Friday, September 10, 2021

Moon Cakes from Sin Weng Fai - Ipoh

Yesterday was my first trip crossing interstate for work reasons with a permit letter. We both drove to Kampar and Ipoh for a day trip, passing through a total of 4 police road blocks. It was the first time we took the brand new car for a spin out of town, so the ride was comfortable. It was so nice to drive along the highway and admire the mountains, forests and green trees. The stress in my head became lighter and evaporated eventually.

On our way back to KL, we decided to buy the famous moon cakes from Ipoh. The best shop had sold out everything at noon! The 2nd best shop was even more scary, as we saw the very long queue of 100 anxious buyers lining the whole corridor until the side road and spilled to the back lane! OMG!! They were all holding umbrellas under the hot scorching sun waiting and waiting forever. Last year, we managed to buy from this shop but the queue was like 1/3. This year was crazy and I refused to queue up as there was hardly SOP. Each buyer could only buy maximum 2 boxes and that's not enough lah. So many Ah Koos, Ah Seh and Ah Tees on my wife's side. She would always give them annually like a good child in keeping with the Chinese traditions.

So, we had to head over to Jalan Yau Tet Shin where it's like a wholesale street of many snack shops selling moon cakes. We were advised by a fussy local friend Ah Kit that SIN WENG FAI Peanut Candy Shop is the best.

Everything is freshly made inside the shop, in full view of the customers. The prices are unbelievably cheap for their variety of mooncakes when compared to KL's sky high prices that reach the Moon! All the moon cakes are priced from RM8.00 each and above. My wife bought 10 boxes and over 10 pomelo fruits too. She paid for them, so I am not sure how much each flavour costs.

The box of moon cakes.

4 pieces inside.

We gave this box to Bruce Lee who landed in the hospital for tummy ache. We asked him to cut one piece for us to try. The pandan flavoured moon cake is yummy and fresh with lots of melon seeds. Wait till I try other flavours like double yolk lotus and assorted nuts. Will update this post later lah.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival


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