Sunday, June 27, 2021

What is a Blog?

What is a Blog? The search engines says it is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

You might laugh at my sudden post to ask what is a blog?? I have my reasons to continue on Part 2 in my next coming post which has been typed, all ready.

Many bloggers treated their own blogs like a personal space or diary to record all the lifestyle events, vacation trips, fashions, cooking recipes or left over meals!! Since it is often made for public reading and viewing, it's best we read them with open mind and a pinch of salt. If we appreciate the writer's topic, it would be good to leave some kind words in the comments. That would be welcomed by the writers and motivate them to carry on sharing. Do not attack or belittle them if one cannot practice kindness. 

Time has really changed. I have seen many anonymous blogs that slander about politics, royalties and character assassinations. These ghost writers often posted untrue facts and malicious lies about a certain person or place to bring them down. These dangerous tactics are despicable in today's world which will see no end in the social media. Now everything is online, free and easily accessible via smartphones to get the latest and hottest news across the continents. The Western Media has been hiring cybertroopers to spread lies about China, Middle Easts, Russia and whatever under the sun. We should trust our instincts and read them carefully without being gullible and prejudice. 

Similarly, many active bloggers today have become real keyboard warriors! Some are so brave, bold and sometimes blunt with their typed words because they don't reveal their actual photos and identity. That is up to individual's choice to remain hidden. They may say it is for their own safety. Yes, safety is priority but sometimes they got carried away with the situation and ended up waging online wars or leave a barrage of threatening comments in other blogs. This is actually very scary for me to learn after seeing some incidents in the blogsphere. Words can really kill.

As you know, I have been writing my blog for the past 13 years. I have definitely seen many happy and  crazy moments besides sad and ugly battles between bloggers. The list goes very long and it is too tiring to recall everything. I have no particular title for my writing styles here as I would pen down whatever that comes into my head. Sometimes I would love to share my happy stories and exciting trips. I would also share about life and death matters without fear or favour. I am very transparent here with all my photos from baby to a matured adult today. My intentions have always been genuine to share anything worthy and sometimes to awaken my readers. 

When a blogger posted about a product or ate some food that they found it unsatisfactory, they are actually naming and shaming the seller. If one thinks it's alright to warn others, then the bad karma would fall back to the blogger for causing the seller all the loss of income and reputation. The damage done could not be undone, so we bloggers should try to refrain from killing someone's rice bowl esp when famous bloggers have thousands of readers daily across the world. It is meritorious if we share good things and benefit the seller & consumers. Character assassination is a sinful action. Just like the Borneo Elephant's case, I did not provide his real identity or his blog links. I merely shared some truths about his bullying and only few bloggers could guess his identity because they were also stomped by him. I was a victim too.

Moving on, the fellow bloggers often shared many good ideas and advice with me especially when they have returned from trips to Japan, Hong Kong and Europe. They would post them in their own blogs and similarly I would also try to share all my experience gained from the travels. Sadly, I never found the time to retrieve many more photos from the hard disk that contains my happy trips and glorious days with friends and family. 

Looking back at all my posts, I suddenly realized that my style of writing and choice of words used, often made me sound very arrogant, egoistic and probably a show off too. I am very sure many readers might have felt this way, deep inside their thoughts. This is solely my fault as the choice of words and topics could be perceived very differently from my humble intentions to entertain my readers by sharing everything. For this, I have to apologize for giving this unpleasant impressions of myself. Perhaps I should not share and brag about myself too much from now onwards. I might remove all my personal photos if I deem it fit to do so. I should write more about general topics that could bring benefits and smiles to mankind. I will try my best to be more Humble, Humble and Humbler. 

My next post: Blogger Vs Blogger


Thursday, June 24, 2021

(Updated) Computational Thinking @ Taman Desa

Our country was supposed to roll out Computational Thinking skills and curriculum across all the schools and universities a few years ago. Due to the multiple changes in the political scene, everything had to be restarted, resubmitted and discussed all over again. This delay badly hurts the educational system and slows down the progress. We are always behind everyone else. We are often famous for wrong reasons too! 

Since my wife is the only person who holds the Master Trainer's Gold Award certificate for Computational Thinking Skills outside United States, I fully support her humble ambitions to benefit the future generations. Money is not most important factor here, though useful for survival and I embarked into plans within my small way in using my foresight and advertising background.

