Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas To All My Readers

The whole year 2017 has come and gone. In just a week's time, we would usher the New Year 2018 after a jolly Christmas weekend. Time flies very fast for me and so many wonderful things have happened. 

I am shy to say that I have just written 61 posts for my blog this whole year yet I had many regular and silent readers who come from far and near. I am fortunate to be able to make friends with several silent readers through emails too. I am always grateful for several regular readers who dropped by to read every single day!! There's 2 in particular in the FeedJit Live that showed they come from Mountain View in California and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong. I must confess that I am very curious yet appreciate these 2 and many others who dropped by. Please continue to drop by and support me. I will try my best not to be lazy to write more posts!

I went to Sapporo during its 2017 Snow Festival in Japan.
It was so bloody cold and happy for me to eat the 6 flavoured Ice Cream. 
It's Yummy!

My wife and I went to Gili Islands after her amazing hike up the Mount Rinjani in Indonesia. We have a happy life with many Ups & Downs like everyone else. I will always forgive and forget all the people who had wronged, betrayed and hurt me. I only wish to keep the happiest memories!

I have not even finished posting my trips to Kelantan, Terengganu & Hong Kong!
Maybe I should post them all in January 2018. Wishing you all a very
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

When you are dying......

Last Sunday night, we attended a wedding dinner in Kajang which was a 1 hour drive from my home. While eating the course dinner, my wife looked at her Facebook and had a terrible shock that her childhood friend from school had passed away from lung cancer just 4 hours earlier. It was posted by the deceased's family. That friend was a Chinese but had married a Muslim man so her body was taken to the mosque for overnight prayers and early burial the next morning. My wife was too shocked and notified all the school mates. They were all saddened that the deceased died of Stage 4 lung cancer in less than 3 months but didn't inform anyone of her illness while she still had time.

 Now this topic became a debate for me to ponder. Would you inform your friends when you have been suddenly diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer?? My wife and I could not even answer this if it happened to us. So I started to review the cases of my mum and other relatives & friends. None of them actually wanted anyone to visit them, so they preferred to lie low...

What would you do if you know that your days are numbered? Invite friends for karaoke and sing for the last time? Have a big farewell dinner and wefie many photos for their memories? My head was dizzy after thinking for so long...


Sunday, December 10, 2017

My Christmas Wish

It is 16 days to Christmas! Have you made your wishes for Santa Claus to deliver your goodies? Every Christmas, I only have one wish for World's Peace and Food for all the hungry people. This may sound rather impossible but if everyone out there could spare some thoughts and time, together we could all help out to reach them in a small way.
Over the months, we both have been collecting leftovers and unsold breads, cakes & pies from a cafe and bakeries.

When the bakery has closed for the day, we both would be armed with bags & plastic containers to transfer all the unsold items on the shelves to bring home.

We have to coordinate this collection about 3 times a week. It may not be easy and time sacrifices have to be made for me, my wife, Bruce and his wife too. When we think of the less fortunate and hungry friends who are homeless, our hearts would weep and hope our little collections would bring them some energy and joy that they are not forgotten.

Back to our humble home, my wife would sort them out nicely and pack them all into bigger boxes. We would pass them all to the team leader Mr Jonathan who leads a team of volunteers from the church at Kelana Jaya.

This team of Street Shepard are very dedicated and caring people who would pack all the various food into nice bags for the hungry people.

The crowd of hungry and homeless people have multiplied from time to time.

The distributions are done during the day and night. The food collected will never be enough and may run out but the kind volunteers would go all out to buy whatever is suitable and available so that no one would be left hungry.

May God always bless all the team of volunteers to have continued strengths and care towards the less fortunate friends on the streets.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Grocery Shopping

Just a random posting in between my many sad and gory posts lining up. I cannot be pleasing all readers like this Singaporean CK who only loves to hear spooky & paranormal stuffs. Not all readers are brave and crazy like CK who used to go all out to find ghosts around Singapore! Muahahaha I am sharing my top favourite place for grocery shopping as the energy inside is always very good.

This upscale De Market is inside Faber Towers at Taman Desa.
Nothing is cheap here but everything is the best & freshest!

Happiness is when I go shopping with this happy girl.

As the prices are tagged like the skies, yet there are so many
wealthy aunties & Japanese shopping here from as far as 
Seputeh, Gasing Hills, Bangsar and even Damansara Heights.

Their fruits and vegetables here are very fresh
compared to the Hero M in my own neighbourhood.

They are slightly smaller than Ben's but they have all the stuffs
that the expatriates need from their home country.

My Goodness! Look at the prices and yet they are very popular!
That's why it is "HOT BUYS" as displayed.
They are fully imported from Australia and I had to drink this
at their cafe to taste the difference. It tastes good & malty!

Their fruit trays are often snapped up very fast.
The staff are all very polite and hard working
to replenish. I have been shopping at their place
for almost 15 years since their earlier days
when they had another name.

She enjoyed going to supermarkets to pull the baskets.
Here she watched the Japanese TV Demo on cooking.

It is 20 days more to Christmas!


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