marinated Fish with Rockets & Sauteed Tomatoes
with Sunny Side-up Egg.

Meal #7: Mexican Chicken with Sauteed Mushrooms and Brussel Sprout
with Fresh Tomato Soup.

Meal #8: Smiley Breakfast with pancake, bacons, baked beans
and poached herbal salad.

Meal #9: Shanghai Zang Jang Mien with poached meat, assorted sliced vegetables
and spaghetti.

Meal #10: Wanton Mee Noodles with home made Roasted Char Siew 
and Wanton Soup.

Meal #11: Mini Pastry Chicken Pies.