Friday, May 26, 2017

How To Build Natural Cartilage?

I would like to share a family secret which I was earlier hesitant to reveal in my blog. Instead I have been sharing this method with only my closest friends. Yesterday, I received a text message from my delighted friend who confirmed that her 78 year old father had recovered from his years of knee and joint aches. I decided that I should not keep quiet anymore after all I learnt this secret from a close relative. It has been further confirmed by other friends that their old aunties and uncles have improvement or recovered on their knee & joint aches.

Let me share a bit of introduction to give you some confidence of my miracle source. Many years ago, I brought my late parents to visit my aunty whose father was the most famous Dr. Teh Lean Swee in Ipoh. This granduncle of mine was very well known for building the first Chinese Maternity Hospital in Ipoh and he himself was the brother-in-law of Tan Sri Runme Shaw who founded the Shaw Brothers. The road outside AEON Shopping Mall in Ipoh Gardens is also known as Jalan Dr. Teh Lean Swee. My late grandmother's younger sister was the first wife of this Shaw founder. Enough of trumpet blowing.....

We visited my aunt whom I shall call her as Madame Cheng at her bungalow home in Canning Gardens. She herself is married to a famous doctor like her father and walked around weakly with the help of a walking stick. Her knees ached badly but she refused surgery as she knew that it does not guarantee any full recovery as the operation itself could be painful and become worse, judging from other cases. About a year later, we visited her again and she gave us a big surprise. She could walk about the house very quickly like normal without a walking stick. She told us that she had recovered without any surgery and did some brisk squat-stands to show off her strong knees again. She just laughed and made us guess what she had eaten for such a fabulous recovery.


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Madame Cheng just ate this preserved fruits everyday! This is really a miracle fruit
which is only grown in parts of S.E. Asia like Indonesia and Thailand for exports.
We call this palm fruits as "Attap Chee" in Hokkien dialect which is served inside
the shaved "Iced Kachang Desserts". You can easily buy these small tubs in various
brands at NSK, Aeon, Tesco, Hero Market and many others etc.
Now Madame Cheng could go for her morning walks and jogs with all
her Golden Friends in the park. They all have been feeding on this fruit too.

I can confirm that it has helped me tremendously as I had several serious accidents 
when I was very young. Besides the motorbike accident that got me wheel chair 
bound when my left knee was badly injured, I also fell off from the high rocks
of Batu Ferringhi while fishing. I fell onto the rocks below and hurt my back bones
before drowning into the sea waters.  I was groaning in pain and was paralyzed
for some minutes due to the hard impact. Fortunately my other friends fishing on
nearby rocks saw me lying motionless & half submerged in the waters. The rest 
was history and I started to have aches a year ago when the temperature was cold.
I remembered this preserved fruits and started eating them. It worked well on me
and I no longer have the bone aches. How long it will keep the pain at bay, I am
not too sure but I would eat them on weekly basis. It is very cheap and provides
the natural gel to soothe and cushion my knee joints and back bones.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mount Rinjani - A Safe & Happy Hiking Trip

This is not a paid post.
All comments are solely subject to my
own opinion & discretion.

I am truly proud of my wife for her recent participation with a group of tough hikers from Penang to hike up to Mount Rinjani. This second highest volcano in Indonesia sits majestically on the island of Lombok on the east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, part of the Lesser Sunda Island chain.

The whole experience was an eye opener for my wife to trek with the team for 3 nights & 4 days, sleeping under the stars inside the tents and hear monkeys gibbering away.  I need to share and educate all the future readers who are planning to hike this beautiful volcano that it is most important to engage only the professional & well experienced guides who would ensure that all your safety and all basic needs are met. There are easily over 200 trekking guide agencies in Lombok but sadly, many have seriously shortchanged or intentionally overlooked the needs of the many hikers who traveled far from US, Canada, Europe & Far East. 

The team of hikers consisted 27 tough minded people who
have strong passion for outdoors, nature and survival endurance in life.
My wife is simply just one of them!

You need good stamina and strong legs to climb up really steep slopes
like 60 degrees upwards! This is no joke but the experienced & polite 
guides would motivate and encourage everyone up.

 This volcano at Mount Rinjani is standing tall at 
3,726 meters above the clouds. The guys had fun with
high spirits to hike along.

They could hike 11 kilometers across the jungles and plains.
My wife could still smile & laugh after 6.5 hours!

Their guides and porters would help to carry most of your belongings
and set up all the tents ahead, ready before the hikers reached
the camping sites for the night.

They do have many breaks for shorts rests, naps, meals
and even delicious snacks!

The guides and porters are very jovial and cheerful beings
who could multi task everything. They carried stoves, gas tanks,
utensils, water and plenty of fresh food to cook daily. 

Their boss Saf and team would even play music & sing to
entertain the appreciative hikers! 

They enjoyed their meals while the music soothed the minds & appetite.
Everyone swore that the guides cooked the best Mario's Spaghetti they
had ever eaten. 

There were plenty of trails across the tropical jungles, rocky hills
and trails along the crater and volcano.

 The colourful tents were more comfortable than a 5 star hotel
for the aching bodies on the mountains. The weather was kind without rain
and got chilly as they ascended up. It was very cold at night below 10 degrees C.
There was no heater except sleeping bags to bury
yourselves to keep warm & comfortable.

