Friday, September 29, 2017

World's Most Visited Place

Greetings from me
at the luxurious M A J E S T I C Hotel.

Please drink 3 liters of water everyday
and pee at the toilet to stay healthy.


Happy Weekend


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My First Ghost Encounters

When I was a very small child, I used to have violent nightmares in my sleep very often. I would scream my lungs out and toss on my bed like the actress Linda Blair in the shocking "Exorcist" movies! My parents would hurriedly run and scramble to my room to wake me up. My older brother who slept on the next bed would be cowardly shaking under his blankets in fear instead of waking me up and pacify me. Stoopid Bradder! Ha Ha!

My mum brought me to see our family doctor as she was feeling helpless towards my frequent nightmares. Until today, I could still remember much of the horrifying nightmares I had which were often repeated scenes of weird beings and people trying to kill me by pushing me off from the highest cliffs or mountains. I would fight tooth & nails and wrestle hard even as a kid in my horrific dreams. Whenever I lost and was pushed down to the lowest realms, I would scream hysterically until one powerful deity would always appear to catch me in his arms. I would wake up in cold sweats with confusions to see my mum sitting on my bed, holding me with both arms to assure me. The doctor advised my mum to jot down in her note book the dates of my nightmares with details of the bad dreams so that I could be referred to see the psychiatrist!!! Somehow, my soul behaved and the nightmares gradually waned so instantly from daily to weekly and eventually monthly to decrease the bouts of chronic nightmares! So I need not see the psychiatrist after all. I would have been admitted to Hospital Bahagia in Tanjung Rambutan if my nightmares did not stop. My name would become TR (Twilight Rambutan) instead of TM. Wakakaka

I was too young then, and had no idea about the meaning of clairvoyance & all the spiritual realms that overlaps with our dimensions. It was a confusing, tough and scary journey for me to grow up without anyone being able to guide & tell me exactly that all these matters are perfectly normal in this universe. I had wished that someone had told me earlier that I was just like a bigger radio with slightly more powerful antennae that could receive the frequency sounds and visions of the unseen dimensions from faraway!  I would often see natural movements of smokey shapes during the Yin hours and questioned our family maid why those things could climb the walls up & down. She would freak out and stare at the walls to start mumbling the holy mantras. She believed me as I was very innocent and did not know how to lie before I started schooling.

For your info - There are Yin & Yang hours to observe (Yang: 4.00am to 7.00pm / Yin: 7.00pm to 4.00am). The universe has 8 dimensions which overlaps and only the highest level could see all the dimensions. These facts are written in the Buddhist sutras.

Solutions for nightmares - Cleanse yourself and your home frequently using holy smoke or blessed water. The local Malays, Indians and Catholics often smoked their homes using the incense smoke or kemenyan. The Tibetan Buddhists also use the holy smoke which can be obtained from the Himalayan Herbs sold at the shops selling prayer items. It would also be ideal to use powerful blessed water and salt to sprinkle around the house and bedrooms. Bathe yourself often with this water would help to cleanse and purify yourself.

Later years, I started having this clairvoyance when all the deceased relatives and friends would come to chat with me vividly in my dreams. They would be brief and short conversations that sometimes needed me to convey to the living family members. It was so tough to bring myself to speak up but I managed to shock & shake up the whole household with the unbelievable but true messages delivered. It was often secrets unknown to me that fully convinced and brought them the ultimate peace as a closure. I will blog these clairvoyant stories later on, where one case involved the grandchildren of the late philanthropist Datuk Tan Yew Lai. His famous grandson once opened The Carat Club in Bangsar and Pavilion which have been relocated to Shanghai.

So far, I have met 3 persons who are born with natural powerful psychic abilities and could clearly see the spiritual world besides seeing human's individual aura. I have once blogged about the first person who was my Japanese friend Kenji Yasuda whom I met in United States. He could see my aura and knew where I stood. So he had a duty to reveal to me everything he knew pertaining to the unseen dimensions and the spiritual world. I found his photo recently (below) and I have once blogged in 2013 about his OBE (Out of Body Experience) which you should read it HERE

My very good friend Kenji Yasuda in Vancouver.

It was Winter when he drove me to New York City using the famous Pennsylvania Turnpikes. He started pointing to me all the many lost souls and wandering spirits who sat on the sides looking sad and confused. Many were just waiting for the right time to move on. When this happened to our own loved ones in the spiritual world, we should be gathering the family members together to conduct many prayer sessions to help deliver their souls to heavens or Western Paradise. We must accept the existence of these spirits as someday we would all die and return back to this spiritual realms.

My hair just stood up all night along the journey when Kenji pointed out to me the sad stories of the individual souls. Kenji himself is a free thinker with no religions as I believed he was unsure and had no idea which paths he had to follow. We were both naive and young college students who only knew how to booze and party all the time.

