Sunday, February 28, 2021

How I Spent My Chinese New Year 2021

In a blink of my eyes, the 15 days of Chinese New Year had come and gone. I am truly glad that we were allowed to have our family reunion dinner. Days before the festive season started, I was terribly busy with something else, new but otherwise, familiar with my creative hobby. Having seen how I have designed the interior for my wife's Computational Thinking Centre, this professor from the IT Faculty of the university in Kampar invited me to produce a proposal for him to convince the Dean of his faculty to refurbish the boring and plain looking interior of their faculty. It was a difficult task for me as I had to do so much detailed & extensive research including watching several documentaries over the Netflix channels to see how the fabulous buildings looked outlandish and attractive in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and England. Finally, I managed to complete the 25 page proposal that could help the professor to convince his Dean. He was pleased like a lark that my strong worded research writings poked on the need to create a new image branding that is important to attract local and foreign students from China, Middle East and East Asia. I attached many sample photos which I unearthed from the internet to show how beautiful and motivating the architectural designs of other world's prestigious varsities like Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Monash, Imperial College, Waseda and many others. Wish me good luck.


My wife cooked a huge pot of Poon Choy Dish for 10 during the reunion dinner at Happy Gardens. She added 2 cans of abalone lined with carved auspicious letterings. Something unique.

We also had many well wishers over the Chinese New Year days. I better not elaborate over the social media but to let this photo to do the talking.

I was pleased to be invited by our TOP Group's lady bosses to join them in the special professional photography and video shoot. I felt like a celebrity with all the lightings and different cameras aimed at me. That's because I achieved the Top 20 for sales performance at my Sales Director level. Honestly, I am happy with my current working lifestyle during the MCO. I don't need to work everyday but when I do, I really hard work for just 2-3 days to close the sales. I have built my self confidence along the way and foresee that I should do better in 2021.


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