Thursday, October 4, 2018

Learn Japanese Language With Kosuke Zaizen

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I have visited Japan almost every year and I enjoyed every minute of my trips to explore the temples, restaurants and Onsen hot springs. I even studied the language twice from 2 teachers which was rather short and a failure disaster for me. It was my bad as there is no one to practice with me. Practice makes perfection for any language or skills that we wish to learn. Perhaps I am getting older and my brains are rusting away.

Japan is definitely the best country I have ever visited in my life because they have such a very beautiful culture and environment that makes all visitors excited and happy. Their folks are naturally very polite and helpful to everyone. I felt very safe everywhere in that country at any hour of the day too. So far I have covered several prefectures like the Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu Islands where Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Sapporo are located. My next destinations would be Shikoku and Okinawa which is still in my bucket lists. I have not been able to save for my trip as my lousy boss still owes me back dated salaries! I want to pass the hat around to my blog readers to help. Ha ha!

Recently I have decided to put in effort to learn this language again. I would be happy enough to be able to speak a bit more and get by easily to have conversations with any Japanese. As you know, I have to service some Japanese clients here and they work for the biggest outdoor advertising company in Japan. I decided to put in effort to learn this language and practice a bit with my clients!

I was fortunate to stumble into a blog post recently that teaches the correct and polite way to speak Nihongo in an easy way. I realised that I could pick up the language better than the classes that I attended. I guess this post Lingual Ninja was created well owing to the fact that the teacher Kosuke Zaizen-San has an American wife! That makes the difference as he could clearly see the needs for individual foreigners like me and you to speak the necessary sentences and correct usage. I was over the moon!

Take a look at his blogpost if you ever wish to learn Nihongo language in a simple and easy way. It is free! I enjoy reading them as they are useful for my needs to address my Japanese clients and next trip to Shikoku in Japan.

 What is Yoisho??? Check it out at Lingual Ninja.

Today is the teacher's birthday and I should at least greet him to wish him all the happiness and good health to live till a 100 years old. He is giving free lessons which earns him Big Merits! 

Happy Birthday Kosuke-San!