Monday, November 15, 2021

My 3rd Vaccination Jab- Too Soon??

I was shocked when MySejahtera Apps sent me this notice. My 3rd dose is coming soon and it is next week!! I was freaking out with mixed emotions whether to be sad or happy.

I have just been discharged from the 3 hospitals very recently. I was very badly traumatized by the whole stays that led to the surgery and what happened after. I didn't elaborate in my blog but my Facebook friends and relatives were shocked & speechless. Maybe I should copy paste the lengthy whining here if you wish to hear for awareness sake.

During my stay at the 3 hospitals which were just days apart each venue, I lost count the number of injections and needles that poked both hands and arms from mornings to wee hours of the nights. They had to draw my blood for tests and inserted no end of bottled IV drips. I guessed that I had no less than 50 needles until both my arms are still bruised today like a hardcore junkie heroin addict. So I have developed serious phobia on needles and now there is the vaccination next week, so close to home. It gave me goosebumps. What happened to the once strong and fearless me? 

I just managed to crawl into my car and started driving again by myself alone, much against my wife's approval. She felt that I could stand upright straight as the healing stitches and wounds are pulling my abdomen muscles. I just ignored the mild pain and discomfort. I needed to get back to work as time is money. My co-broke agents wanted to bring few potential buyers to view my good friend's 2 luxury condos. It has been over 3 years and I still could not sell it off to interested buyers. That's because my friend is not hungry for cash and refused to lower his ceiling prices. He has too many properties in KL, Singapore and probably Seattle too. I went to snap this poolside photo. Would you like to swim there with so many other high rises next to the pool including the Price Waterhouse's many office floors. That day, I saw a wealthy Indian man on the deck chair watching his kids being taught to swim by a Mat Salleh woman!! Just imagine how wealthy he is to engage a foreigner to teach. That condo is almost fully occupied by well heeled fair skinned tenants from Mumbai and New Delhi who all spoke Hindi or English. They love that place because it is the only luxury condo that has a direct exit in the basement that allows access to Brickfield's Little India Town.

It has been many years since the last tenants have moved out. My friend decided to sell off as the returns from these 2 investments is just at the right time. The floor and wall tiles in the bathroom have started popping out themselves. The famous developer in this Sentral Hub has done shoddy jobs! Wish me luck to dispose them soon!

Tonight I had dinner with my wife and her sworn God Brother at the Yaraku Izakaya Japanese Restaurant in Taman Desa. Her God Brother Bruce Lee is well known as Malaysia's LEGO King who has held countless LEGO exhibitions that you have seen across Malaysia including at One Utama and Mid Valley. 

Do you notice that my weight has dropped further from 20kgs to 24kgs now, after the surgery. I look very frail and haggard which makes me rather sad. I will recover soon and hit the gym again with binge eating. I have been checking out which hotels would be serving buffet lunches again soon! Tell me which hotel okay.

I am still on strict diet during this recuperating period after surgery. So I ordered the pork ramen to eat. Nothing spicy or seafood for me for a long time. I am suffering when I see others eating them.

My wife ordered Kim Chi Ramen which was so tempting to the greedy me. I wonder why the Japanese is using so much Korean Kim Chi in their menus nowadays? It is a Korean dish. You might see Nasi Lemak Nippon in their menus someday.

Bruce Lee ordered the Pork Chop Japanese Curry Rice. It tasted delicious to him but it was rather dry to me as the gravy was too little. We also ordered a plate of several barbeque skewered meats. The total bill came up to RM139.00 and was duly paid by my lady boss.


Saturday, November 6, 2021

Camping at Batu 18 Hulu Langat

I got discharged from hospital and went camping 2 days later at Hulu Langat's forest. My surgeon had advised me to take slow walks in the parks and forest areas. I believe there's healing energies. It was so cooling with fresh air and helped my weak lungs. I have to wear compression socks daily for many hours to help my circulation otherwise my breathing would slow down. I had lost too much blood.

I had to sleep on my own deck chair while my wife and all friends slept inside their own tents. My stitches could not allow me to lie flat on the bed and getting up from the camping ground would be impossible.

We booked the whole camping site with 3 big ponds filled with blooming lotus flowers to ourselves.

It looks so heavenly and worth every minute of the time spent with their whole families including a small baby.

That's the small pavilion behind where I slept on my deck chair. I had a really good sleep and now believe that natural cool air and energy from nature could heal my body aches and weak lungs.

My wife has been extremely patient and took very good care of me long before and after the surgery. She served me hot coffee using her own camping utensils. I had so much fun by just relaxing and watching the many kids playing and running away. It was a great therapy to keep me alive and feel young again. When I was able to get up without walker, I told the whole gang to take some memorable photos for the album. Here's my comic photos for you to enjoy....

Mary Poppins.

Angry Wives.

Hairiest Leg Husband.

Strongest Husband.

Naughty Husbands.

Happy Chefs.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

I am back home!

I have been discharged from hospital 2 days ago. I underwent a successful 7 hour surgery after staying in different hospitals for a total of 12 nights where I received over 50 painful needles. I was very traumatized by the whole episode with the insurance company which made me feel so helpless and hopeless. 

The doctors performed a 4 keyhole surgery which made the pain most minimal. In actual total you could see 6 cuts. I will see my surgeon again in 3 weeks to hear the biopsy results of the tumours. 

I am so glad to be home to sleep on my own bed. The wounds have healed fast but I am getting painful cramps all over my shoulder, ribs and stomach instead. I am taking painkillers now which helps. 

Meanwhile, I wish all readers a Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays. I will update my blog again tomorrow! Yes!!

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