Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Celebration Of Success

My long hiatus again, was probably a no surprise to my fellow bloggers and silent readers. Thank you very much for your kind understanding and patience with me for my silence. As we all know that the current pandemic has brought much changes to almost everyone in this world, in many big and small ways. Earlier, I had enjoyed some 10 years of easy job with my current advertising company that started owing me salary when the PH government took power. They actually created much sufferings to all the property developers and vendors like us as they meant to flush out all the corrupts. Fast forward, I had to do something with no income yet I went for holidays when dark clouds were looming over my head. With heaven's blessings, I slowly started trading in expensive rare antiques and bereavement products. It was an eye opener for me like a 'new norm' that I had to adapt to in this dog eat dog's world. 

Being an optimistic person with strong mind power, I knew that I just had to brave and overcome all obstacles in my life. I always believe that when there's a will, there's always a way. Nothing much had changed my lifestyle and eating habits today except that I was frequently visiting almost all the big cemeteries and colambarium sites in Klang Valley like my 2nd home! Sitting and walking amongst the thousands of grave tomb stones actually made me wake up & reflect a lot over my whole life's journey from the day I was born in Penang and spent growing up years in Thailand. I had walked the streets of New York City, London, Shanghai and scaled the Great Walls of China besides trekking across Grand Canyon in Arizona. Suddenly, I was walking around graveyards of all the departed ones. The drastic change of my profession took everyone by surprise and disbelief as I made myself very transparent in my blog and several Facebooks. I always like to share my thoughts with everyone to live their lives to the fullest and meaningful ways by helping everyone. 

Now let me blow my trumpet here. Last month, it was big news in the Nirvana's Top Group Team when I was being promoted one level up after much hard work and sweat. The tremendous support from my family and friends all greatly triumphed my journey to earn this unexpected promotions by hitting the sales target.

There are several big teams of agents in Nirvana Group and I belong to the this successful "TOP GROUP" team. In August alone, we managed to sell over RM49.9 million worth of bereavement products to all the smart customers who had planned wisely for their future. They bought early to have total peace of mind for their families and actually saved thousands of ringgits now. That's easily made possible for them by taking advantage of the 0% interests instalment purchases. Remember this that "....Time and Tide Waits For No Man....."

See my handsome face???

I had to call for a simple celebration and we headed to our nearest Japanese restaurant nearby our home. It is ROBATAYAKI at One Utama which has very authentic Japanese skewered meat that often reminds me of the winter nights eating them with my wife while we were in Sapporo and Himeji in Japan. Yums!

This is the bill. We will be back again.


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