Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Power Of Crystals

I am a very firm believer in Crystal stones for their powerful & positive energy. If I entered a big shop selling crystals, my head would turn dizzy after an hour because it had too much positive energy forces radiating from all the different types of crystal rocks on display. In a way, if my luck and spirit was low, it was my habit to walk into crystal shops to recharge my energy temporarily. Another method I used to do was to spend my whole one hour lunch time sitting inside a busy bank! I would close my eyes and take a good nap. There is always plenty of wealth energy floating inside amongst the filthy rich depositors. My mood would always feel positive and happier after sitting there & smelled dollar bills. Try it! 

I went to Shanghai about 8 years ago and visited their huge Science Museum which I blogged it HERE. I was very amazed how smart they were to display huge crystal rocks that were found in China and showed a device that could test & show energy levels from the rocks. They dated back to million years ago when they were formed naturally from the energy of the sun, volcanic eruptions and other formations. I have been telling many friends about their sophisticated tester device until I found a similar tester which I bought online recently.

I took a photo of a few types of crystals at home. A pair of Jade Crystal Pixiu which I bought from Beijing after seeing this huge Pixiu guarding outside the Palace of the Forbidden City. Behind is a huge expensive Quartz Crystal which was given by a close friend and I believe it was tagged over thousands of ringgit. The tallest piece is a Citrine Crystal Tree which helps to attract abundance of wealth and money. You can always google online all the benefits of these crystals which are still alive and emit positive energy inside the corners of my home.

I bought this Electromagnetic Radiation Tester online with intention to prove to a relative that their house is located in a harmful direction that faces a TNB Power Sub Station and also a high tension wire about half kilometer away! The tester showed very high readings and beeped so loudly non stop. Verdict: The family members were always quarrelling as the electrical forces often triggered their tempers besides some health issues. They have lived in that house for over 30 years with all the harmful radiation's exposure.

I took the tester and checked the surrounding areas inside and outside my home. It looks safe and free from harmful radiation. To my surprise, I tested all my crystal pieces and the tester beeped softly and showed lower readings. That means the crystals are all alive and would always emit the right POSITIVE energy that you wish. This Citrine Tree showed various readings during the day time and night time.

This White Quartz is very high quality and would purify the place with Positive Energy. The reading is quite strong.

This pair of male & female Heavenly Pixiu Animals would guard the house from bad luck entering through the door. It has no back side hence it would swallow all your negative vibes only and radiate energy to attract wealth and luck. 

It would be ideal to wear a good crystal bracelet to enhance our well being always!


Thursday, July 15, 2021

Many Winters Ago............

I was digging my photo albums to search for one photo to send to my faithful silent reader CK Yeoh. I stumbled into many nostalgic and sentimental photos of my student days. My mind drifted back to those carefree & happy days. Maybe I should slowly share all the photos here.

I woke up and looked out of my bedroom window facing the front road. It had snowed heavily the night before. Winter is always brutal and very long in North America. 

This was the view from the back of the apartment showing houses on the left. 

The view of the houses on right side behind the apartment. My unit was on the top floor which could see NSEW.

I still had to get ready to attend college. The weather was below 0 Degree Celsius. I would walk across knee deep in cold snow to catch the public bus. Some days if lucky, my housemate would give me a lift in his car.

When it was Winter days, nobody goes outdoors much except to ski. Here I posed with the Korean Opahs at the Seven Springs Ski Resort in the mountains of Pennsylvania. 

Other days I would invite the Koreans and Japanese to eat, gamble and get drunk at my apartment every week. That's life!.... Can you spot me??


Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Where Do Spirits Like To Hang Out?

I wonder what is the real difference between spirits and ghosts? In my opinion, they are very similar in their own realms but you could actually tell them apart in meticulous details. There is holy & bad ghosts, as well as good & evil spirits whereas demons are straight from hell's realms. I am no expert in religions and I won't preach anything here. Just be good and kind to all sentient beings is what we should do always.