We set up the first centre for Computational Thinking in the middle of 2019. It was just before the start of the Covid's pandemic that affected the whole world. We had a slow start but I was surprised to see the business flourish in all unexpected directions. My wife has been engaged by 3 big establishments for her services with long term contracts. I am proud of her success and hard work. We also have many students who come from faraway places like Putra Heights, Kota Kemuning, Old Klang Road, 9 Mile Jalan Cheras, Ara Damansara and others. To me, that's really very far and their effort to travel is remarkable. That's because their parents are all well learned and farsighted people who knew how important Computational Thinking is for the present and future generations. All the big offices in US like Microsoft, Google, Yale, Harvard, & Carnegie Mellon Universities and many others are using Computational Thinking skills. The parents would willingly drive across so many paying tolls and mileage, just to give the best to their children. For this I am truly grateful for their confidence. Now it is not a problem for them to drive so far and pay for both ways multiple tolls and petrol, but once they reach our area, the nightmare starts! There is hardly any parking space in this busy area even on Sundays. It has been a nagging problem for 2 years now. Enough I said to myself.

I decided that the best location which meets all of them halfway is definitely Taman Desa which is a matured neighbourhood with ample parking space. I have lived here before and still keeps my rented condo, therefore every street there is like the back of my palm. 

I met up with my property agent friend who introduced me a very ideal and suitable place. We have paid the deposits and are waiting to sign the contract. I have designed and planned for the layout before meeting the renovation team soon. My wife looked pleased and raised her eyebrows to see my sketches that included beautiful lighted pantry bar decked with plants and high stools inside the classroom corner for the students or participants. Everyone loves to be pampered, why not?


Monday, June 21, 2021

Our Fairytale Wedding Day

Earlier this June, was our wedding anniversary. We tied the knot in Penang not too long ago. We have not even reached the Platinum yet. I hope to bring my wife to Praque and Vienna by then. I told her it would be onboard the cheapest available flight to UK and hop on ferry from Dover to France and continue by train to Praque and Vienna. All under RM6K budget.

My late parents organized the whole wedding dinners for all my siblings and I. I need not even lift a finger for the planning as 90% of the guests were their close friends and relatives. I probably had just 2 tables for old friends and the rest of 38 tables were theirs. It was the last wedding in the family and they had no expenses spared including taking up all the 3 connecting ballrooms to become one. They just wanted a huge dance floor right in the middle for the dancers, floor shows and band in attendance. 

I will just share 5 photos in this post as it is not appropriate to show the faces of the guests who wanted low profiles. During my last trip to Hong Kong, I met my childhood friend there for lunch at the famous Royal HKG Jockey Club (Phau Ma Tei). He lives in a super luxurious condo right above the Jockey Club that commands the panoramic view of the whole turf club and Tai Hang (Most upscale at the hills). He attended our Penang wedding too and reminded me again several times never to post his photos in any social media. So I had to keep my promise. 

The wedding venue was held at The Equatorial Hotel Penang. My brother bought a brand new BMW 520i just on time to chauffeur us to the hotel. I think he swiped the whole car with his credit card. He loves me too much!

My nephew and 2 nieces were all babysat by me at birth. So they were the chosen ones to become the page boy and flower girls. The boy Shane has since graduated from University of Surrey and won championship for Hip Hop Dance in UK and Amsterdam. He now works for IT firm in Singapore and gets invited to be judge for Hip Hop Dance Competitions in Europe and SE Asia. His sister Jan has graduated in Music from University of York. She will pursue her Masters when the borders are open again. Then, Paulynne has graduated from University of Reading with Masters in Chemistry. She has married an Irish and lives in Reading with hubby and a baby boy. Time flies and this uncle TM is very proud of them.

We made a grand entrance statement when we walked down like a Beauty & The Beast couple to enter the Grand Ballroom of The Equatorial Hotel. I was very touched to see all the faces of the invited guests present who came from all over the world. My tears ran down like tap water. My parents invited many guests from Penang's many prominent families, including the family members of Singapore's former President Tony Tan, the family members of HKG's Sun Hung Kai & Kerry Group, Tan Sri Tan Hoay Eam (FIL of Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon), VIPs from Thailand and blah blah blah. Let me blow this trumpet just for once, so that I could remember all my guests when I reach 80 years old.

