Friday, February 21, 2020

A Good Start In Year 2020

Hola! I am back again after a very long hiatus. I guess that I have been missing for 2 months and 21 days to be exact. So many good things have taken place and let me share a quick summary today.

1. I went to Thailand with a bunch of aunties from my wife's side. We took an overnight bus from KL to Ha'adyai. The journey back was horrible as the highway jam on a Sunday took forever to reach KL at almost midnight after a morning departure from Thailand. This photo of yours truly with the Deity Guang Gong.

2. We stayed at a very popular hotel there which was haunted. So many people died in the basement  when the town was heavily flooded many years ago.

3. The most famous IRONMAN in Malaysia Alfred Cheong invited me and my wife to his huge bungalow house for a Christmas party. We met so many IRONMAN participants that night and enjoyed the most sumptuous buffet dinner with free flow of freshly squeezed juices and alcoholic beverages. Look at all his family's medals on the wall.

4. I followed the same bunch of my wife's aunties to Sekinchan. It is getting boring for me after seeing that sleepy village for countless times.

5. Here's the aunties posing while I was the photography Art Director.

6. This year I ate the Yee Sang many times. I hope my tossing would bring me better luck.

7. I visited my cousin's house on Chinese New Year and he invited 3 Lions to dance from ground floor up to the roof top on the 4th floor!! First time I saw the drummers went up on his elevator inside the house. I even hugged the God of Wealth to bless me with more MONEY!

8. Hell broke loose when the Wuhan Virus started to spread. I had booked my trip to China many months ago and had to reluctantly waste my tickets 2 days before our trip. I was only planning to visit Guangzhou to spend a week there to enjoy the Chinese New Year spirit. 

I was sad for days but our safety and health should be the priority..... Suddenly AirAsia announced refunds for tickets purchased to selected places in China. Bingo! They have fully refunded me with credits to my account and I am free to re-book to any other destinations. Now where should I go?

9. My office has moved to a new location in Desa Park City which is an award winning development. My office sits on top of the Plaza Arkadia which commands a vibrant & happening scene every evening with lots of merry drinkers and diners who flock to this vibrant area. Hope the new Feng Shui would be good here with so many fountains below.


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