I have mentioned their most preferred whereabouts before and today, I would pose the same questions again. Where do you think those wandering ghosts and spirits like to gather in this human world?? Not all of them could see our dimensions but some do, depending on their situation, merits and overlapping hours (Yin Hour 7pm to 4am / Yang Hour 4am to 7pm). Guess where??

Yours truly at the cemetery grounds of Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih.

I always avoided cemeteries ever since I was a young kid because I often had terrible goosebumps and could sense the peeking ghosts hiding behind some grave stones. Now I have no choice as my current job in the bereavement services made me visit the biggest cemetery like my second home. Surprisingly, I could walk alone from one end to another without any fear. I guess that's because this Nirvana Group planned neatly well and designed the whole area very beautifully. They often invited prayers to be conducted so often the whole year through. That probably helped to ferry most of the wandering and lost souls to better realms. 

The answer: Thousands of wandering ghosts & spirits love to sit & watch inside the dark cinemas. It is so cold and nice to watch good movies too. They would sit on the steps or empty seats beside you and inhale your energy's chi or share the pop corns or fries you are eating! Sometimes you walked down the steps blindly looking for your seats and tripped over 'unseen' spectator. You almost fell down and wondered what made you so clumsy? Niak niak niak!

The next place is all the hospitals! I don't know why many would gather there, more than the morgue itself. Some said that they are waiting for patients to depart whereas the morgue contains only departed ones. So no transactions could be done. These 2 places have the highest numbers all the time. Remember to say your prayers for protection always.

The other popular places are funeral parlours and public toilets. Mostly hundreds of unseen ancestors would gather at the funeral parlours when their 'own people' have departed. Only good ones would be received by their ancestors, holy spirits and singing angels hovering in the air. Bad ones would be dragged away by hell officers.

Public toilets are very popular because some loved the smell of blood and some loved the sight of your long brown poops. They looked very delicious like German sausages! Sedap giler. I am not joking here and won't dwell further on these facts. I prefer you to let your minds run wild.

Actress/Singer Bai Guang - Place of birth: Beijing, China / June 27, 1919. Departed: Kuala Lumpur / August 27, 1999.

Have you heard of a famous and unique grave that belongs to the late singer Bai Guang? It has a concrete piano specially built behind her resting place. When you stand near it, the piano would start playing out the recorded music followed by her crooning out her song very LOUDLY!! Goodness! It operates 24/7 and sometimes it would play by itself when no human beings were there. The other day, I brought my 2 downlines there to watch and they were so stunned and speechless to witness it. I have specially recorded a video below and you can listen to her nice music. 

Please tell me what is your opinion of this video and whole topic today.


Sunday, July 11, 2021

My 2nd Dose of Vaccination

I am really thankful. I am so grateful that I have received my 2nd dose of vaccination. It was so fast and ended in 16 minutes! I feel sympathetic to so many friends who vented their frustrations in Facebook under "Saya Belum DiVaksinkan". They have registered since February and are still waiting. The anxiety and worries are escalating. 

Masuk depan.

Posing belakang.

Cucuk depan.

Keluar belakang.

Meanwhile, I have a Hi-So Thai cousin in Bangkok who 'no eye see' my 2nd time FB posting to announce both the vaccination jabs. He found me very strange to post photos with relevant backdrops to show off again. He thought I paid the photo studio professionals just to snap these photos. He had to shoot me once again and asked me not to be cocky. Luckily I have others who came to my rescue & explained that many props are provided by the government for recipients to take photos for social media and to encourage the public to register, We still have many thousands who are procrastinating and didn't register yet. The number of Covid cases are rising daily. Finally this Hi-So Thai cousin relented and accepted all our explanation. What a keyboard warrior!

Similarly, in this blogsphere, I still see a keyboard warrior who now adopts broken English to taunt and provoke some bloggers on other platforms. The heart appears kind but the itchy mouth still utters unkind words with sinful intentions. I would advise that to refrain further sins, try to suck your toe inside your mouth. If one toe doesn't help, try sucking all your 10 toes.