We had the longest tea ceremony before the dinner & dance commenced. Remember that I mentioned my late Grandfather had 3 wives, 21 children, 58 grandchildren and countless cucu cicit in tow. Probably less than 50% had turned up but that was long & time consuming enough. So the Penang wedding was just for the groom's side and later we had the bride's dinner in Kuala Lumpur.

My parents were the happiest to see me being married off finally. Good riddance! Haha. I am very thankful that they have brought me up well and taught me to be humble at all times.  My father reminded me that I have to support my wife throughout our marriage whether she is right or wrong because she will be living with me until the end. So far we have never quarreled even once until now.

My next post:
Computational Thinking @ Taman Desa


Happy Father's Day in Heavens,

I remember my late father today, just like everyone else. I posted these photos in my Facebook and it attracted a hundred friends of my siblings who never knew our father's little known talent. He was best known as the earliest ballroom dancers in the country. In Facebook, I would normally write 2-3 lines but in my blogs would be lengthy details for my own diary records. I might get dementia when I am old because my dad suffered from the most advanced dementia. This blog will hopefully remind me during old age that I once had the best father in my life.

Both my parents loved ballroom dancing so much and would hold dinner & dance at the 5 star hotel ballrooms during all their wedding anniversaries including the weddings of my siblings and I. The invited guests were mostly championship dancers themselves in the same social circle. The guest dancers would dress to kill and show up in their shiniest tuxedos and shiny sequined dresses to give impressive floor shows. My mother and all the female dancers would always put on the heaviest colourful make ups with fake lashes like birthday cakes on their faces! OMG! I grew up watching my parents practice ballroom dances regularly even before I went to school. I was still carrying a toy and would often doze off on the chairs for hours. Hahahaha.

My dashing father was a London trained ballroom dancer when he was young. He was sent to United Kingdom under the Colombo Plan Scholarship to further his Chemistry studies for his occupation in the Forensics. I think he was based in Sunderland and promptly found time to enroll into the Royal Ballroom Dancing School of London. He graduated and won a Gold Medal in London.

He proudly returned home and often gave ballroom dance exhibitions at so many events. It was a big thing back those days as many people were influenced by the British Colonial lifestyles. He never took part in any competitions at home as he had already won the UK's Gold Medal.

Both my parents loved to dance Venetian Waltz the most as mum said it was the most graceful and classic style with the serenading music. Besides that, they were able to do the normal waltz, tango, quick steps, fox trots, cha cha, jive, rhumba and many others. 

Ballroom dancing was obviously in my parents' blood throughout their lives. They would waltz happily and lovingly from Penang all the way to Blackpool and Leningrad. Just for your info that Blackpool in England is the world stage for the best ballroom dancing competitions. They would fly all the way there to watch with close friends. You bet, they took the dance floor after the competitions to leave their memorable footprints there. As for Leningrad in Russia, they were guests invited by the Thai Ambassador in Moscow who took them to watch the famous Leningrad Ballet performance. The diplomats admired my parents' dancing passion and brought them to dancing halls there to enjoy.

My mother had all her dancing dresses and shoes specially custom made. You would not believe that she used to ask a known shoe maker in my hometown to make her dancing shoes that lined with shiny sequins and suede bottoms. The humble shoe maker had a small son who grew up later and became the world famous Jimmy Choo. We all know that he was the most perfect shoe designer for the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

(** My mother's photo was not inside the above photos)

My Dearest Papa, 
Happy Father's Day to you in Heavens.

My next posts will be:

1. My Wedding Anniversary
2. Computational Thinking @ Taman Desa


Saturday, June 19, 2021

I Got Vaccinated & I Screamed!!

I registered for vaccination on 02 April in my Sejahtera Apps. I received an approved notification at the end of May. My first dose would be given on 17 June at KLCC Convention Centre at 7.00pm.

My head was full of excitement and worries with tummy butterflies the day before. That's because I read too much nonsense in Facebook about painful needles and swelling arms & nausea for days. Do or die, I had to GO!!! So my wife dropped me off at KLCC at 6.20pm. I must say that it is the best venue in whole Klang Valley. Building is very high class, fully air cond and plenty of open air parking space. All for free.

There were so many frontliners and medical staff in attendance. They were so professional, efficient and very friendly to everyone. They ushered everyone in quickly from section to section. Super fast and no waiting at each section. I showed them my apps on the phone and was whisked inside to fill up 2 declaration forms that needed to be signed in front of the doctor later.

