Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Playing Basketball

Yes, you heard correctly. I have started playing basketball with my bunch of nephews. My friends are saying I am going nuts for taking up boxing and now basketball. They warned me that it would hurt my soles and too much exercise would make me thinner like a Scarecrow. There are several basketball courts in my neighbourhood and it's free for the public to use. I have not been attending the boxing classes since the MCO started and the long hiatus would need me to build up my stamina again.

My nephews played their computer games at home too often and lacked exercise. So the annoying uncle is dragging them to play some outdoor games. They freaked out in less than one hour.

 I made them run around the basketball court and screamed at them like a fierce NBA coach!

Practice makes perfection. Nothing is easy in life.

At least I still could prance and jump like a monkey! 
Don't play, play. This uncle still can play!


The game is over and I had to buy them Bubble Milk Tea to reward them for exercising!
Nowadays, the kids are damn spoilt and too pampered like snowflakes!


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Learning From Our Cradle To Our Graves

My wife has some incurable books disease. She would not stop reading anything she could lay her hands and studying is her all time passion. I am just totally opposite. Needless to say, I like to laze, chill and relax with something to drink and munch in front of the TV.

I fetched my wife to OUM yesterday. She came out with a goodie bag that confirms her enrollment to pursue her Master's Degree in Information Technology! ~ Faints ~

That calls for a small celebration for her journey to higher learning. I took her to explore the J-Gate on the upper floor of Lot 10. This exciting place reminds me of the many fine dining restaurants in Tokyo's upscale Roppongi hub.

We settled and chose Ma Maison Ebisu Restaurant. Look at my wife with her new Princess Diana's hairdo.

We ordered and shared a delicious platter of Chicken Wings and Fried Cheese Balls, It was superb and heavenly!

Look at the steaming hot and flowing cheese gooey! I will want to order this again.

This Pork Tonkatsu was very delicious as they used the best rice imported from Japan including all their specially made sauces and ingredients. We will be back!


Monday, December 14, 2020

The "Best Wife Award" goes to.....

My drum rolls......

Here I go again, blowing trumpets about my wife. I have shared the recent post on how my wife sacrificed her hiking trip to the Himalayas and put up a brave pretentious look to send me off on the plane to South Korea and thereafter took a cab home instead. If you cannot recall this incident, you can read up HERE.

So, I have ordered an Academy Award trophy for my wife for her BEST ACTRESS role! Muahahahahaha

Sometimes, she amazed me as an overly ambitious person with a strong character and passion to live her life to the fullest. The year 2020 has been a fruitful year for her with several unexpected new ventures to keep her going and busy. Besides her tight schedule being a fulltime consultant for our Ministry of Education, she also runs 2 educational centres for her USA's Computational Thinking and also joins her weekly sessions with different Toastmaster's Clubs in Klang Valley. Not enough, she will be lecturing weekly at University Tunku Abdul Rahman come this January 2021 and currently in talks with Sri KDU for her contributions towards their expansion programs. She has also enrolled to do her Masters in Computer Science too. Who on earth would believe the way she uses her time each day? I do. I am thankful that she has time to take good care of me.


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

My Hometown Stay at Cheong Fatt Tze's Blue Mansion

We can travel interstate now. So I quickly arranged with my KL antique dealer to send my friend's purchase on the lorry to his home in Penang Island. 
Since I am alone for the trip, I seized the chance to stay and explore this ancient mansion which was built by the Last Mandarin of China, before the fall of Qing Dynasty. 

I arrived the Blue Mansion on a trishaw.

 The Grandeur Lobby to welcome guests. This was the movie set of the Crazy Rich Asians!

Waited for my chamber maid to usher me to my harem.

Once upon a time, this was the harem of the concubines.
Raise the red lanterns at night fall.

That's my "Gang Yu" chamber.

My stately and well equipped room. Many naughty comments in my Facebook teased me that it's haunted and I would wake up in the lobby the next morning!!! So cruel!

Don't disturb me. I am busy now with lots of business to do. Honestly, I was typing this blog post before I lost the excitement.

Next morning, my butler invited me for breakfast.

 Look at my sumptuous breakfast.

Come and stay here. You will love the ambiance and top notch service. 
Many movies have been filmed here including the Crazy Rich Asians!
Write down in your bucket list.


Friday, December 4, 2020

Times Have Changed. It Is The New Normal.

Someone shared these hilarious photos in the social media. I was tickled and agreed that many young generations today are so spoilt, pampered and different. I see too many bad parenting nowadays beyond hope and repair. I am having headaches with the bunch of some crazy nephews and nieces around me. It is the new normal of seeing these beings!

Meanwhile, ex-PM Tony Blair of UK just said - COVID19 will usher in a world where insecurity and unpredictability constitute the new normal.



Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Chicken Rice Shop @ 1-Utama Shopping Mall

I went to meet a fellow blogger who just returned from Thailand after being stranded there for almost a year due to the closed borders. He was a known addict for this Roast Chicken Rice and Curry Chicken before he went missing in Thailand. It was through him that I learnt to eat Chicken Rice at this chain of TCRS. I found their prices attractive especially when they have many sets of combo meals. It was indeed suitable for me to bring guests there when I needed to entertain over the last 2 years. 

 The fellow blogger and I. He bought a bereavement package from me on time before the price went up on 1st December! He saved additional RM900 besides the early booking discount of over RM3,000. So he saved almost RM4,000 to buy a 'peace of mind'.

We ordered too much as the promotions was irresistible!!

It costs only RM1.80 for this whole plate of quarter roast chicken!! 
So cheap promotions la. Kiok Kiok Kiok! Ayam berkokok.

It was a happy and yummy day to meet my friend again. When I posted these photos in my Facebook, I had a shock that so many people mentioned that I took them there to eat too. I was quite embarrassed actually, not realizing that I frequented this place. That's because we eat outside often during the MCO period.


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