Today is Red Letter Day for me. The eccentric Keyboard Warrior has deleted all the inappropriate comments here and in so many posts that were meant to taunt, threaten and harass to stir bloggers' emotions and well being. I hope that I will never have to see all the nonsense comments here and other blogs again. Just remember to control your high anxiety by sucking toes. Can add kewpie & honey for better flavour.

Peace Out


Saturday, July 10, 2021

All cats can see Ghosts & Spirits!

Are you shocked to hear this statement? I am 100% very sure that all cats could see ghosts ranging from the tiny pebble sized spirits to the human sized demons. I may have no proof to show you but there are many testimonials on the internet besides mine. Most of us are aware that dogs could see scary wandering ghosts around our houses and would howl loudly in long eerie pitch that could send all your pubic hair standing too. I believe that cats could see much more spirits than dogs.

I have watched the recent NHK Japan's documentary where they shared about their scientists are working towards making device sensors after observing whales, cats, dogs and elephants which have the strongest sensors to detect ahead of coming earthquakes, tsunamis and avalanches. Human's sensors are way so below these 4 sensitive animals. There were many testimonials being reported that just before the Aceh's tsunami hit, many people saw birds, cats and dogs were all running and flying in all chaotic directions in Aceh and Penang until Phang Nga Bay & Phuket in Thailand. Minutes and hours later, the big tremors hit and followed by the big tsunami waves. 

If you have a cat at home as your pet, you might have observed on many occasions when your cat was lying or sleeping on the floor or shoe rack, it would suddenly pop its head upwards looking aimlessly on the ceiling or walls. As if it saw some tiny spirits floating zig zag on the wall or crawling on the floor. Your cat might chase it in circles while you watched in bewilderment and confusion. I was convinced at times because I myself saw the tiny spirits running away from the cat.

Testimonial 1:
When I just finished high school and worked part time in Penang, I followed a very superstitious friend to see a powerful fortune teller in Ayer Itam. She had this psychic eyes and would ask customers to bring 6 fruits along. We suspected that she reared "little ghosts" who would feed on the 6 fruits while whispering to her ears all the answers to convince the customers. Her name was Ah Lan and would ask each customer to simply arrange the 6 fruits on the table in between her and the customer. When it came to my turn, she told me so many unbelievable predictions that I just laughed in disbelief. Believe me, all her predictions had 100% happened over the period of many years. She told me that my oldest sister lived in a big bungalow house and lined all her shoes from the ground floor's step all the way to the 2nd floor's level. That was so accurate and she had over 60 pairs of shoes. Then she said my sister would later move to a terrace house instead and later divorce her husband because she married too young to the wrong person. Her predictions really happened as they moved to Hong Kong and got divorced years later which I had blogged before. 

Lastly, she told me that our house had a very funny looking dark grey cat which looked like a dog instead but it was actually a cat. I assured her that it was very true that we had a hairy dark grey Persian cat which my parents had just given away to a friend because they were travelling to Europe for a few months and knew that I would not be free to feed and accompany the cat. The fortune teller screamed out loudly and told me that we must bring that cat back at once to live in our house. She pointed out that our cat was a lucky cat that brought some fortunes besides chasing away all the spirits away. Wow!! I asked her how on earth could this useless and pampered Persian Cat chase away spirits?? She explained to me that some small spirits were frightened by the looks of hairy cats that appeared like Big Lions to them, in their dimension. I just nodded my head without fully believing it yet. My mother quickly called her friend and begged for the Persian Cat to be returned to us. 

Testimonial 2:
I used to fetch a Stage 4 cancer patient named Ishak to the hospital weekly for treatment and also to the Hospis daycare. He lived in a squatter wooden hut at the kampung area off Salak South area. We would often chat inside my car during the hour long journeys back and forth. Ishak told me that he was sure his house had lots of wandering spirits lurking inside at night. His cat at home was always busy chasing unseen objects around the house everyday. Ishak who sat on his wheelchair with a cigarette would watch the cat in amusement daily. That topic got us talking lengthy on the theory of cats seeing spirits and why the spirits were so tiny? Ishak had passed away not long after and I believe he knows the answer now.