Each section, the wait was no more than 5 minutes. The medical officer promptly asked about my medical history and explained that after the vaccination jab, some people might experience various side effects. 

He showed me this list and asked me to take a photo to keep for reference. I am sharing with the whole world instead.

Finally. this is the last section outside the many closed booths. Individual doctors with a nurse assistant are inside to administer the injection. My turn came in less than 2 minutes and my heart skipped. My body size is big but my heart was like a mouse! I saw in video that the needles were like 5 inches long like chopsticks. So takut lah and I prayed to my dead mother to come & watch me. Kekekekeke

Nurse called me! My face frozen like the Cheung Chau icy pineapple and went inside to see a female doctor. She was very warm and nice. Greeted me and invited me to sit down. She was giggling because I was the only man who ever showed up in sleeveless shirt. She asked this sleeveless young man his age and was shocked to hear my reply. She grabbed my paper to see my age and held my arms. She really said I really looked very young. Ahem! Suddenly she said "Okay la Habis!" 

I looked at her in disbelief and didn't even realized she had poked the needle into my arms. It was so painless! I told you guys my skin is very thick and that's a bonus. I laughed and got up, thanking the doctor and nurse continuously for all their hard work to serve the nation. They thanked me for making the effort to stay safe and protect everyone else. Their kind words echoed and replayed in my head till bedtime. I felt so warm and touched by such caring people. They were on duty since morning until 9.00pm daily. 

The final section was to relax and rest for 15 minutes. Just to make sure that TM did not pengsan or turn green into Incredible Hulk monster before being allowed to leave for home. I was finally given a discharge and the appointment for 2nd dose vaccination on 08 July at KLCC again.

Yay! I was done in less than 30 minutes. I screamed because I received the Sinovac and very happy oooooooo. I posted this one photo in my Facebook and received so many jabs from all the aunties here and there. My kiasu cousins in Singapore called me Aunty Killer for posing this shot. Ouch!


Zong Zhi - Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong

This year my wife was too busy that she did not have time to make any Nyonya Bak Chang dumplings. She is WFH doing 3 different jobs and getting 3 paid salaries during this trying times. 

So we were eating bak changs given from well wishers and a powered bak chang from wife's ex student who is now an award winning pastry chef. Then I saw someone shared the chart below and prompted me to post it for useful remembrance. I didn't know that there are at least 6 types of Chinese dumplings. I have eaten all types below except Hakka styled. Besides that, I have eaten famous dumplings from Shanghai and Kaoshiung while in overseas. Have you tried all those below??

This Zong Zhi festival really brought me fondest memories of Hong Kong when all the photos popped up in my Facebook memory. I will throwback and repost them again. In fact, I posted these photos in my blog 3 years ago when I visited Cheung Chau island.

I have visited or transited in Hong Kong over 10 times ever since the scary old Kai Tak Airport was still in operations. It was the only airport that planes flew close to all the windows and flat balconies in Kowloon. You could see people playing mahjong in the living rooms or drying clothes at the windows. A real sight to behold then.

I always regretted that I never had my own quality time to venture around that buzzling city as it was always a rush or working trip. Even my 2 weeks stay with my sister who had a 4 storey house in Discovery Bay in Lantau Island did not grant me the opportunity to go island hopping.

The good fate smiled when my wife had to attend a week long stint at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to present her papers on Computational Thinking for all all the world academicians to hear. Wife at work, Hubby at play! I walked and explored all the backlanes along Nathan Road and the whole hills of the luxury homes at Mid Levels in Central Hong Kong. Then we hopped into the boat to visit Cheung Chau island during her one day break. Remember how happy we ate the frozen fruits?? I still did not make my own frozen pineapple and watermelon yet. Maybe tomorrow!

It was truly my dream come true to see a real Dragon Boat Festival atmosphere in my life. It was packed with thousands of local tourists. 

We rented a bicycle and toured the old narrow streets like little Boy & Girl.

I learnt that I have terrible phobia for dark and narrow space when I visited the famous cave of Qing Dynasty's pirate Cheong Po Sai who hid all his treasures inside. I definitely cannot take MRI scans without getting sedated. Many HKG youngsters backed out and climbed up from venturing further as their fear took its toll. It was very pitch black and you would have to use both hands to feel the extreme narrow cave walls to navigate. The solid cave walls would sandwich your front & back body along the way and that was scary inside the unknown. I highly don't recommend this place.