Kenji often had to slam his car's brakes suddenly or drove very cautiously and slow! He replied that he had to give way to the spirits who were crossing or dashing across the highway. What happens when a motorist unexpectedly drove through the unseen? We have often heard of stories what disasters took place right after which needs no further elaboration. 

Nowadays, I spend much of my time to convince my free thinking friends that we all humans need a good religion to guide us here and thereafter. We are just like our mobile phones and someday when we die, our mobile phones would be thrown away in the longkang. Our souls need to return to the origins just like how the mobile services are terminated and returned back to DiGi, Celcom or Maxis. This is just exactly how I had illustrated to explain to my stubborn friends.

There are many haunted and eerie looking mansions around the East Coast US especially in the states of Pennsylvania and Upstate New York areas that includes New England, Maine and Connecticut. One could easily guess the housing areas from the movies we watched as they all look different between the East & West Coasts of America. The famous horrific movie of the real haunted house in The "Amityville Horror" happened in New York but the production was shot in Pennyslvania instead. The most scary real life movie was the recent "Conjuring" which happened in Rhode Island and directed by a Malaysian named James Wan. Many movies are being created and based on true life incidents after doing extensive research and interviews with the relevant victims or witnesses.

The spiritual dimensions are indeed very huge and covers the space of our entire universe, so it is quite complicated that we humans would not be able to accept and fully understand. I was impressed with 2 horror HKG movies which I believe that the producers had painstakingly reenacted out exactly how the spirits looked like. You can watch them at YouTube for the titles "Rigor Mortis" and "Keeper Of Darkness" (Starred by Nick Cheong Kar Fai)

- To Be Continued - 

Friday, September 15, 2017

How To Make A Happy Fruit Hamper

I need to share my first ever fruit hamper before venturing into my spooky & paranormal posts from next week. Let me blow my trumpet again to see my brilliant home made fruit hamper. Please be my judge whether I am qualified to become a Fruit Hamper retailer?? It all started when I heard that an old friend is suffering from Stage 4 of Pancreatic Cancer which gave me chills and a tinge of sadness. Usually the pancreatic cancer is the most dreadful of all the cancers that could inflict a human. The Apple's guru Steve Jobs also suffered from this cancer for 2 years without much treatment while the Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze died within 18 months. Some patients died in less than 6 months and it all depended on one's body immunity and strengths with the right positive minds. Remember that many patients could heal themselves of any sickness by using their own positive mind which has been scientifically proven. I always admire and salute those who practice yoga daily as this routine would be the best for our mind, body & soul. Fast forward, the yoga would really assist one's soul to emerge out well when their body dies! Ask all the yoga experts like Hayley, Elaine and my wife. They would swear that yoga is the best!

I went to Daiso and bought the biggest basket for RM5.90.
My friend could recycle this basket and use it to wash
his smelly underwear or panties. Muahahaha
I also bought transparent wrappers for just RM1.00 each.

 I bought many assorted fruits and hoped that my friend
could blend them into juices. Most patients would experience
constipation when they undergo various chemotherapy 
treatments. The fruits would be the best relief food and
I wanted lots of lemons too. When one has cancer, their
blood would be very acidic which is very harmful 
and lemon is the richest fruit that could turn our body's acidic blood into alkaline.
We should drink lemon water as often as possible
as it would be helpful to prevent diseases besides
washing away all our fats to slim down.

 Just arrange all the fruits into the basket
and place the Ong-Lai in the middle.

Next step, I wrapped it with the transparent wrapper
and clinged the hamper together with cellophane tape.

Tie the top with gold ribbons as decoration.

Finally, I curled the ribbons with the edge
of scissors and pasted a Captain America's
Get Well Card for my friend.The personalized
card is also home made.

 Taa Daa! The final product of my fruit hamper.
The total cost would be RM68.00 for the
fruits, basket and wrapper. I think the average
florist would charge at least RM200.00 for this size.

I drove to my friend's house which is just 2 minutes away in the same neighbourhood. I gave him the fruit hamper and wished him well & speedy recovery. He was so surprised and touched with happy tears in his eyes. I have known him for over 20 years while he was still attached to RTM and he once helped me to introduce a speaker to appear in the "Money Matters" programme. 