Testimonial 3:
When my sister was away in England and Sweden for a month, I had to take care of her 2 imported English cats at home in Mont Kiara everyday. I had to clean the smelly litter tray and food bowls 2 times a day!! That's because she said they would be traumatized living in a Cat Hotel and requested for my help. One night, I drove over there as usual and stepped inside her home. I noticed the air inside was densed and there was some unseen presence somewhere! I was not scared at all and looked at the 2 cats which were staring hard at me. As if they wanted to tell me there is a big ghost standing behind me. I decided to chant some mantras to purify the place and be free from any negative vibes. I chose one powerful mantra that would invite the most fierce looking Dharma Protector in the universe that would appear in the form of a very huge Lioness Deity. I started mumbling and chanting her name. She appeared instantly and hovered above in the whole air space. The 2 cats shrieked out loudly and bolted away from me, hiding under the beds in the bedroom! They must have really seen the fierce looking Lioness Deity with their own eyes and never came out to eat their fish dinner until I left an hour later. By then, I was very convinced that the cats could see all kinds of spirits, ghosts and even deities.

So love your cats and understand that they may not catch a mouse so effectively but their 'lion' features are scary to millions of tiny wandering spirits that are crawling inside your homes. These spirits are lost and wander into homes to shelter or suck the energy of the occupants. If you cannot help to deliver them to better realms, then your cat might shoo them away from sucking all your 'chi' energy which might weaken one's health and luck. Your cat might bring you abundance fortunes like the famous beliefs all over Japan. Keep more cats please! More cats, more money come!



Wednesday, July 7, 2021

My Favourite Mee Goreng

I love to eat the Mee Goreng in Penang ever since I was a little boy. There was an Indian seller who used to cycle his cart around the city to sell. His frying was so good and tasty that I could still remember his face clearly until today. He doesn't look like mee goreng.

Over the years, many coffee shops around the island have sprouted up with famous Mee Goreng stalls from Bangkok Lane to Edgecumbe Road until Ayer Itam's roundabout. Never ask Penang Lang where is the best Char Koay Teow, Assam Laksa or Mee Goreng etc. Every single one would tell you all their very best & different answers until my confused tourists from Singapore ended up eating at Gurney Drive!! OMG! I really fainted cos I would never eat at Gurney Drive. My tourist still said it was so yummy. So sad. 

There is a branch of the famous MEE GORENG from Bangkok Lane - Pulau Tikus right here in Petaling Jaya. He is from the same family member as the original stall in Penang. 

This guy has relocated to Ming Tien's Food Court at Bandar Utama. My school mates have been eating from this stall continuously until I had to try it myself.

Wow! I was amazed by his non stop frying with so many orders! The smell was so heavenly nice amidst the loud clanking of his ladle. Kriok! Kriok! Kriok! Kang! Kang!! I was queuing up as the 30th customer! No kidding!

Finally! I got my order inside my own plastic box. I had to eat some right away as the smell was too good. The Wok Hei was there and yummy to eat it when really HOT! It's only RM6.50 for basic Mee Goreng.

***Please do not ask me when was this photo taken and whether everyone observed SOP or wore Masks or have taken their Vaccination Jabs and whether anyone had crossed districts blah bah blah. 


Monday, July 5, 2021

Homecooked Food MCO 3.0

This lockdown is getting too long and unbearable for me. I definitely miss dining in at the restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

I love to eat toasted thick toasts. So my wife took out her magic bread maker and baked one beautiful loaf just for me. She is allergic to gluten, so all for me. She used the template slicer to cut them neatly.

Must spread with lots of chilled butter from the fridge.

Finally, smear with plenty of fragrant kaya on top. Sink your teeth and yums! I felt so happy eating that thick toast with hot coffee. That's heavenly! Don't jealous lah.

My wife crazy wife ordered something online without telling me. Presto! It was a Korean Hot Plate! Suddenly she announced that we would feast on Korean BBQ for lunch!

She had bought the portable burner separately and all the ingredients. 

She tossed all the cheese inside first, followed by all the meat and seaweed & pickled radish.

