Friday, November 30, 2018

Rejoice My Wedding Anniversary

This dreadful year is coming to the end soon. It has been a very stressful and difficult year for me. As you all knew that I was struggling at work and to keep myself alive with little or no money in the bank! I would say that it has been the worst year of my life for my career. I have enjoyed working for the 3 Datuk bosses for 8 long years and thought that life has been kind & blissful. I have learnt that nothing is permanent and life is like a carousel sometimes. There is no such thing as life is happy and fun everyday. Maybe just 20% of our time each day could be peaceful and happy for ourselves.

To cut my story short, my office workforce has reduced from the peak of over 40 staff to less than 5 today. That's unbelievable. Nobody was retrenched but rather fled voluntarily as troubled storms loomed. I have been receiving partial salary right after Chinese New Year till now with 8 months overdue. This is ridiculous! Who on earth could survive the stress and uncertainty like this? I stayed on because I knew the situation clearly and placed some hope that our bosses who are struggling themselves would see light at the end of the tunnel again soon. If all the remaining 5 staff have decided to pack up and leave, I think that would be the end of the bosses! What has happened actually? The mistake my bosses had for over 15 years was to be vendors for all the big property developers in town. The previous government had milked some clients dry before elections and the new government has taken over to clean up. That means many projects are being delayed, cancelled and pending which created big domino impact to the whole property industry. Good or bad, I had to endure on while the sky's the limit.

I am thankful that my wife has been very patient and supportive towards my plight throughout this difficult Year of The Dog. It also happens to be a year of big conflicts with the birth date of my big boss and I have to believe this superstition as it was no mere coincidence. It was clearly written in Chinese bazi books which pointed out that the bad tidings of my boss will fade off when the Winter comes in the Year of the Pig. I am still very hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed. 

When you see me hardly update my blog, there must be something wrong with me or my well being but I managed to find time to read all the other blogs that helped to entertain my moody days with a smile. 

Last night, I realised that today marks the anniversary date of our registration of marriage. Yes we registered on the 30th November and threw a big Wedding Reception the following year on 2nd of June. We have certainly come a long way and I am very thankful. My wife had taken me along for her working trip to Hong Kong in June which was a nice vacation for me to roam the streets alone. I am fortunate that she will sponsor my short vacation again to Jakarta next weekend and again to Bangkok for the countdown of 2019! Yay!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to My Wife
& Thank You Very Much For Everything!


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