Many friends said I was nuts to jump into the sea off Tung Wan Beach! There is nothing I would not want to try in life.

The lunch and dinner by the seaside at Cheung Chau island was unforgettable. Good memories are truly precious. I have planned my future visits to Tai-O, Lamma Island and Peng Chau Island to explore.

My Next Coming Posts:
1. I Got Vaccinated
2. Computational Thinking Centre @ Taman Desa


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Nasi Kandar Terbaik in My Neighbourhood

So many new businesses have happened and developed unexpectedly during this pandemic. Just like unexpected white mushrooms appeared after a heavy downpour.

Recently, I met up with a neighbourhood friend who has a Thai wife. His tastes for food is very trustworthy and he had never failed me with good recommendations. He told me that there was a daily makeshift stall right behind my office. They sell authentic Malay styled nasi kandar in front of the famous TTDI Starbucks. He observed that they were quite a newly set up and enjoyed long queues of faithful customers under the hot scorching sun at noon. So he was curious and went to buy 2 packets to bring home. He SWORE to me that it was superb since his fussy Thai also approved that the curries were very rich and tasty.

The greedy me, on hearing this, went to queue up the next day! The line was long and I stood there for some 30 minutes!

Remember that the name is Nasi Anak Tanjung - Original Nasi Kandar Langgaq. I bought one packet of yellow rice with beef, 2 pieces Okra, ikan bilis and egg.

Next door was selling the Pure Mango Juice. It was such a hot day and this icy cold juice was very tempting. So I bought a cup just in case the curry was too spicy.

Look at my lunch! The curry beef was so fragrant with rich spices and very tender meat. Yums! The okra, ikan bilis and yellow rice was fragrantly cooked. It costs me only RM7.00! I SWORE that it is the best Nasi Kandar in my whole neighbourhood and PJ!!.... Next day, I went to buy again but 2 packets. One was for my wife and I got her fried chicken with her rice. She ate too fast for me to snap photos. Her verdict: She SWORE that the nasi kandar was better than all the 3 curry shops overlooking this Nasi Anak Tanjung. Wooohooo!! Calling Phong Hong to order via GrabTM.

This is the refreshing Pure Mango juice that costs me only RM5 which included cut pieces of sweet mango flesh. An ideal drink after the nasi kandar. Burp! I will be back again and again.


Saturday, June 12, 2021

My Multi Tasking Jobs

I realised that I have been doing sales and marketing jobs all my life. Probably my advertising studies in United States had helped to shape me into becoming a thick skinned sales person. I don't feel shy and could anytime go knocking on doors to do sales or cold calling. Not many people can do that and not even my wife. That is because my face's skin is thicker than your Webster's dictionary.

With my 10 years' working stint with the HKG ad agency, I had to write copy and proposals for presentation to big property developers. I had to crack my head to show their demographics and help to position their product. It was not easy but I had to do it anyway. I used to drive around the development projects for several days to study the environment before writing the proposals. The most crazy trip I made was to take a boat to Damai Laut to study the whole jungle place before it was launched into a Ronald Fream's golf course and resort. It was a successful launch but it became a sorry state later due to QC maintenance.

So, selling properties came in accidentally to me since I could read them like the back of my palm. I could offer good advice to friends why they should or should not buy that property. So far, I have been freelancing as an agent and sold almost 20 houses, condos and factories. Not bad, yeah. Small commission earned and off I went for holidays. I am one who would not wait for retirement age to travel after having seen so many deaths during my palliative care with Hospice. Time and Tide Waits For No Man.

During this MOC and lockdowns, I was surprised that I still have to open the doors of my good friend's condos for customers to view! The economy is going down, yet there are still interested buyers. 

Guess where is this place? It looks like high end properties in Hong Kong's Central or Mid Levels. No this place is located in KL's Sentral and next to Price Waterhouse's building. Just nearby KL Hilton and Le Meriden Hotels.

That's me. I look thinner now after having lost 16 kgs weight since the MCO 1.0. I was going upstairs to open my friend's 2 units for viewing.

His 2 luxurious units are located on the 11th and 19th floors. Selling at RM1.35mil and RM1.5mil. You will be surprised that this 33 storey building has a basement that goes out into the streets of the buzzling Little India in Brickfields. So this haven is full of highest caste Indians from New Delhi and Mumbai living inside. Their dressings, mannerism and fairer skins really reflect their upscale status. They speak English and Hindi instead. This is an eye opener to me as I have yet to visit New Delhi.