Look at all the yummy ingredients on the hot plate. Everything was purchased from a famous Korean Grocery Store in Sri Hartamas. The best thing to eat was the melted cheese gooey!

She also made a pot of  delicious spicy KimChi Jigae to eat with the rice. I drank several bowls of the spicy soup! 

All are invited!


Sunday, July 4, 2021

Blogger Vs Blogger

As for my blog hopping passion and interests to learn from other bloggers, I always remember to be discreet and polite when leaving comments. I have said that I am very transparent here and therefore, I should  uphold my image with due respects for all bloggers. I would always try to leave comments using the simplest English with light hearted touch in all my comments. I have seen enough provocative, bold and sarcastic comments throughout the 13 years. Using the wrong choice of words had often stirred up many misunderstandings between bloggers when the intentions was not meant to be that way. It is not easy to write and express so well when we could not see each other's kind faces or hear the soft tone of voices. The wrong choice words could merely kill everything off instead.

Here are some examples that really took place. There were 2 beautiful bloggers across the causeway who often shared their lifestyles and hobbies. Blogger A often exercised & walked for miles daily and posted photos of the flowers, plants and streets along the way. Blogger B often shared her activities and lifestyle interests. Blogger A and Blogger B definitely have different background and live in different areas. Naturally Blogger B took much interests in everything that Blogger A had seen, eaten and visited. Blogger B would always ask many questions from time to time as a curious person since they both live in the same republic. Unfortunately, Blogger A took the many questions differently and felt that the comments were all intrusive and probably provoking too. She took it so hard and felt pressured before throwing in the white towel. What a waste!!! Now from my observation, the indirect problem lies with Blogger B for using the wrong choice of words in the comments which sounded a bit pushy and motherly demanding. I trust Blogger B and that was really not her intentions at all.

Fast forward to the next recent incidents that took place.

I invested a great deal of time to prepare and type out all the careful words. I wanted to share and posted an undated event that took place sometime ago. It was a very glamorous awards night specially for all the successful agents in the bereavement business. I was also the award recipient and felt so proud to be treated like a celebrity that night. Dining in was allowed then and all SOP was being strictly observed by the invited guests that night. I merely took off my mask to be photographed alone and that doesn't break any law. Unfortunately, I saw a far fetched comment that sounded very provocative to question me about the actual date, the events venue and whether all the SOP was being followed otherwise breaking the law would bring me big big big troubles and blah blah blah blah!!!!!!!! Too many bloggers and silent readers had read that lengthy comments & shook their heads in disbelief. I had to remove that "Celebrities Wall Of Fame" post immediately. I did not break any SOP rules and the organizers had strictly adhered all the SOP details required. The one comment had triggered Cyberbullies to spring into action instead to bring possible uncalled and unnecessary troubles. No need harsh words as I had done no wrong! 

Next incident, I posted about my train ride to deliver festive food to my bestie at the MRT station. My objective was to share about one trip that unexpectedly helped me to overcome my severe depressions from this lockdown by just viewing the scenery from the windows. I was careful with that post on knowing that my IC still carries the address that is within close proximity with that station, hence I had done no wrong legally. One shocking comment appeared with a barrage of accusations that I had broken the law for going on the joy ride and have no considerations blah blah blah blah.... The comment was even longer that my actual post writings. Phew!! I had to remove the post of "Ghost Train MCO 3.0" immediately as it had probably triggered other Cyberbullies again.

Finally, to answer the apocalypse war of words in my recent Nasi Kandar Terbaik post. I had a very good laugh that my rare food post was too spicy and burnt the lips of these 2 Beautiful Bloggers. I could guess that their fallout started years ago and continued on to this day. They even exchanged missiles with each other in my post HERE. One harmless question could easily irritate another until all the wrong choice of words spewed out until escalated the whole thing from one post and continued into another post. After much analysis, I knew that one had been using wrong choice of words for a long time without realizing it. You can be the judge as I am in no position to say who is right or wrong. I have duly answered about my missing 2 posts which I had deleted at my own discretion. I wish to become Humble, Humble and Humbler.

Peace Out.


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