Friday, March 25, 2022

My Journey To Recovery

Hola! I have been discharged today from the 6 nights at the private hospital near my home. I was given 4 painful injections on my stomach everyday and now my tummy looks like a mess with 24 big polka dots plus the earlier 6 surgery cuts done 4 months ago. I wish nobody will have to go through my experience where you could see how karma plays hide and seek with my health. 
I will rest at home for 2 days before coming back to hospital next week for daily treatment which would stretch over 5 weeks. 

In my last post you heard about the Malay patient who could be a stand up comedian. Next, one Chinese young man checked in and slept on his bed. He is only 21 years old and suffers from acute headache where the killing pain hits the whole crown. The doctor could not see the problem after doing the MRI scan.

I really got along very well with this young man because he used to see most horrible ghosts when he was very young. His parents had to bring him to temple to cover up his 3rd eye. However he could still vaguely see sometimes like me! Whoa! We both talked whole night till wee hours exchanging many gory stories. He was astonished to hear all my logical reasoning and theory about the spiritual dimension which he had no idea. He is extremely pleased to learn so much and I even showed him his palm lines that could see evidence of his past life's spiritual achievement. I encouraged him to continue with his good cultivation this life in order to be successful and probably gain enlightenment. The most interesting part of his stories was how the "Na Cha Deity" often came to see him and played together when he was around 3-4 years old!!

Monday, March 21, 2022

Back To Hospital Again

I was admitted to a private hospital on Saturday. I had a swollen left leg that was huge like an elephant's leg. So you could imagine the acute pain I went through. 

The doctor conducted an ultra scan and detected a blood clot on my left calf area. He was precise to accurately say that it was caused by extremely long hours of sitting down on the chair without moving. It is actually a DVT issues and self inflicted by myself unknowingly.

It is really a good lesson for me not to sit idle like a couch potato for so many days. The bad posture was the direct cause because my earlier colon's rectal surgery made me uncomfortable and shifted my buttock's weight to the left side. The prolonged weight pressed my left side and caused the blood to clot. My leg started to swell up until the size of Dumbo Jumbo. 

The above photo was taken at my first night PCR isolation in a single room.

Today is my 3rd day at the private hospital nearby my home. I must confess that I have stayed in 5 different hospitals in KL. This feat is nothing to shout but scares me a lot. I just got discharged 4 months ago from the major surgery and here I am in another hospital. I am happy that this ward has 4 beds and 2 bathrooms unlike the government's hospital which was 24 bedded with one huge filthy bathroom located like many miles away from my bed. Here, I am sleeping directly opposite a Malay gentleman who is talkative and friendly. He should be a stand up comedian on TV with his funny humours. This hospital forbids any visitors but this guy's "members" come to visit him at the carpark 2-3 times daily where they chatted and smoked for hours each time. Sometimes his member drove him out to makan minum at nearby cafes!

Next to the Malay guy is another new Chinese man from Seremban. He speaks simple BM and Hokkien which the slang is different from Penang. He told us that he would undergo rectal surgery today. That got me curious to find out more since mine was also similar but his twisted explanation got me confused. Hours later, both the Malay and Chinese guys came back to the room from surgery. The Malay guy was whining a bit due to the urine bag with inserted tube that is uncomfortable. He was stunned to see the Chinese guy walking about making coffee for himself. He asked "Eh mana lu punya beg kencing??"... "Tak payah beg la",he replied. Apparently he clarified that his anus had a tear and puss which required stitches only. The Malay guy added "Lain kali jangan jatuh sabun yeah". I burst out laughing behind the curtain partition. The Seremban guy just smiled shyly. 
The cardiologist had done 2 ultra scans for me at my leg and whole abdomen area. Sometimes cancer issues could be related to blood clots that formed later. The nurses have been giving 2 painful injections on my stomach twice a day as treatment. Today my leg's swelling had subsided a bit but the great pain is almost gone. I am thankful that I would not need to have any surgery on my leg anymore.

That's life. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Chronicles of a Clairvoyant 1

Recently I followed my wife and her friend to her hometown in Kampar, Perak. It was a whole daytrip and I just sat behind her new car macam big boss. The 2 ladies sat in front and talked non stop like school girls giggling and gossiping like market aunties. We went to various places to eat and explore some new areas too. 

We made the first stop to pray and pay our respect to the old temple. It is the famous Gu Miao Temple which is located along the main road in Kampar town. It looks prominent, sitting on the small hill. It was not my first visit but I confess that it was the first time I really paid attention inside the temple to all the details and different deity statues. I saw something that struck my attention with surprise and later had a vivid dream. I knew it was not a mere dream but spiritual communication during my sleep. I woke up and remembered everything, so it was a form of clairvoyance which I had been encountering since small. Till today, I remember every single dreams of the departed souls who spoke to me to bring closure to their families or myself. I know I often wrote bizarre and far fetched stories which you might not believe but just read them as entertainment if you prefer.

This is the Gu Miao Temple which has very impressive architecture, as seen from the main road. My wife took this shot with the sunlight shining through like heavenly blessings.

Yours truly was still half awake with this pose as we left KL at 5.30am for this trip.

The wooden carving embedded with gold leaves hung above me. It looks very magnificent and beautiful like a floating heavenly palace. I really love antique art pieces like that. My head was often asking about its antique value in the market.

The Goddess Guan Yin's statue is on the main altar. It is a powerful temple. When we have prayed for a wish, we must remember to offer our sincere thanks when we have our wishes blessed and fulfilled. I know many friends who overlooked this part unintentionally.

