Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Nightmares Of A Landlord

I have been having a stressful week after my tenants moved out from my condo last week. They were a bunch of bachelors male monkeys from China. The mess and damages they left behind is the worst compared to my earlier tenants from Iran, Libya and North Korea. The earlier ones were all neat and tidy tenants unlike this China's troop of wild monkeys. The Libyan couple even re-painted my whole condo unit to sparkling white before handling over the keys! Loved them to the moon & back.

A year ago, there was this China company inside Faber Towers that needed 20 units of fully air-conditioned condo units for their so-called IT staff from China. The property agents hurriedly contacted me right after the North Korean diplomat had returned back to Pyongyang. That IT company only asked for 1 year contract and have since evacuated all the 20 units, to move their operations to another country. No prizes for you to guess what sort of business they were doing.

Horrors!! Look at how they had damaged the cabinet corner where the sink was. The sink had been detached from the thick wooden table top plus pipes broken below with water seeping all below the whole cabinet. I could only guess that someone very heavy like a Thai elephant had playfully sat beside the sink to cause it to crack & break down. Life is not always a bed of roses for the landlords.

I got my handyman to tear out the damaged portion and build a new concrete cabinet with brand new sink and tap. The future tenants can dance A-Go-Go on the concrete slab and it will not break anymore. I had to plan all the repair work in all the rooms & toilets for these handymen and had to hop over to IKEA to buy new cabinet doors. I was so pleased that they have almost very identical design patterns sold at IKEA. That means my old kitchen cabinet doors are still in fashion trends! LOLOL

I really need a break!!!

I have booked Air Asia's new flight destination to Belitung Islands at Indonesia! The earlier return tickets were launched just over 100 ringgit! I was a bit late but still got return tickets at under RM200. 

Next week, I will bring my wife there for a week to destress our heads and check out this unknown & isolated islands where the sea waters are all crystal clear until you could see the tiny hairs on your toe nails. Muahahahaha!


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