This is the view from the 19th floor which overlooks Brickfields and Taman Seputeh.

The 2 units have been vacant for sometime now after the tenants had left. So my friend is selling off the condos. I still have to sweep all dead cockroaches on the 19th floors! Sometimes the number is over 50 dead cockroaches. Yikes!

By the way, our Blogger SK left a surprise comments in my recent Blog Anniversary's post HERE.


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Early Morning Exercise

It has been many donkey years that I never woke up at sunrise to venture outside for exercise. This morning my wifey dragged me out to follow her. She always go running up and down the whole Bukit Kiara Hills nearby home at the crack of the dawn. I would still be in my slumber land of no return. Now all the big recreation parks and hill treks are closed for the lockdown MCO 3.0. 

We went to a mini park which is in the middle of a square lined with bungalow homes. I used to bring my nephews to play basketball.

 Awww... I spotted 2 brothers chatting with each other after some exercise. They woke up earlier than me!! 5.00am?

All gyms are closed now. These iron bars should be better than nothing.

I saw a man twisting himself like a mangled crab. He is my friend and over 70 years old! Wow! He was the one who roped me into DAP to help YB Lim Lip Eng during the GE13. Gone with the winds.

I started brisk walks around the park and passed this interesting tall tree. Look at the roots! There are big bungalow houses behind it.

This tree definitely has lots of spirits resting inside. Come back at night and ask for Magnum 4D numbers. 

Another tree hangs a message.

Ouch! These are painful pebbles which I never saw anyone using it. Suitable for torture camps.

I ran 4 big rounds until my legs cramped. My stomach was growling for toilet. I caught up with my wife. She was doing her Wushu's Fan Movement after her Tai Chi and Sabre Sword Fighting. This scary woman drew much attention to all sleepy joggers to run faraway! Muahahahaha

Will I wake up at sunrise again tomorrow??


Monday, June 7, 2021

Looks Good... Smells Good...

I am a health freak and I own no less than 20 bottles of supplements. I am also a clean freak and could often shower 4 times a day. (I have no OCD) So, I like to smell good too. You might get some idea which one to buy for your loved ones.

What is this?? This my own basket like a Nenek Kebayan's sewing basket.

I use them to store all my own perfumes. I bought lots of them cheaply from duty free shops and warehouse sales. Now the numbers have dwindled and I will try to finish them all. To me, it is a good feng shui when we smell good. We will attract good people and good luck. How could one with bad and stinky B.O. attract you any closer? You will run away for miles from that skunk.

Here's my Issey Miyake, Bvlgari and Yves Saint Laurent. My favourite is Issey Miyake because this one has light fruity smell and I feel younger. Bvlgari Man is heavy woody and good for grand ballroom dinners at night. Your smell would stand out from the perfumes of 500 other guests in the ballroom. Knock them off like boxing! It is very lasting on my shirt till 2-3 days.

Here's my Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, CK One Summer and CK One. I prefer CK One because it is fun and sweet with class. 

Here's my 3 bottles of Ralph Lauren Polo - RLP Sports, RLP Black and RLP Green. I love that green bottle as it feels very manly and sexy. I heard older aunties are attracted to men using RLP Green. It turns on!

You can see this is my one and only TOP FAVOURITE until I bought them in all sizes and shapes. They are not empty and smallest ones are suitable for travelling. The smell is so light and happy. I just felt like it's my own juice!! Bring on Ralph Lauren Polo Blue!!! Yay!

Here's my Pierre Balmain Hand Cream, Prada Deodorant, Renu 28 Face Cream and CK One Shower Wash. I must share the unknown facts that Renu 28 is from US and very effective to remove all the dark spots and pigmentations on my face. I think my face is very pale and milky white, so getting spots from the blazing sun is very easy. I just left them on my face for years like dirty marks until early this year. My wife's friend gave me samples to try for eczema but it didn't solve that problem. Instead all my light pigmentation spots have almost completely disappeared until my friends asked what I have applied.

My next post will share about my collection of Young Living's Essential Oils.


The Day My World Ended

At sunrise of 3rd August, my wife came to fetch me in her brand new car. She sped all the way through the morning traffic to Shah Alam. It w...