My darling is an expert in spiritual and prayers. So I just follow and feel safe! I placed the many joss sticks from altar to altar until I saw one with 3 Deity Statues. I was very surprised and stared at the statues which are similar to the 3 Deity Statues which I placed in the wealth's corner of our living room at home. I am sure many of you have seen these 3 Deity Statues in some Chinese homes. Earlier on, I did not know that people do pray to these 3 Deity Statues as I thought they were popular for Feng Shui enhancement. That night at home, I slept and dreamt of one of the 3 Deity Statues in my living room. He suddenly emerged out as a young man with a kind smiling face. I was startled and asked him why he didn't bless me with lots of wealth? He replied me that I never prayed to him and make any wish. I woke up and remembered the whole vivid dream in fullest details and would pray to him everyday. Whenever we dream of some heavenly deities or departed ones and could remember the lengthy vivid dreams, it is likely to be a real message or communications. Most of the time, we have distorted dreams that we could only remember bits and pieces, then just forget it. I will slowly share all my clairvoyance that took place since I was very young from time to time. The title of the post would be similar, so stay tuned.

The front view of the main altar.

You might be wondering the reasons some Taoist temples displayed various weapons and spears. As written in many different religious books, there are big heavens in the universe and there exists millions of devils and asuras that still fight all over the other dimensions. That's why we have those famous Heavenly Kings that guard the 4 directions of the Heavens all the time. These protector deities have infinite numbers which could be trillions or more. So, it is better that we ascend to heavens when we die as it is safer there instead of becoming wandering spirits.

Look! I met the God of Wealth outside after finished praying! Money flew down in abundance into my wallet! Huaat aaaarrr!

I posted this from Hyatt Regency Kuantan. I followed my wife there over the weekend as it was her working trip. I went swimming instead.


Saturday, March 5, 2022

My Comfort Food

I am still recuperating. My restricted food intake has relaxed at my own discretion. I tried to eat my favourite claypot Fish Curry with roti chanai at the famous Ratha's Raub restaurant was a mistake. I suffered from severe diarrhea for 4 days until my backache hurt my spine during sleep. I had no idea how that diarrhea was related to curry and backache?? I blame it on my own colons which are not fully healed yet. Now I dare not eat spicy food or curries for a long time until my connected colons are friends again. By the way, Ratha's Raub is one of the best curry restaurant which is spotlessly clean with many prominent photos adorning their walls. You could see the framed photos of some familiar ministers including the Sultan of Brunei being their customers. Yes, their curries are fragrant and super nice until they manufacture their own brand of curry pastes which are always a sell out at their Uptown's premise. This is something suitable to buy as gifts for friends and relatives outside Kuala Lumpur.

Not long ago, the popular Polo Bun's restaurant in SS2 opened their branch in Taman Danau Desa. It was like seeing Unicorn in my own eyes. Yay!! I have always loved to eat Polo Buns since I was very young. I could only eat the authentic ones in Hong Kong and Macau during my visits. I browsed my old passports and counted that Hong Kong is probably the most visited or airport-transited place in my life besides Thailand. I don't count Thailand as overseas as I started going there since I was barely a year old baby to visit my grandparents until they both left this world. It was like balik kampung to me.

This new outlet is just right across my wife's centre.So it is very convenient for me to eat there at least once or twice a week for a quickie breakfast or tea time. The buns are very soft, fresh, fragrant and nice with ample choices of fillings. Lots of customers tapao via delivery guys but I must eat them at the restaurant to enjoy its freshness.

Their interior is very chic and simple with bright coloured mosaic tiles. This is how the typical charms of old Hong Kong's colonial days being re-enacted. This is the only place where I could sit alone and enjoy dreaming back my old days wandering around Hong Kong and Kowloon since the days when I landed at the Kai Tak Airport. It was probably the most exciting and dangerous airport for pilots to fly their planes down in between high rise buildings in Kowloon Tong district and touch their aircraft wheels on dot at the tip of Kai Tak's shortest runway on the sea. I always enjoyed those hair raising moments looking out of the plane's windows to see the hundreds of flats along the runway where you could see hanging clothes, plants, caged birds and even people playing mahjong inside their crammed apartments. No kidding.

There are over a hundred faces on their walls of the famous female singers and movie actresses. I wonder why there is no place for male stars?

I truly enjoy those moments eating my comfort food with their famous Hong Kong style Yin-Yong milk tea. So therapeutic and relaxing to eat slowly while gazing at the stars one by one on the wall. Thoughts of them helped to discard away my stress and worries. Their peak and glory days are over. Nothing is permanent in life and news just reported that thousands have fled Hong Kong before the latest lockdown. They headed to Singapore. I am thankful for being here, right now, when I used to admire the lifestyle in Hong Kong. I was young and silly those days. I always dreamed of owning those ocean front luxury apartments that line along Repulse Bay, Clearwater Bay and Aberdeen. Wow! They really looked like heavens, once upon a time.

Many people are not aware that the famous comedian was a big time gangster that controlled huge areas of Tsimshatsui in Kowloon. It was their local known fact that went unreported in news. Social medias are often biased and distorted, so better not read too much but trusts ourselves.

Another unbelievable fact is, the other singer was a tyrant who had made headlines with the ashtray incident that occurred in a famous nightclub. That dispute was hot news for a long time as it could not be settled at all. Rest in peace the 2 icons.

I enjoyed my bun with generous cheese gooey spilling out of the tender pork chop. Yums! Do you wish to hear more gossips? I will visit again soon and dig.