Thursday, March 28, 2019

Cardiff Castle @ Wales Attractions

Guys! Please kick my ass for my long hibernation and not updating my blog postings. I have been visiting all other blogs except mine. I am getting a bit worried with the thousand photos kept inside my phone which will grow fungus and maggots soon. I went to United Kingdom and returned in February before going to Taipei. I must try to share all the photos before my coming trip to South Korea. It will be a reunion with my college "Opahs @ Gangnam" who stayed together on the same floor of our boarding school in US. We have not seen each other for 2 decades! They are very weird guys as they all live in Seoul but they don't meet up at all until I screamed that I would be coming over.

Now let me share our visits to England, Scotland and Wales. I have no regrets for this very costly trip due to some last minute flight & train bookings as the experience and exposure was priceless for my wife and I.  We enjoyed visiting the different castles, palaces, parks and shopping malls.

We took a train from the snowy Oxford to Cardiff in Wales. I was so happy when I saw the city was not covered by any snow. We met up with my other US college friend Yvonne Wang, who had migrated to Wales with her Penang born hubby. They played perfect hosts for 2 days and took us everywhere in Wales. This post will be about the visit to the famous Cardiff Castle which is located right in the city. We stayed at Holiday Inn which overlooks this beautiful castle and the famous Cardiff Stadium.

This is the entrance to the castle. It was very cold and freezing, so my wife had to wrap her face!

The walls around this castle is very high and they have unique looking Welsh Animals made of stones, perching on top. That's my friend Yvonne patting the Welsh Rat.

Yours truly sitting outside the 11th century Grandeur Castle ruins on the hill. Today, there is nothing left inside that castle after having fought so many fierce battles. You only get to see its original architecture from outside.

 This is the magnificent looking Clock Tower on the edge of the castle complex.

The Victorian styled palace that housed so many Royal families which was passed down by the prominent Marquess of Cardiff.

Here we tried to fly like the famous Welsh Dragons. The dragons are not mere myths or superstitions as thought. Many people in this world including my wife had "seen" the spiritual dragons flying all over the skies in England, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and others.

This door leads to the hidden tunnel that runs around the whole castle. Their Welsh soldiers hid and lived inside.

This is the interior of the long tunnel which has small rooms, offices, sleeping and dining quarters!

The little moat around the Cardiff Castle.

There is an interesting museum inside the Cardiff Castle that explained the whole history and battles that were fought by the Welsh Army. I was wondering when will humans ever learn to live in peace and cease all the wars & killings.


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