Thursday, June 13, 2019

Our Wedding Anniversary

It was our wedding anniversary on 2nd June. It was the day I will never forget how my late mother had planned our whole wedding until I need not have to lift a finger. She booked the 5 star hotel in Penang and invited all the many VIPs, close family friends and relatives who flew in from near and far. She even reserved & booked all the ballroom halls for the guest tables to surround a specially constructed huge dance floor where Malaysia's Top Ballroom dancers were invited to give several floor shows with singers and band in attendance. It was a very enjoyable evening for all the invited guests who were mostly ballroom dancers themselves and their endless outpouring compliments to both my parents were overwhelming. They complimented that it was the Grandest Wedding Dinner & Dance they had ever attended in Penang. I know that I am blowing trumpets again. Toot! Toot!

My late father asked me to sit down and gave me a lengthy advice before I got married. My late mother and wife were also present to hear him talk. I remembered his good advice and had never quarreled with my wife until today. So I bought the smallest and cheapest Black Forest Cake to celebrate at home.

In return, my darling wife treated me to the biggest and costliest buffet dinner at the hotel nearest to our home. It was the end of the Ramadhan month and the whole restaurant was packed to the brim.

I am hopeless in blogging about the food that I ate! I think I ate over 10 pieces of prawns and crabs! I still have phobia after eating too much raw oysters in Korea.  Verdict: So tasty with lemon & tabasco!

The tray of lemang, ketupat with satays looked so miserable and empty because it was the most popular dish that night. This hotel's F&B was quick to replenish all the trays of food the whole night. Kudos! Verdict: The glutinous rice was soft & fragrant.

This is an Indian styled vegetables curry and cauliflower is my Number 1 favourite vegetable. I have sadly developed allergies to brinjal, spinach, black mushrooms and others. This must be due to my weak liver as I have aged.  Verdict: Indian Curries are very aromatic!

They have many plates of cakes and desserts but I must show this colourful rainbow cake. I know it is just toxic colours but I had to eat some with my hot teh tarek. Verdict: Yummy! The pandan smell oomph!

Honestly, this section had many types of local ulams and green salad leaves with all the freshly pounded sambals in the individual lesung batu. I had to try them all. Verdict: So spicy & smoked my brains.

I love this coffee machine and drank 2 cups of cappucino besides 3 teh tareks from another stall. Verdict: I wanna buy this Coffee Dispenser.

Their soupy dessert and fruits island is always huge with flowing Chocolate Fountains. Nah! I only ate many pieces of fresh fruits with assorted Malay kuehs. Verdict: I am getting fatter!

Thank you to my wife for the memorable dinner and for tolerating me all these years! I promise to be a good hubby always!


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