Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How to cook White Bell Peppers?

I normally go to the SC Supermarket near my office to buy groceries and vegetables. Everything is absolutely cheap and unbelievable. Some days you get a whole bag of freshest tomatoes or carrots for just RM1.20. Last week, I managed to buy 3 big boxes of fresh black & seedless grapes from Egypt for just RM15.00. I could even get a bag full of Holland Potatoes or Bombay Onions for less than RM1.50 depending on their weekly arrivals. Perhaps I should call them warehouse distributors using a Supermarket's venue.
The reasons they are so cheap is because the bosses are smart people who actually provide services to unload all the fresh produce imports from shipping containers for different importers. They also provide some logistic warehouse storage. One thing led to another and they decided to become a seller as well.

I was shopping around and liked the colorful bell peppers! 

I was very stunned and speechless to see white bell peppers for the first time.!
Have you ever seen white ones? I know I am jakun.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Which Durians Do You Like?

I was having long bouts of office depressions after the GE14. So many big clients owed my company lots of unpaid bills. The worst straw was when the directors of Khaazaanaah threw their resignations together and one culprit is a CEO of another company that owed us so much. As a result, all our staff salaries have been dragged for weeks into months now. Unbelievable!

Time to put my woes and stress aside. So I went to feast on durians to cheer myself up a bit. We decided to head towards the SS2's durian haven. Cars are jamming the streets there every night just for durians!

The prices are like watching the KLSE prices that goes up and down weekly. I would not want to eat those RM1.00 per fruit as it could be bland and funny as reported. The Musang King here is not cheap. So we tried XO and D24 durians. It was my first time eating XO Durian and it really has the alcohol taste like XO!! 

 My wife and I ended up eating 3 durian fruits of D24 which was very delicious and just 1 fruit of XO Durian.

The bill came to RM135 for total of 5 kilos which they rounded up with discounts. I will go elsewhere to eat the Musang King where it is cheaper than SS2. Tell me which durians you like?  


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