I passed him the form which was downloaded from the website of Hospis Malaysia and introduced to him all the palliative care which will be provided by the Hospice Team without any fees which includes the regular visits by their professional nurses and doctor to the patient's home in Klang Valley. They would provide very useful care and advice to the patients and their families especially if the patient is bed ridden and unable to go to hospitals for check ups. The nurses and doctors would often provide various medicines including the morphine when needed, all for free. The patients could also borrow the special remote controlled bed, air mattress (anti bed sores), wheel chair, walkers, bed pans, oxygen tanks for breathing and others from Hospis Malaysia after submitting the referral form with their doctor's signature.  All these valuable services are free and made possible by the generous financial support and donations from conglomerate companies and the kind public. Please do your loved ones a favour by sharing with them this when you see that they are suffering from terminally ill sickness. Prince William and wife were so impressed to hear about Hospis Malaysia which was initiated & set up with the help of the Hospice care in United Kingdom and flew into Kuala Lumpur to visit their centre in Cheras. I have blogged about this long ago - HERE



Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Remembering 9/11

Last night, all the TV news from CNN to CTGN, BBC, Jazeera and Sky News were busily highlighting the 16th Anniversary for the horrific bombing of the Twin Towers (1973 - 2001) in New York City. I was flipping my TV channels and those images & videos came haunting back all the sad memories of the 9/11 tragedy. I remembered sitting at my condo inside Taman Desa watching the usual CNN news when their Breaking News jolted me rudely to see "Live Reporting" of the Twin Towers being bombed. Then suddenly, the next plane crashed into the 2nd tower and my heart sank into the floor in total shock & disbelief. Yesterday, the news channels played back the disturbing images all over again. It was so sad to see the loss of 2,606 lives inside the Twin Towers and 157 lives inside the 2 planes that crashed onto the buildings. Horrors!

I had seen this actual World Trade Center many times in Manhattan and made only one visit inside where I took the elevator all the way to the roof top. The panoramic view of the skyline of New York City was very awesome and thrilling beyond words to see thousands of skyscrapers for miles. There is no other city in this world that has so many tall buildings like in New York City where one's eyes could see as far as New Jersey, Staten Island,  Queens, Flushing, Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn and many others! I remembered how I admired their US development for building so many tall buildings since the late 19th century! I stood there for over one hour to take photos of the blurry city view below as the haze & smog polluted the city during the Winter. I dug out from my old photo album to share this blurry photos and realised something. I wore the same shirt and pants on the different dates of the photos taken. The one showing me on the bench was taken in New Jersey which is next to Manhattan across the Hudson River and easily connects via the Holland Tunnel. That was how thrifty I was as I arrived in US in just one suitcase of clothes and wore the same clothes for years! 

In my recent bucket list, I had wished to visit New York City again and show my wife around the famous spots. She had only transited at the NYC airport enroute to visit Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania and yet to set foot there. I hope that fate would allow me to show her around someday.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Want to hear Paranormal tales?

I wish to see how many readers would love to hear spooky stories about the unseen and paranormal? The reasons I have stopped writing and even deleted some earlier spooky posts as I became unsure and a little worried about evil tests. I got worried because the spirits do read my blogs when I wrote about them. They are in other dimensions overlapping with us but they are formless and could float around like energy in the space. They are so light and could travel through your emails, whatsapp and even jump out from your TV screen into your house. As I am typing this now, they are swarming around my feet to see what jokes I could possibly be telling you now. Hey, I am a sane person always.

When we see such eyes in the dark but there is no actual cat around. 
That's when you need to get worried and stay calm.

This message about the spiritual existence is my usual topic
to convince my friends to respect them. Even the most 
stubborn folks who dismissed Feng Shui beliefs have been
convinced by me using the scientific and energy theories.

We are always surrounded by all beings who come
in different forms and energy. We need to be vary of
our surroundings and the people we mingle with.
Many people could be dry like sponge and just suck
off your energy and luck away any minute!

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Good Luck in UPSR exams

I have been giving English tuition to some kids at the orphanage nearby my home after someone sent out distress SOS in Facebook for volunteers. Out of over 10,000 fellas in the community FB, less than 5 actually responded!!! I reserve my further comments on this matter as many keyboard warriors would nowadays spring into actions to ridicule when slightest matter provoked their eyes. They could easily spare their time at night and use their keyboard skills to help others in need. Haiks!

 I have been focusing on the weaker ones who would be sitting
for their UPSR this month. It has been tough for me to teach
them and even tougher for them to learn everything at this age
of 12 years old! Time and Tide really waits for no man here...

We understand that English is one of the toughest language to learn in this
whole world esp when it has too many crazy tenses and vocabularies!
Thanks to my smartphone and I could search for the pictures of scones,
guava, flamingo, jumble sale and the list goes on...
I realised that it would be tough for anyone to master English language
if they do not have daily practice in communication or
reading habits. I really feel sad for them as all could not
speak the correct and simple English sentence at the age of 12.

This guy dozed off many times and he is only
10 years old. He has to wake up at 5.00am and goes
to the morning sessions and would finish school at almost
evening after some activities. Back to the orphanage,
I guess he had other routines to do besides the
homework and housework. I noticed that they
probably had no chance to take naps as all their
sleeping mattresses are neatly rolled up.
These are facts of life and I am humbly grateful
that both my parents gave me a good life with sound
education and quality upbringing. I should
always try to help these kids no matter how
tough it could be. Good luck to those
who will sit for their UPSR soon.