They pitched the tents by the lake on the 2nd & 3rd nights with
different scenic views of the lake, volcano, crater and nature's beauty.

The sun rose up brightly & beautifully at dawn.

 There are endless beautiful sights of mother nature with waterfalls, wild animals,
insects, pretty butterflies and with abundance of flora & fauna. Everyone captured
over a hundred and a thousands of photographs for memories. 

Sometimes my wife slipped and fell but that is what life is about.
We just get up on our feet again with the help of your caring
friends and attentive guides. We move on again with the journey
of our life.

As they all got closer to the huge lake, they could
not stop taking photographs excitedly.

 Look at the awesome and fabulously beautiful view of volcano, which perched
majestically in the serene lake.

It is still alive with some smoke spewing out. Mount Rinjani is a huge
mountain with this huge lake at the peak. Then this volcano stands
beautifully inside this crater.

My best friend Captain Jimmy valiantly conquered the peak!
He led the whole entourage of hikers from Penang. It was his 2nd climb 
and has another 2 more again to bring other enthusiastic hikers. 
Most of them are medal bearers of the IRONMAN,
Ultra Marathons and former state runners.

Many friends were curious how the hikers did their
biological wastes? Just put cloth on 4 sticks and
share the same hole with 27 fellas!

To make your hike or tours anywhere in foreign lands, we need to engage
the reliable and experienced guides and porters which is a safety requirement
by the Government of Indonesia. These guides and porters are from the trekking company
of Rinjani Kingdom which have earned many top & satisfactory reviews
from hikers across the world.

My wife who is a very religious person at heart was chanting Buddhist
mantras all the way for 3 night & 4 days. My friend unexpectedly shot this photo of her
and the sun's rays shone directly at her. I always believe in the power of mantras.

My sincere & heartfelt thanks to Mr. Safnaz, the Chief Guide & Owner
of Rinjani Kingdom for his fullest attention and care
for my wife's trekking trip.

Everyone was very proud and happy!
Congratulations, they made it!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Romance Of The Gili Islands Paradise

I am finally back from Lombok in Indonesia. It was a very crazy and fun filled trip. I went there to collect my wife who was sunburned from her hike up the tough trails to conquer Mount Rinjani's Volcano. It was such a breathtaking and wonderful experience for her to trek up 4 days & 3 nights, sleeping under the stars inside the tents. The many photos taken up the trails, crater and volcano was awesome with the panoramic scenic lakes. It was really like heavens! I will share the photos in the next blog post together with the fabulous services of Rinjani Kingdom's team of professional guides which I must share with the whole world! Stay tuned!

I spent the last 3 days with my wife and some 30
other friends who joined the hiking expedition
to conquer the beautiful Mount Rinjani's Volcano.
Thanks to my wifey for this trip!

We took a fast speed boat from Teluk Nare at Lombok Island
to reach the Gili Trawangan. It was just 20 minutes instead
of an hour by the slow ferry boat from Bangsal Harbour.

The whole world asked why I didn't hike up with them? Truth be told, 
that all the hikers are IRONMAN, Iron ladies, State runners & atheletics
who lead a lifestyle of rigorous daily exercises! Definitely not me!! Sobs!

There are no cars or vehicles but just 
many horse carts, boats and bicycles! 
You can just simply walk too.

Gili Trawangan is one of the 3 paradise islands off Lombok,
which is directly opposite Bali Island. It is still unspoilt
with clear sea water where one could see millions of fishes
swimming at your feet with miles of exotic corals and oceanic
plants swaying below. It is truly a haven for scuba divers and
surfers alike.

 We arrived this pier at Gili Trawangan.

 This is the boutique Gili Trawangan Oasis hotel with lovely chalets 
around the swimming pool. We took up almost the entire place with
over 30 persons in our group.

My darling and I went ronda-ronda on the bicycles around
the whole island which is only 6 kilometres! There are hundreds
of boutique & chalet hotels lining side by side with so many pubs
and souvenir shops. It was truly a relaxing sight unlike the
very commercialized resort islands like Phuket, Bali or Langkawi.

 This place is where they gave quick intensive
course to scuba divers!

 They have very pretty unique roofs using bamboo & attap leaves!

Miles of clear beaches with deck chairs to relax.

 Small, Medium & Big sized tourists everywhere!
Everyone was relaxed & happy.

We stopped by a restaurant serving mixed rice dishes.
Everything looked so mouthwatering & delicious.

 This was my lunch! It looks like Malaysian food but
the taste was very different but awesome & nice.
I always loved the Indonesian food and cakes!

 My wife loved this Avocado Juice with Chocolate.
Many friends loved this too but to me, it is
too thick and slimy!

This is a near completed pavilion for Yoga!
The bamboo architecture is very interesting.

Many cute chalets everywhere and the prices are
affordably cheap too.


Lombok & Bali have many similar interesting cultures
and traditions.

 The entrance to a boutique hotel with the Hindusim statues outside.

Another private beach with a myriad of colourful beach sofas & umbrellas!

 We just had to snap a photo for our colourful memories!

My darling and I.

Why nobody believed that I went surfing?

The walls of colours depicts my wife's colourful life today.

Next month will mark our 15 years of wedding bliss.
My dearest wifey will treat me with a next trip to Hong Kong!


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